Celebrating Fashion Freedom with Designer, Nina Nikicio

Hi, my name is Nina Nikicio. And I am the founder and creative director of Nikicio. Fashion freedom to me means Being able to express yourself fully. You know, not being afraid I think. By other people’s judgment Or what other people think of you. But of course at the same time. Freedom means, You know being able to do what you like, And what you love the most. Something that, You need to feel from inside you, My style evolved. As I grew older. And also because of the lot of things That happened in my life as well. Before, I don’t have kids. I don’t have husband. I don’t have family. The journey of a woman itself I mean like, That’s what, Nikicio is all about, isn’t it? Because I want, I want my customers to feel… Cool, edgy vibe. Like… In the past, I’ve always wanted that. Now we have two labels. We have White Label for the young ones. The reckless one, I mean like… It, sorta like a tribute, like… Who I was before? But What I’m really excited about is the Nikicio Black Label. Because, Nikicio Black Label is for women, Who, are yet to become? It’s always about, challenging. I always like something new. If it’s new, then, Why not, let’s try it out. I mean, there’s no harm in trying, right? If whether you like it or not You’ll find out later. But if you don’t try at all, Then you wouldn’t know at all? Right? My clothes will- will stand this test of a lot of women. I mean like, so far so good. I’m hearing lots of People being able to, you know, Afford a lot of new clothes Just by renting. Which is good. I think like, Its a win-win solution.

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