13 thoughts on “CERN and science for peace

  • The background music should be at a lower volume than the person speaking.  Otherwise it isn't background music.

  • Cern and science for peace?????We know what you up to for what you build that stuf but you gonna be sorry for that!!!!!

    past meets futur /futur meets past.
    time blow up.
    all is one / one is all.
    Connection to nothingness (when time collapse >matter disapppears)
    “Before “bigbang

  • We have managed to unite our limited intelligence since 1953 but we have been manipulated and deceived by unimaginable beings that contain and control almost EVERYTHING in this physical reality. but our free will. I'm not sure if we will be able to stop this evil death machine from creating a strangqelet and destroying the earth in less than 100 years. I'm sure that there is a CREATOR OF ALL THAT EXISTS AND EVERYTHING MUST ANSWER TO. THAT WILL HELP US AND WILL HAVE THE LAST WORD !

  • +chris temp
    Agreed on all your comments. Preach, brother! (Even if they don't believe, they cannot stand before a righteous GOD and claim ignorance.)

  • I believe any science will be used for war because they own and run the countries and it's people. It's good in theory but in practice it falls apart. You see it in history and today with even the internet.  

  • When I see this I feel that the world needs more of this vision of science for science sake, the world needs more places like CERN

  • In the aftermath of the 2nd World War, a group of visionaries identified fundamental research as a way to foster peace in a troubled region.

    Watch "CERN and science for peace":  CERN and science for peace

    In 2014, CERN is celebrating 60 years of science for peace with a series of #CERN60 events, find out more http://cern60.web.cern.ch/

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