CFA Acting CEO/Chief Officer – National Reconciliation Week 2019

Victoria's Aboriginal communities are rich in history and culture throughout the organization CFA is broadening our community partnerships and cultural exchange and knowledge sharing experiences like the site visited in Northeast I mentioned the couple of weeks ago was an eye-opening experience and it truly deepened our understanding of our indigenous culture the ability to identify Aboriginal cultural heritage sites means we will be able to aid in the preservation of Victoria's rich history a shared history is vital to our future we embrace the opportunity to broaden our knowledge about how Indigenous Australians have managed this land for thousands of years and we are committed to aboriginal inclusion and engagement this can be seen through CFA is curry inclusion action plan CFA has invested in upscaling our people and cultural burning to in June more than 30 CFA people attend the upcoming fasted forum in Burma with this year's seam in mind grounded in truth walk together with courage I encourage you all to have a look for local opportunities where you can further your understanding and knowledge of Aboriginal culture and history

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