CGRundertow ICY TOWER 2 for iPhone Video Game Review

No such thing as a free lunch, huh? Well, obviously that’s bullsh*t. Says so
on the screen. Not only do they exist, but this one makes video games. Specifically,
they did the hugely popular PC game Icy Tower back in 2001. And more than a decade later,
they’ve finally gotten around to making a sequel. Hmph, took ‘em long enough. It’s
typical. Free Lunch. Freaking socialis—it’s Icy
Tower 2 for the iPhone. Oh, and it’s a free download. Who’s surprised?! So if you’ve never played the original,
Icy Tower was inspired by an old Linux game called Xjump that predates all the similar
games you see on computers and phones today. Obviously, the objective is to jump as high
as you possibly can by landing on platforms and continuing upward. But what makes Icy
Tower unique is that those platforms are slowly crumbling. So it’s not just a race upward, it’s also
a race against time. Icy Tower 2 takes the same classic gameplay
and applies it to a new title with a more contemporary mobile context. Upgrades, power-ups,
tilt control…fortunately, there are also touch controls. See, this is a really good game and it makes
a fantastic mobile game. It’s fun, it’s addictive, it’s the perfect time killer.
But your default control option is tilt, and what’s interesting is that…you’re not
tilting it side to side, which I personally prefer. You’re actually tilting on a vertical
axis, which is less ideal. And a nightmare to record. Fortunately, though, you switch the controls
over to touch…you get buttons on both sides of the screen to move left and right, and
it’s smooth sailing from there. You can move a lot more accurately, which makes it
a lot easier to collect coins and…you know…avoid death. Of course, you won’t be getting any high
scores without the right upgrades, which is another nice thing about Icy Tower 2. There
are several power-ups you can purchase using coins, and unlike a lot of free mobile games,
it’s actually pretty reasonable. It’s balanced so that…sure, it’s easier to
buy coins, but you can get by on what you’ve collected, as well. And that’s a really
nice touch. It’s interesting to see which gameplay concepts
have thrived on the App Store. The endless jumper, if you want to call it that, is certainly
one of them. And Icy Tower is a game that can actually claim to be based on some of
its earliest forms. So if only for nostalgia, it’s nice to see this tower finally being
rebuilt. Icy Tower 2 is a fantastic jumper…and a welcome addition to the App Store.

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