Ch. 4: Engaging civil society in cultural governance

what this report has to say about civil society is is somewhat mixed picture on the one hand there's a lot of civil society activity to engage with the convention and engagement issues of cultural covenants and a lot of that activity is coming from civil society itself it's self-organizing is the waiting for States to make things happen is taking the initiative 70% of the civil society we consult I believe they can make a difference to the governance of culture and 63% of the civil society we consulted have participated in some way in national consultations on issues of cultural governance but yet a large part of the civil society we consulted as much as forty percent believe that the laws and regulations for civil society don't enable them to play their full role in cultural governance and the situation isn't sufficiently enabling for civil society so more work needs to be done there in creating more opportunities of a civil society to match the kind of civil society enthusiasm and self organizing that we're seeing around this convention

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