Chain Chomp Freedom! | The Chain Chomp Displacement Glitch in Super Mario Odyssey

In Super Mario Odyssey chain chomps are typically
restricted to a large circular area by their chain with a point in the center we can call
there home. But what if we were able to push the chain
chomps past these boundaries? Well, thanks to this glitch found by Syrkl,
that’s exactly what chain chomp displacement lets us do, but before we go over the glitch,
we need to discuss some core chain chomp mechanics. In SMO chain chomps have 3 main zones that
are going to be relevant to this glitch. The base boundary is the zone that the chain
chomp is able to move throughout using normal means. If mario captures a chain chomp he can freely
move about this area, if he reaches the edge he can shoot the chain chomp with a charge
attack. Chain chomps will by default sit at their
home position in this area, which is located at the center point of this zone. The second zone we’ll be calling the chain
chomps “Attack Range”. When mario is in this range the chain chomp
will attack him with a charge attack, return to his home position and then repeat. This range extends a bit beyond the chain
chomps base boundaries, meaning mario can make the chain chomp attack him, but have
no risk of getting hit. The final zone is what we’ll call the “Active
Range”. This zone is not as visible as the other two
but is going to be the most important for performing the glitch later. The easiest way we can tell if we’re currently
in this zone or not is by looking at the chain chomps idle animations. If the chain chomp is doing the “barking”
idle animation then we are still in it’s active range, but if they are doing the “sitting”
idle animation then we are not. It’s important to note that when you are
already in the range its bigger, but once you are outside of the range it becomes smaller
until you enter it again. This seems to be a common trait for certain
things in mario odyssey. So now that we know how chain chomps works
we can go over the glitch, there’s a few different ways we can break the chain chomp
out of these boundaries and I’ll be doing my best to go over all of them. The first method we’re going to be going
over is T-Rex Capture Displacement. This is probably the most know way to perform
the glitch and works on both the 1.0.0 and 1.1.0 versions of the game. First we’re going to need to take the t-rex
and defeat a chain chomp, it doesn’t matter which chain chomp it is, but which one you chose will affect how far away we have to travel. Next we are going to uncapture the T-Rex and
roll away quickly. We need to make sure that we are outside of
the chain chomp’s active range for this to work properly. You also need to ensure that the chain chomp
respawns before the t-rex despawns. Next we’ll be turning the camera using snapshot
mode to respawn the chain chomp on top of the T-Rex. If this is done properly the chain chomp will
respawn and start to slide away from its home position as long as we stay outside of its
active range. In this state the chain chomp has no collision
so it can fly through walls and as far out of the map as it likes. Re-entering the chain chomps active range
will cause it to begin to fly back to it’s normal boundaries. because the chain chomp has collision again it’s very easy for it to get stuck on walls, leading to some interesting
scenarios. If we use this glitch to bring the chain chomp
to certain locations on the map we can actually use him to get out of bounds as well. The next method we’re going to be going
over is another Capture Displacement method but this time we’re going to be using another
chain chomp. This method is a bit more limited because
the chain chomps boundaries need to be overlapping, but in my opinion it is much easier than using
the T-Rex. Like the previous method this only works on
versions 1.0.0 and 1.1.0. First we’re going to capture a chain chomp
that rests close enough to another chain chomp for them to interact. Next we’re going to move him to a location
so that there is another chain chomp between him and his home position. Uncapture the chain chomp and quickly leave
it’s active zone. When the chain chomp’s capture stun finishes
he will hit the other chain chomp on his journey back to his home position causing the other
chain chomp to be displaced. Like before going back into the chain chomps
active range will make him fly back to his intended boundaries. Using this method it’s a lot easier to displace
the chain chomps in the direction you’d like because the collision angles here mimic the angles when you fire one chain chomp at another. The third and final displacement method we’ll
be going over is Rock Displacement. This method is by far the most limited and
uses a method completely different than the original two. On the bright side, this method does work
on all versions of the game currently released. Performing this method is simple, we just
need to place a rock by an edge in front of a chain chomp, capture the chain chomp, and
shoot him into the rock. When the chain chomp hits the rock his momentum
will change allowing him fall and drop off the edge, becoming displaced. In spite of this method being much more limited
you can still do some interesting things with this chain chomp found near an edge before
clearing cascade. Using 2-player mode we can capture the chain
chomp as it falls, we can use this to get far below the map to briefly get some weird
views of cascade. And that’s all there is to know about Chain
Chomp Displacement! Have any questions about the glitch? I’d be glad to answer, just leave a comment
down below and I’ll try my best to give you my thoughts when I have the time. As always thanks again for watching, if you
enjoyed the video feel free to like and subscribe, I’ll see you guys next time.

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