25 thoughts on “Champagne Socialist Hypocrites

  • fuck yeah… especially the ones who post shit about redistributing wealth, but won't lead by example 😀

  • Socialism = Instead of being slaves to the elite capitalist we will be slaves of the socialist technocrats. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sLxZPM9JYI

  • Wish more videos were made on this problem, and it's a regular thing.
    Even regular citizens who are extremely left wing are more likely to be rich, tight and avoid taxes

  • "Capitalism sucks!" They type on their smartphones produced by captalist economies and free market trade systems.

    "But it ruthlessly exploits children in third world countries to dig out the minerals we use to make them at gunpoint, which makes them actual slaves!"

    Which actually isn't wrong, and is seriously abhorrent and a very real issue…..but

    Here's a crazy idea. Capitalism sucks so much that you can become a major stockholder in this company. That means that you literally own as much of that company as you can sink money into. That company now has a vested interest in listening to you because you are part of it, and it depends on you to exist, at least to some degree. Even if you can't put up millions like the Koch Brothers, well shit, what if a million people put up five dollars? Precisely because they wanted to see sweatshops and forced labor disappear?

    The thing about the free market is that it's free. Meaning it takes the path of least resistance to make the easiest, quickest buck and the most of them as possible. Much like a regular person who, (without the external constraints of their society, family, conscience, to tell them it's wrong) may commit crimes or other questionable acts to turn an easy profit quickly. On a larger scale of companies, that might mean sweatshops, forced labor, and some truly horrible shit in a lot of other countries.

    But, it also means that enough people willing to put even a little bit of their money where their mouth is, are capable of changing the whole damn paradigm since most of these companies derive their credibility, if not their whole existence, from their investors. Yep, capitalism sure sucks. So much that, unlike any other system, you can practically remake it to what you consider fair and ethical without needing to rob anyone or spill a single drop of blood. Damn.

  • David gilmour, roger waters……Rich socialists are ok with flooding the U.K with Islamic migrants BUT They don't have deal with Bad side after the fact and they go back to their mostly white non migrant neighborhood in their mini fortresses and private schools for their kids……FUKIN HYPOCRITE PIECES OF SHIT!!!!

  • Consider doing a video that illustrates the socialists' hypocrisy in monetary terms.  I can imagine some quote such as: "Poor people can't afford dental care."  Cost of dental procedure x.  Cost of fancy holiday a; cost of fancy coffee b, cost of going out to a fancy restaurant c.

  • such as Diane Abbott for instance , and the recently elected mp for Canterbury Rosie duffield who apposes grammar schools and calls them uniqual yet sends both her son's to one

  • Russel Brand wants everyone else to pay more taxes but not him. If he really believed in higher taxes for the rich he could give away whatever he thought was a fair amount to those in need right now. He doesn't have to wait for the State to force him to give up some of his wealth (which he knows won't happen) but could lead by example. Of course, that will never happen and he's banking on the fact that no government will take away too much of his riches. In the meantime he would prefer hard working lower paid workers fork out more of their small wages on tax to pay for his extravagant ideological fancies. Most 'socialists' I know want increased immigration, but as soon as they can afford to, they move to some nice White town or village far away from multicultural inner-city hell-holes and any Black or Brown-skinned people..

  • The rich are natural Communists. Marx came from a wealthy family and Engels was a property owner. The late Marx biographers AJP Taylor was blunt about Marxism was designed as a form of Neo Feudalism.

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