Charlz makes a pact with the dark lord

step one buy a smoker step to purchase ribeye steak it's not a bad idea my my buddy actually has a smoker and we like we have meat days at his house where we oh that's a dude I thought that was you thanks bud I thought that was you running at me dot oh my god Wow you're all that is loud right somebody trying to be just a voice in my head fuck you man nope is that supposed to be the shape that's talking to me right now I assume say he's awfully spooky for a spooky boy oh you guys are in there alright I'm gonna go to the other one then you guys got it I'm just following us got it covered Paul knows what he's doing he's basically you're just gonna do all the objections while we just hang out call me Charles oh hi Charles oh wait no I'm Charles fuckin delicious you should look up the YouTube channel and mr. barbecue chicken wing alright I'll check it out Michelle but this dude thinks I haven't been quiet wait til he sees this like kicking all them doors down son [Laughter] I should be I'm just kidding thanks man I've been working on it dude I'm so glad you liked it that's what I'm talking about alright here we go oh god Paul bother somebody we hide you dot look out I don't have anything to because I haven't figured out the violence mechanics yet a very bad but as soon as I figure out where this like oh good oh good let's just grab this poster oh look out there's roads how do you figure out where where I left my damn face ball minute well I'm so fierce boy oh boy I'm so fierce oh my god this one right there yep fool there we go there we go go I haven't figured out on pin em yet there we go rod dot rod there's a drum right there how do I call you Jesus [Laughter] [Laughter] do you wanna standing here is this like the optimum place for you to be be talking right right right no no you got ya yeah you want a sacrifice one I choose Paul a sacrifice Paul tazer doesn't work on friends dude I mean he does have a cool backpack and a crossbow but I think he shot somebody already so I'm good definitely me definitely sure it's not me why I'm sure she says really wow so much faith in me thanks dot he's speechless he's speechless he doesn't want to admit that I I'm the one yes definitely 100% I want you to find something that I can oh he's talking about that dude that I eat it off the cliff earlier no I mean I could try I do have to warn you I'm very spicy I just finished a bunch of hot wings [Laughter] hmm anybody got a heel I am already wow that was an easy mission we did it we did it good job guys teamwork that's what it takes maybe it takes us some D work all right so let's go kill something and sacrifice it to our Dark Lord you wish

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