Chase Freedom Review

Hey WalletHubbers! Today we’ll be
reviewing the Chase Freedom credit card If you want a quick overview, there are
three main things that you should know about this card. First,
Chase Freedom is a good all-around credit card, offering low rates and a $0
annual fee in addition to rewards on every purchase.
Speaking of rewards, the second thing you need to know is that Chase Freedom gives
5 percent cashback on up to $1,500 in combined purchases in certain bonus
categories each quarter, plus unlimited 1% cash back on all other purchases
automatically. Just bear in mind that the bonus category is changed every quarter
and you have to sign up for the new ones every time they do, or you won’t earn
that 5% back. Third, and maybe most important if you’re thinking about
applying, you need good credit to qualify for Chase Freedom. That’s the short story. You can learn more or apply online for the Chase Freedom credit card by
clicking the button here. If you’re still not sure, let’s talk about some common
questions people have about this card. Like, how does 5 percent cashback
categories work? As I mentioned earlier, you do have to sign up for new Chase
Freedom bonuses every quarter, but you can set up alerts from Chase to remind
you when it’s time. And as long as you sign up by the end of the quarter, you’ll
get bonus rewards on all of your qualifying purchase retroactively. Plus, there’s a Chase Freedom bonus calendar you can consult to see what the
upcoming categories will be. Past years’ bonus categories have included
things like gas stations, grocery stores and department stores. A lot of people
also wonder how they can redeem the cashback that they earn. Freedom gives
you several redemption options, including account credits, paper checks, gift cards,
travel booked through Chase Ultimate Rewards, Amazon purchases special
experiences and even donations to select charities. You may also want to know: is this a good
credit card for travel? Well, Chase Freedom is welcome and accepted pretty
much anywhere that takes all credit cards — that’s millions of merchant
locations in more than 200 countries. But Freedom isn’t the best card for
international travel, because it does have a foreign transaction fee. And
finally, does Chase Freedom have good reviews? Yes, it does.
WalletHub’s editors and most of its issuers give freedom at least four out
of five stars. So with all of that, you should have what you need to make an
informed decision about Chase Freedom. But to learn more and submit an
application, you can head to this button right here. And for full disclosure, Chase
is one of WalletHub’s advertising partners, but this review was just my
honest opinion. See you next time, WalletHubbers!

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