Chase Freedom Unlimited Review

Hey, WalletHubbers! Today, we’re reviewing the Chase Freedom
Unlimited credit card. If you want a quick overview, there are five
main things that you should know about this card… First, Chase Freedom Unlimited is one of the
best all-around credit cards on the market, doing pretty much everything well while also
keeping things really simple. You’ll see what I mean with these next few
things you need to know. Second, Chase Freedom Unlimited has no annual
fee. So you don’t have to worry about earning
enough in rewards just to break even, or anything like that. Third, Chase Freedom Unlimited rewards cardholders
with cash back on all purchases, without any rotating categories that you have to sign
up for. And true to its name, there’s no limit to
the rewards you can earn with the Chase Freedom Unlimited card. Fourth, and maybe most importantly if you’re
thinking about applying, you need good credit to qualify for Chase Freedom Unlimited. But that’s probably no surprise, considering
how good the offer is. That’s the short story. You can learn more or apply for the Chase
Freedom Unlimited credit card online by clicking the button here. If you’re still not sure, let’s talk about
some common questions people have about this credit card. For example, is Chase Freedom Unlimited good
for travel? Well, Chase Freedom Unlimited is welcome and
accepted pretty much anywhere that takes a credit card. That’s millions of merchant locations in
more than 200 countries. But…Freedom Unlimited isn’t the best card
for international travel because it has a foreign transaction fee. A lot of people also wonder how to redeem
the cash back they’ll earn with Chase Freedom Unlimited. There are several redemption options, including… Account credits
Paper checks Gift cards
Travel booked through Chase Ultimate Rewards Amazon purchases
Special experiences And even donations to select charities Finally, does Chase Freedom Unlimited have
good reviews? Yes it does. WalletHub’s editors and most of its users
give Freedom Unlimited an above-average rating. So with all of that, you should have what
you need to make an informed decision about Chase Freedom Unlimited. But to learn more, and submit an application,
you can head to this button right here. And for full disclosure, Chase is one of WalletHub’s
advertising partners, but this review was just my honest opinion. See ya next time, WalletHubbers!

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