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(music) Tom Grossman, Owner, Blue Chip Farms: Farming culture is generally anti change. Things are done all the same way. A lot of people said it couldn’t be done differently and we’re here to show them they are wrong. We breed and raise and sell champions. I’m Tom Grossman. I’m the owner of Blue Chip Farms. We are a full service sporting and breeding operation. We’ll give birth to about 170 foals. Our stallions will breed about 900 mares. We breed, raise and sell yearling horses that go on to be champion race horses and Olympic show jumpers. You work all year and sell horses one or two days a year in the fall, so it’s survive until then. We have to really manage the incremental cash flows through the year. There’s gotta be a better way, we need help and we call our friends at Chase. Jim Shay, Relationship Manager, Chase: I’m Jim Shay from Chase. I’m the relationship manager here in the Hudson Valley, New York. We understand that farming is generational and change is slow. Tom Grossman: Like a lot of businesses, this business is getting really competitive and if we’re not aggressive and grow, we won’t exist. Jim Shay: The Chase Platinum Business Product is the right way to go for Tom. Tom Grossman: You need a partner that’s there with you that smooth’s out the tough times. We take care of several hundred client mares at different points during the breeding season. It’s a nightmare to take on a new international client if you don’t have the Merchant Service Package to get paid. With merchant services we can manage reoccurring payments extremely efficiently. We even get paid the next day so now we’re much more aggressive in Canada and we have a huge business in Australia as well. Jim Shay: We do not charge clients for wires coming into their accounts and every dollar we can save our client is either profit or can be driven back into the business. Tom Grossman: Chase Platinum business gave us ideas and products that helped us have the ability to continue to expand, or otherwise Emma wouldn’t be here. I think anyone who spent time here has said that the horses are happy and that’s something we take great pride in. Breeding is the combination of art and science. We brought the right mare to the right stallion, we raised it the right way and the horse is thriving and we’re fired up and everyone around this farm is just hooting and hollering at the TV (horse neighs) We like winning don’t we? This place has survived for a reason, it produces champions and is the collision of people that are here and the right opportunity… I feel like it’s really meant to be. (music) galloping

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  • As a horseman for 40 years read my first hand experience with Chase. 
    Devorah Aikman says:
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    June 20, 2014 at 1:29 pm
    As a Chase Customer for many years, I cannot tell you what a horrible experience it has been for me. A few months ago I was traveling out of town and purchased some clothing from a Walmart other than my home town. I then received a call from Chase Bank and the arrogant young man indicated that there was suspicious activity on my account and that he would be deactivating my card. I informed him that I was traveling away from home without cash and that I certainly did not need him to deactivate my card, in fact I made it clear, in no uncertain terms that I did not want my card deactivated. As it turned out, the “suspicious activity” was a mere Walmart purchase. Even then the Chase Rep went on to deactivate my card causing tremendous anger and frustration to me. I had to helplessly call back multiple times and by the time I reached another Chase Rep I was furious and she went on to hang up and inform me that I would no longer be allowed to utilize their phone center and would only be allowed to email them my questions. What bastards! They left me stranded without any access to my own funds and then treated me like crap on top of it! I was persistent in calling until the supervisor who blocked me actually took my call and after much stress and arguing later finally unblocked my debit card. While my personal bankers have always treated me wonderfully the treatment I received caused me to hate Chase Bank with a passion. I am in the market for a new bank whose agents have a brain in their head and care about how they treat people.

  • I am from the Netherlands and I have contacted Blue Chip a couple times; by email and Phone. Unfortunately they haven't come back to me.

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