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Alison Jamele, President/CEO, Media Mation Inc: What we’re trying to do, is to entertain the masses. Have them have unique, shared experiences and be immersed in their environment. I’m Alison Jamele and this is my wonderful husband, Dan. And we are the owners of Media Mation, Inc. Daniel Jamele, Vice President/CTO, Media Mation Inc: We’re an entertainment/technology company. And our main business is 4D motion-simulator seats for theme parks and in the cinema market for movie theaters. They were able to take what we do with music, and actually incorporate it to what we do here. Having that whole concept of how things work together in music is the same way you’re doing is you’re starting to figure out, “Okay, I have audio sounds coming from the speakers. I need to augment those with effects.” So you hit bumps, explosions go off around you, you shift to the side, up and down and everything. She wants to run the business, I need to keep coming up with the different things that we’re doing and we don’t want to worry about banking day to day. Alison Jamele, President/CEO, Media Mation Inc: We started as a Chase private client, and they would be there to help you every step of the way. Daniel Jamele, Vice President/CTO, Media Mation Inc: So, when it came to look for a better business bank, it was a natural thing for us to go check out Chase. Jim Marley, Relationship Manager, Chase: I’m Jim Marley, Relationship Manager with Chase Business Banking. What we like to do, is work with those folks that want to bring us in. That allows us to recommend different solutions. Chase Platinum Business, as an example, to say this is going to match your business model to a ‘T’. (voice-over) We’re one of those strange companies that manufactures in California and we ship out to Mexico, China, you name it. Daniel Jamele: Exchange rates can become a real problem, as well as foreign transaction fees and Chase took care of that for us. Jim Marley: Chase Platinum Business provides an ease and low cost of doing wire transfers. Alison Jamele: We just have a lot more flexibility with our Chase Platinum Business account and we have a lot more freedom. Jim Marley: We understand that for our customers, time is more valuable than money. Daniel Jamele: Chase Merchant Services allowed us to offer advanced replacement parts to our customers. Alison Jamele: And we get the product out to them right away. Jim Marley: Not only doesn’t have to worry about collecting their money, they get it before they ship. Alison Jamele: We just feel like that marriage is very important between MediaMation and Chase Bank. Daniel Jamele: She is a very practical person. Alison Jamele: He has this genius of a mind. Daniel Jamele: We compliment each other very well in what we do. Jim Marley: This is the most fantastic experience. It brings in all of the senses you can imagine. Daniel Jamele: The greatest enjoyment is when somebody finishes sitting in a ride that you’ve made and you see them laugh and have a good time, and you go: “My life’s good. I’ve done what I should.” We hope soon that we’ll see a lot of X40 seats at your local movie theater. fireworks (music)

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  • Dan was the first full time regular piano player I had in my big band, "The Ebbtide Orchestra" back in the late 80's and early 90's.  He would bring Alison to the gigs before they were married.  Glad to see them both in this commercial!

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