Chase: It’s yo boyzzz! Aaron: Yo boys Chase: And Cion. Oh hey! Cion: Oh I thought it was a picture. Chase: No it’s a vlog! Aaron: [unintelligible] Chase: Have you ever been in a vlog? Cion: No. Chase: You’ve never been in a raw? You’ve never had raw with Chase? Cion: No raw, no. Chase: Oh my god this song. [music playing in background] It’s for us! [music playing] Chase: [hums along] Copyright infringement though. Oh my god! OH MY GOD! Keep talking so they can’t hear the musi–I’m kidding. Where are we? What the hell are we doing? Why am I making a vlog? A day in the life! We’re like at this Mexican… Aaron: Wow. Chase: Day p… Aaron: [laughs] Chase: That’s literally what it’s called. It’s like Mexico…Day…thing on like, the river. The music! I can’t–whatever I just won’t monetize this video. [music playing] There’s um…right behind us that’s the amusement park. And that’s friends right there. Okay this drink costs me six–Did you just leave me? [person mumbles] Chase: You think this is a fucking game? [To Aaron] Okay you wanna talk about your tan? Look at his tan. No I’m kidding! [Everyone laughs] Aaron: Sick biker’s tan. I’m not flexing! I’m kidding. [Laughs] Chase: [unintelligible] Show me your hand tan. Aaron: Where my gloves at. Chase: Where does the glove end…and the skin begin? [Aaron laughs] [slurping noises] Chase: [choking sound] Aaron: Did you choke? Chase: When you choke on the ice. Okay let’s go see Mode. Let’s go in the sunlight. Have you ever been in one of my vlogs? Mode: No. I don’t think so. Chase: Oh! This is Mode. [both laugh] I was just explaining to the people Tera: There’s a chair over there! Chase: Mm. ‘Tude. Interrupting us! It’s really hot. Mode: It is. Chase: How hot is it? Mode: It’s pretty hot. Chase: That’s Tera. Have you…? You never…I can’t believe I’ve never had a vlog with you around here. I’m like inside you. I choked on a piece of ice before. [Tera mumbles very quietly] Chase: What is this thing? What is this thing? What’re we doing? Mode: We’re wrestling. Chase: We’re like, we’re just…It’s like a party? What are we celebrating? Yeah I don’t know what exactly it is. Tera: [unintelligible mumbling] It’s just like, an urban beach. Chase: Oh. Urban beach. With no water and… Mode: Okay you’re taking, you’re taking my spot. Chase: Okay sorry my fucking fat ass is all over you let me just stand up then. Mm. Oh walk away from me. I can’t stand that heat! Jesus! Tomorrow…I have to go run. [To Aaron] We should go in here. This looks cool…yeah. Aaron: Wait tomorrow you’re running 21K? Chase: Yeah tomorrow’s Sunday. Aaron: Oh my god and then you’re gonna do the [unintelligible]? Chase: Yeah! Aaron: Whoa okay. Chase: Yes. Tomorrow I’m running 21.1 kilometers. It’s a half marathon distance, but I’m not doing the race. People think we’re together. Aaron: [seductively] We’re never apart. [laughs] Cion: [mumbles] Chase: What? You ship it? [Ice rattling] Chase: How many people ship this? Aaron: Why don’t you film like, the boats or something? [Chase chuckles] Chase: Listen toots. [slurping and ice crunching] Aaron: I have a problem. I really like to chew ice. Chase: That’s not a problem. You wanna talk about your chin hairs? I wanna go in here! Let’s go in here. [mumbles] What? What is this? [slurping] All of these are such great places to take pictures. [ice shuffling] You know apparently people like this even though we’re quiet. They feel like they’re hanging out. Aaron: How’s your day going? Chase: What’d you do today? Aaron: How’s your week? Chase: How’s your weekend? [Laughs] It’s really hot in here. Aaron: It’s not so bad ’cause we’re not in the sun. [Chase mumbles] [Aaron laughs weakly] Chase: Okay. Cion: You can’t even see me man. Chase: This is…Oh. There’s like, people. This is who I’m going on the roadtrip with. Cion: It’s me. Chase: What are we doing? Cion: We’re driving across Canada. Chase: We are. We’re going across Canada. People keep saying like, “Oh come here, come here!” I’m like, “Trust me, it’s not on the itenerary.” ‘Cause the drive there is so short. It’s like five days. Actually it’s like four and a half because we’re getting to Vancouver…nice…at like… [chewing] late afternoon. We’re goin’ out for sushi. Aaron: Sushi? Chase: Yeah. I was just waiting. I was like, you like sushi. You’re not giving me any answer here. I’m trying to convince Aaron to come with me, but he’s being a lil’ B. [Chase laughs] Listen toots. Okay, let’s get out of here. I don’t know why I keep making the shots. [Chuckles] Making the shots? Calling the shots? Well now there’s music, and it like, ruins everything. [Ice rattles] So today we did a podcast. Mode’s watching us do this. We did a podcast. What was it on? Wanna give ’em a little teaser? No! Remember this is going up today. That one’s going up in four weeks. Aaron: Okay we’ll tell you about it later. Chase: Nevermind. The podcast on Monday…so… Aaron: Which one is that? Chase: Oh shit. Is today Saturday? Fuck. I forgot to post my video for today. Like, I already gave it the late– Oh shit I gotta do that right now. Um… Aaron: What’s the one we have for monday? Chase: Pokemans! Aaron: Pokemans! Chase: We’re talking about the Pokemans! You’re, like, Pokemon. Aaron: It’s…the Pokecast. Chase: Well now that you said it I have to call it that. Ahhh I’m alert. Okay. We outie. We Gucci…Prada? Think of bee. Have a swell. [outro]

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