Chase Sapphire Reserve | Is it worth it? (Eng Sub) | Vlog #1

hello guys so it’s finally happening now
I’m doing my first entry for my vlog and it’s gonna be about
the rewards points from credit cards that we used over the years
cards that we used in our previous vacations usually I talk about this with my
friends but I can’t give the full detail coz’ I didn’t apply for the card and I don’t know how to do it so we’ll ask the expert
let’s find out Let’s disturb him
hello that’s Kerwin and this is his work area but we’ll disturb him today because I need to find out
the details about those credit cards that we use whenever we go on trips and I want to share it with everyone so we just discovered this
a couple of years ago that apparently we have this card that we can use to get an
access to any airport lounge so it’s what you call Priority Pass
let’s cover the number it’s this one this card, I have one as well as Kerwin how did we get this card? Priority Pass
through Chase Sapphire Although the annual fee is expensive, it’s 450 but it gives you 300 dollars of travel credit Let’s say you spend 300 on airplane or hotel, you get the credit right away
basically from 450 300 is travel credit
so you’re down to 150 for your annual the 150, the priority Pass is worth about
ninety nine dollars a year so, your annual fee goes down to $50
if you’ll calculate it that way plus there’s an extra benefit from chase sapphire
they will pay for your TSA PreCheck they will pay for
your application it’s called Global Entry TSA PreCheck
I think, you’ll get shorter line if you have that, but we haven’t apply for that. We haven’t because we technically get shorter lines because of the kids so going back to this Priority Pass
allows you access to any lounge usual International Airport that
accepts Priority Pass the old rule is you can bring as many as you want
using priority pass, it’s free you can eat drink whatever is inside the lounge
as long as they have a plane ticket or they have a flight coming and this year
they changed it because some card holder abused it
one priority pass member brought 50 guests
they abused the system so this year one card plus 2 guests, total of just 3 guests so overall, you get the benefit of
priority lounge access or they call it priority select you get the
benefit of three hundred dollars travel credit and TSA PreCheck
so if we total it from the 450 annual fee you get $300 for the travel credit
$99 for the priority lounge access and $100 on TSA PreCheck so if we total
it it’s 499 worth value,
you earned $49 from the annual fee really really worth it

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