1 thought on “Chase Slate Presents “Money Minute” with Farnoosh Torabi – Chase

  • On 7/31/17 we sold a car to our customer using Square to process his Citibank credit card but on 8/14/17, he filed a dispute saying that he didn’t have any knowledge of the transaction. Square withdrew $5974 from our business checking account. So we started collecting evidence to prove the transactions were valid. We finally got word from Citibank that we won, but when I provided Citibank letter to Square, Square came back and said via Chase Paymentech we lost the case. Chase Paymentech is middle person between Citibank and Square. So we worked even harder to get our customer to cancel the dispute. Finally, we got the letter that said my customer canceled the dispute. Still, Chase paymentech said they don’t see the reversal. Hello? There shouldn’t be a reversal from the beginning. Chase payment tech failed to challenge Citibank to get our money back. How is that even possible? I'm still waiting for 5974$ of my money.

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