Chase The Price or Wait?

Good morning, it is
Clay at This’ll be a live trade
video where I try to capture some of my trades as they unfold live. Market opens up here in about 18 minutes. Watching SOLY, absolutely crazy day previously. And now, it was at like
five bucks yesterday, and now it’s up over $20. So pretty crazy. And I’m gonna keep an eye
on this one out of the gate. There’s some other
potential movers out there. So right now, I’m feeling
pretty good about the morning, hence the video. I’m thinking that there’s
gonna be some good, potential trades that I
can capture on the video, so I figured I’d get this thing fired up and let’s see what happens. SOLY here, really taking off. I’ll be fully honest, I
wanna chase right now, I wanna be buying right now,
but that is a terrible habit to be forming. And even if that were to work out, even if I come back and
this things at over 23, it doesn’t matter. To buy right now, that’s
just total chasing. And as much as I wanna do it, I know that that is not a habit that should be formed. I am waiting down here at 20.75, if it wants to pull back. But yeah, it’s hard to watch a price pull away from you as
you’re sitting there, waiting to see if it’ll pull back some. The chasing voices are real. And the point here is that if you ever are tempted to
chase or just wanna chase, that doesn’t make a bad trader. I mean, we’re all gonna
have the temptation. What makes you a bad trader
is if you start to fall into those temptations and
form bad habits with chasing. So kind of just documented that because I want you, as a listener,
especially if you’re new, it’s okay to be tempted. Being tempted is not a problem, that makes you a human being, but when you act on those temptations, that’s where those bad habits are built that’ll eventually come back and bite ya. ‘Cause yeah, chasing might
work five times in a row, but the sixth time where it doesn’t work, there go all your gains, potentially maybe even more some. Or there go a whole bunch of those gains. So we’ll see if it can pull back or not. Market opens up in about 11 minutes, but we’ll see what happens with it. No doubt about it, this
ones looking pretty strong. So there is a pullback right now. I don’t know if I’m gonna get to fill it, but let’s put ourselves in people’s shoes. Like I was saying, I fully admit it, I was wanting to chase up around here. Imagine that, how the human mind works. The human mind, the temptation was really high. And it could still work out. I’m not saying that, but think about how I’d
be feeling right now. That would not be good
to have bought up here and now having the price
be all the way back down to where it is. So that is, the human mind
really does work against ya. And like I said, it very
well could still work out had I chased, hence the bad habit, being rewarded for
something that’s not good. But as of right now, I’m feeling very good
that I did not chase. But still some work to be done if it’s gonna get down to 20.75. So we’ll see how that plays out. Still about eight minutes
until the market open. Okay, I have an order at 19.65. Market just opened up. For my first 500 shares, represented by that green line. There is the entry point. So the first key break is gonna
be getting down through 20. Okay just, just think back. How those people that when I said I wanted to chase up around here, that would not be a good
feeling right about now. So that is the plan right now. Let’s see if this thing
can get down below 20. I will keep you updated. All right, there’s the break. (clears throat) Excuse me. Nice, I’m in for my first allotment. And out there for 225. But I need to stop talking. Okay. Double-checking, 18.55. I always say double-checking. If you’ve watched my videos,
you’ve seen me screw up quite a bit, in terms of
entering that wrong number, pressing the wrong button. So I’ve learned if I say
that, it forces me to think. But there we go, $225. And I mean that’s fine and dandy, $225 in. I don’t know what was that? Maybe 10 seconds. But the idea here is, think about it, when did I admit to wanting to chase? Up there. I mean, think about had I done that. That’s not a very good
situation right now. So next first order because remember, I’d like more than 500. But my next first order right there at 18.55. And basically, nailed the bottom. Right there, I got in at 19.65. The low right there was 19.63. So the power of charts, love it. Now are charts perfect? Absolutely not, but maybe
you’ve seen that people make it seem like charts are black magic or they’re just a joke. Why would you use past history? Why would you use old information? You just saw ’em work right there. Like I said, my entry point was right there, and it literally bounced right off that entry point. Like I said, I’m gonna have
to respectfully disagree with anybody that says
charts are totally worthless or anything like that. All right, next order. I mean, I feel like I
could end the video here. This is the perfect example. I mean, good, real-life example here of why you don’t wanna chase. ‘Cause had I done that when I admitted the voices and the
temptations were showing up, that would not be a pleasant
experience right now. But instead I was patient and made $225. And like I said, I don’t even think I was in that trade for 10 seconds. All right, I will go ahead and pause. And there it goes. Just taking off. So the chasers were bailed out. Bad habits formed. Yes, Clay, why don’t you hold? Well you know, that’s why I’m super rich
in my hindsight account. That’s not the strategy,
my strategy is scalping. But I will now look for
a potential pullback here with the new movement to the upside. So I will keep an eye on it and keep you updated. Okay, order or SOLY pulling back here. Have an order at 25.05 for my first 500 shares. So we’ll see if it can
work its way down there. Okay, I have an order at 23.55 here on this current pullback for my first 500. The key break is gonna be
getting down through 24. So let’s see if it
wants to do that or not. I will go ahead and pause. Okay, there was the break. Went down as low as 23.64, so I was close. But not quite there, so let’s go to 23.01. So 23.01, new first entry point. Again, that move is, the
move that I was looking for I was about five or so cents off. Let’s see if this wants to
work its way down to 23. And I will keep you updated. Okay, I changed my order to 22.25 based on this line right here. Which is looking quite possible. I will keep you updated. Okay, making its way down. Was below 23, you get the idea. This thing’s getting volatile which is the whole idea here. Right, I will pause then. Okay, making a move. Let’s see if it can
get down through 22.50. I know it’s annoying. I keep coming back saying, “almost”, and then I have to pause. But it’s sort of either
that or I just flat out miss the entry point and wait until I get in. But from the feedback I know people like to see the entry points. Right, I will do my best. All right, aha ha, that’s funny. All right so, I got filled. And of course, I missed the entry point. (laughing) Let me get my next order in and then I’ll walk you through
the trade, double-checking. So I got filled at 21.55. I might a caught the very,
very beginning of it. And then I got out within, I don’t know, maybe five seconds. My next first entry point is at 20.55. So if this pullback
move wants to continue. So right there, that line represents where my entry point was. So again, the power of charts. Essentially nailed the bottom there. But like I said, now my
next first entry point is right down there at that green line. So we’ll see if this pull backs. But I apologize. You saw, I was trying. I was trying and then
I was getting annoying because I kept doing
okay, okay, let me pause. And then I missed the entry point. But at least I captured the exit point. So I apologize for that. I will try my best though
to see if it looks like it’s gonna get down to
20.55 and capture that. I’ll keep you updated. All right, it’s almost
an hour into the day. I have other stuff I need to do so I’ll take 375 for an
hour’s worth of sitting here, pressing buttons while I work at home. And I say that just to keep things in perspective for myself. Would I like to see $500,000? Of course I would. But let’s keep things in perspective. I work from home. I’m my own boss. And I still made 375 in
actually less than an hour because it’s not quite 10:30 yet. Now if you enjoyed this
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13 thoughts on “Chase The Price or Wait?

  • I am suprised to see that this video didnt do as well as your tips videos. My sister asked me to use my brain for something useful and help her with stocks and stuff and this video has given me a much clearer idea of what it actually is.

  • Clay ive been watching your videos everyday and studying hard soon after i read these books i purchased i will be joining your community. Question. Have you amassed a six figure income within a year or more?

  • What do you think about Beyond Meat stock? It’s not gonna last more than an year just like the other bust in the previous years. BTC and Marijuana stock

  • One of the first major points was regarding chasing. I have lots so much $$ chasing then not using stops.

    Today, I am much more disciplined. I wait for multiple red candle pullbacks…..I look for key support….dip buy….buy boce plays….success rate is near 100%. Modest profits per trade of sometimes under $100 USD but they add up.

    Overall, great vid. Thanks.

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