Chase: The Series S1E2 | “Captured” (GTA V Roleplay Machinima / Cinematic)

Previously on: Chase We need more money Ever since my company went out of buisness We’ve been flatout broke,
do you have any ideas on how to make money? We could rob a bank Well, what are we waiting for, let’s go to the bank I guess DUDE WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?
FUCK SAKE!English Subs By:
Get the fuck up, I don’t have all the time in the world! Okay, but who are you supposed to be And why should I listen to you? Because I just saved your ass by calling the cops off of you Why did you do that? I never asked for your help? I didn’t ask for any help Just stop with the questions and get in the fucking car! I got other stuff to do! Okay, but I swear, if you fuck me over Get out of the fucking car Walk in a straight line And if you try anything, I’ll be right behind you! It’s time, I need you I’m going to unlock this cell for you and then you follow me again allright? Okay Okay,
I know you have a lot of question and It will all become clear as you go But what’s going on here is that I need some people to do some of my dirty work And since you kinda got cought robbing a bank I thought you would be perfect for said dirty work. Well, I don’t exactly think that I’d be perfect for… Whatever your trying to say here I don’t care, you’re here now.
You have to participate! But I kinda suck like eeuhm, I’m new and I kno- I DON’T GIVE A FUCK! Its easy everyone can do it Well, if I have to, what am I supposed to do then, I mean I mean I could always try since you got the cops of me earlier so. I kinda feel like I have to do something back Like I said, Easy There is a pink armored car that drives to the bank you kinda robbed yesterday But the point is It should be easy to rob since there is only one guy protecting the money And you won’t have to worry about the cops since you’re working for me So it’s an easy first score Especially since you can choose one of 4 vehicles I have: A Daemon, sick motorbike A X80, fastest car ever nade A Futo, sick drifting car Or the Dubsta, the 6×6 mastercar, I use one myself Okay, I’ll take the motorbike since I kinda used to drive on a bike before I well, robbed the bank But one question before I leave, What do you need a armored car for And what gives you the right to call cops off of people? No answers, maybe later, maybe never It all depends on how you behave And another thing, Do good work for me, and your identity will be completely erased No-one will know what you did for me and what you did before You can start with a fresh start All you have to do is help me with four things This being the first one Got it? Now get back in your cell, I will get you when the time is right. Okay Okay, Pink armored car, Easy, I’m gonna do this There you are See ya later Hehe, Mission Succeeded Well, got away with that pretty decently, Not in jail Extra money Great Job! Or not, oh fuck I didn’t think he would find me right here Fuck…….. Run, run, run,run,run,run,run,run……… Oh, faster,faster,faster,faster,faster….. GET BACK HERE!! GET BACK!! COME OVER HERE!!Gunshot

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