Chase: The Series S1E4 | “Race ‘n Chase” (GTA V Roleplay Machinima/Cinematic)

Previously on: Chase Goddamn! You are finally up, that took like 12 hours Okay, so another day, another mission for you Today I’m gonna need you to get me some cars We start with one, and if you deliver it successfully you’ll have to get another Nice! You got it! Now get out and follow me back into the briefing room Okay, lead the way Welcome back, you got it But your mission isn’t over yet There is one more thing I need you to do today You need to get me another car Oh, and one more thing, I need you to deliver this one to the prison Subtitles and Sync by:
DaaromMike Slept well last night? For in a prison? I slept decent I guess How about you? About the same But anyway, work to do Yesterday you asked me why we needed a car at the prison The answer is: We don’t need any cars at the prison But I figured out That it would be nice to have a little fun I mean After all you spent the last couple of days robbing a bank, working for me and being knocked out Hahahaha You know, you’re very fucking funny Of course, I know that I’m very funny But about the cars, I never needed them It was basically a test for you You know, to see if I can trust you doing the thing for me And it turns out: you can So you kinda deserve a little bit of fun, don’t you? So I decided I would make you get cars as a test And if you did, we could have a little street racing fun with them I guess so But there is more If you win the race, you can finally be free If you lose the race tho, You have to do more missions for me How does that sound? Well actually, that does sound pretty great But what’s gonna be the destination of our race Let’s make it practical you know, Let’s race to Zancudo Since that is the only place in the city where they can perform the promised identity reset But that is only if you win Like I said, if you lose you have to do more missions for me More specifically One more ultimate mission Allright, let’s get to racing then Holy shit, were the fuck did he come from I thought we were racing down the highway Well anyways, he cheats, I cheat Well, no way he’s getting out of that Hello freedom Well, he’s gone Let’s go to Zancudo, claim my freedom Finally Hey dude, you’re not going to believe what just happend You know that old creepy dude who had me like locked up doing all kinds of fucked up missions for him Well He’s finally gone we were racing down the highway and he crashed and I like And I saw like this big ass fireball that was his car, it’s like amazing he’s finally gone And I can finally claim my freedom now at Zancudo but of course I have to drive there still and my car is really beat up after the race, so, Would you please do me a favor and deliver a car at Chumash, then I can like Eeuhm, get it Yeah, well thank you, yeah you can do that? Yeah Thanks Thanks, I’ll see you later Did you really that I would let you go? That you’d be free?

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