Chase: The Series S1E5 | “I Ain’t No Hitman” (GTA V Roleplay Machinima/Cinematic)

Previously on: Chase Yesterday you asked me why we needed a car at the prison The answer is: We don’t need any cars at the prison So I decided I would make you get cars as a test And if you did we could have a little street racing fun with them But there’s more If you win the race you can finally be free Well, no way he’s getting out of that Hello freedom Did you really think that I would let you go? That you’d be free? Subtitles and Sync by:
DaaromMike You’d really think that you’d be free huh? Now anyway, that’s not the case But there is one good thing There is only one mission left Come with me and I’ll take you to the briefing room There I will explain it and you can get started I guess I have to again.. Okay, before I start with all this mission crap You are really stupid Thinking I will let you go with one mission remaining By winning a stupid race I should have known But how did you survive that crash in the first place, because well.. You basically were in a big fireball Jumping out at the last second Common race trick, you should know Anyway, Let’s talk business Killing people You did it before, right? Yes, I did But not because I wanted to Okay, good enough Today is gonna be all about killing people I need you to kill 5 people 5 different people that aren’t related to each other He, stop there for a second In fact I have killed people But all for a purpose I hope you don’t get me wrong here but I ain’t no hitman, I am no killer for hire I know, but I need these people dead And then you’re free Forever Will you promise me? That I’ll be free this time And not end up here again, like well, 2 times now? I mean I acutally lost count, but will you promise me? Yes of course I do This time for real Okay, I’ll do it But if you fuck me over again, IF YOU FUCK ME OVER THIS TIME I will promise I will find you, and I will END YOU This time for real Not that you’re gonna succeed in that, but okay. I promise Goddammit! STUPID FUCKING CAR DOESN’T START AGAIN! I hate this modern piece of shit Yo man, I got you’re guy but You know, one thing That stupid car you gave me Doesn’t start So I want a new ride so I can get the next target Thank you Yeah, Vinewood racetrack He’s dead, my car as well So. Please. Bring. Me. A. New. One Fast, because well, you needed this done today so, FAST! A bike? A GODDAMN BIKE You said a new ride, Here is one, deal with it You gotta be fucking kidding me, goddamn Well, let’s get to FUCKING BIKING Thank you, Yeah, killing people for you and you give me a fucking bike? You there? You killed him? Yes I did Great! You’re next target is my co-worker He’s currently chasing someone in Paleto You get him Going to Paleto, with a bike? No of course not There is a new car waiting for you outside Lemme guess: You killed him but you also trashed you’re ride again Yep, exactly that, I couldn’t say it any better Damn, this is starting to get annoying Anyway, next target is driving a motorbike on Chilliad Don’t ask me why Deal with him And oh yeah, my guy is bringing you a new car Come on now, you can do it, you can do it, No, arghh Why does that motherfucker keep bringing me those fucking terrible cars?? I swear if I see him again I’m gonna tell him he should get better cars Well, anyway I guess I’m just going to find a fucking road then I guess Hey dude, I was looking for you, my friend send me, can you give me a ride? Please, yeah okay thanks DUDE? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? OH YOU WANT A FIGHT? YOU CAN GET A FUCKING FIGHT, I NEEDED TO KILL YOU ANWAY, BITCH COME ON! COME ON! Ha, fell off the mountain! Ha that’s what you get for fighting me, bitch, Okay, he’s dealt with And surprise, surprise, I actually have a car this time, so you don’t have to bring me one! Anyway, last target, the prison But don’t kill him, take him with you Okay, weird, but I guess I’ll do it Hello! What the fuck was that for? Just stop already, You’re under arrest Wait a second! Nope, no waiting, you finished you’re work for me And now you’re going to the place you’re supposed to be: The prison So get in, I will get you there You MOTHERFUCKER! Well, here you are, You’re new home You won’t be hurting anyone else here Anyway, I’m out, with my fancy blimp here Nice meeting you and thanks for you’re work Enjoy you’re new home You’re officially a criminal now Anyway, see you later Hehe, enjoy! You won’t last long because I fully intend in keeping my promise of killing you If you would fuck me over again! So enjoy the little time you have left Well, good luck with that! Bye! Bye! See you later! But I promise, then I will have the upper hand Not you anymore! You’re time is running out See ya later! Bitch!

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