Chase: The Series S1E6 | Season Finale: “Vengeance” (GTA V Roleplay Machinima / Cinematic)

Previously on: Chase You’d really think that you’d be free huh? Now anyway, that’s not the case But there is one good thing: There is only one mission left! Come with me and I’ll take you to the briefing room Today is going to be all about killing people I need you to kill 5 people 5 different people that aren’t related to each other Anyway, last target, the prison, but don’t kill him, take him with you Well, here you are, you’re new home You won’t be hurting anyone else here, Anyway, I’m out with my fancy blimp here Nice meeting you and thanks for you’re work Enjoy your new home, you’re officially criminal now Anyway, see you later It’s been one hell of a journey From the robbery, To the Chase To the crash And after that, being captured and forced to do all sorts of missions For something, everyone should have Freedom But I never got any Even though he promised me over and over again Mission after mission I’d be free after it But it never happened A couple of days ago, he changed his sentence “One more ultimate mission” he said “and then you’ll be free” I should have known that with this ultimate mission would come the ultimate betrayal And I was right That’s why I’m here now And even though, I don’t know what’s gonna happen next One thing I do know Is that I’m not gonna live with this And I will find a way to end this I just Don’t know how Subtitles and Sync by:
DaaromMike Okay, if I’m seriously going to do this I’m gonna have to take it slow First. Things. First. I need to get the hell out of here before I can do anything I should be pretty easy since this prison is supposed to have terrible security Or at least that is according to the documentary’s on television Anyway when I get out of here I’m going to run for the main road, get a car When I get a car I’m gonna drive to the main city Get guns, and the second I get guns I’m going to instantly start searching for the agent I mean he’s gotta be around the city somewhere But anyway, that’s for later, my number one priority right here, right now is getting the hell out of here Okay, thank god I’m out Okay, now second things second Getting some guns, because of course that motherfucker took all of them away before he put me in prison because safety and all But I’m still gonna need my guns to kill someone so I’m thinking I swing by the AmmuNation that started it all The one in the middle of the city Okay now well, that was easy The only thing is now come the hard part, Finding and killing the agent Finally Okay, well here we are Never thought I would go here again, especially not alone but eeuhm Well, here I am, anyway he better fucking be here Goddamn, can you believe this shit? First of all this motherfucker isn’t here for the first time in a million years And second of all my stolen car got stolen! Right in front of a police office What even is this country? Well I guess I’ll take this one then, I gotta need a car if I’m gonna continue with this shit, I mean I need to get home, plan my next move Yo! It’s me Yo! What’s up? Well if you can believe it, quite a lot actually, I mean you know about this one guy right? The guy who captured me after the robbery wich I told you I did I mean I’m not gonna bore you with the details, I’m not gonna do it now, I didn’t do it then, Anyway this guy betrayed me over and over again And a couple of days ago he went as far to put me in prison I mean, I’m out of the prison now, I broke out but I can’t risk him finding me again I just can’t, so I’m gonna have to kill him There is only one problem, I just don’t know where he is So If you could work some of your computer magic and find some information about him that’d be great. Like some basic information Well, yeah, of course, lemme check Okay. Got it The dude’s real name is unknown but in the FBI he’s know as Agent 256 Callsigns: Maze Callsign? Yeah, like his code name, his alias Oh okay, anyway But eeuhm, maybe it’s asking a lot but do you know where I can find him, or atleast like some recent locations? The blimp he used to get away from the prison was last seen at the wind farm It’s still there so I would get there as soon as possible And, oh yeah. You’re about to kill a high FBI agent And the government isn’t really going to take that lightly So if I were you I would go to this shady airfield at Sandy Shore. To get you’re private and untraceable ticket to someplace far away. And good luck Oh yeah, you’re goddamn right he’s an FBI Agent I mean I almost forgot because of the way he handles his prisoners I mean, forcing them to kill people, I don’t think that is usual FBI behavior Unless of course I’m missing something here But anyway I already saw his blip, I’m almost there I saw it I know he is or at least was here So I’m gonna hang up now, I’m gonna drives towards it, I’m gonna kill him I saw the blimp like I said Thank You! You’ve been a big help And after I kill him I’ll see if I go to that airfield, I’m only gonna go if I feel like it is absolutely necessary Anyway, I’m in a hurry because I saw the blip I’m driving towards it now. Goodbye call you later Goddamn why’d that call take so long, I don’t have time for that shit Anyway, back to business killing the agent This is my opportunity, I’m not letting him get away again COME ON! Oh fuck how can I miss that shit? I’ll guess I do it the hard way then, Bitch! It’s over I can’t believe, It’s actually over There is no more “Agent: 256 Callsign: Maze” Who’s controlling my life He’s gone And so is the past, I had with him Now I’m just gonna go to the airfield, start a whole new life elsewhere It’s all over, everthing is the past now No more mission, no more betrayals It’s over It’s all over Almost there. Almost there. Just a couple more minutes and I’m gonna be on a plane On my way to a whole new life Damn! I’m excited I’ve never been so excited to fly but Damn a whole new life, free, everything, money, nothing to worry about Oh! And look! There is even a fellow traveler! Hey! How are you! What’s you’re name! Hello! Can you here me? Hello! Hello?! Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh, no, no, no, You’re not gettin- No, no, no, no, no, How can you be a- No fucki- No, no, no, no, no come on! You’re not getting away alive again! How did you survive the blimp!?
How did you survive the crash!?,
The race?! How, how, how,? Come on you’re not getting away again Not again! Come on! Hit the engine, hit the engine,
only one little spot.. and then you’ll fall straigt out of the air.. Come on, come on, one shot, come on No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no I… I hit? I HIT! Finally? Is he finally dead? Finally? YES! Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! HE’S FINALLY GONE AND NOW I KNOW FOR SURE! I SAW HIM GET IN THE PLANE, AND I SAW THE PLANE FALL DOWN! AND I DIDN’T SEE HIM JUMPING OUT! Fuck Yes! Yo hi, you there? It’s finally over He’s gone Although I won’t be getting on a plane, I’m going home.

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