7 thoughts on “Chase – Who We Are – Chase

  • Why do I have still enter my password after Touch IDing into the app for bill pay or transfers?! The whole idea of Touch ID is for secure fingerprint access without typing in your password. Driving me crazy waiting so long for your mobile app to have this log in option then still having to us type our password for full app use. Makes no sense, American express gives full access after Touch ID FYI.

  • My son had his Chase account closed today with no notice. He tried to buy his two boys and me lunch and his card was refused. I had heard Chase was shutting down Conservative's accounts so I asked to see his CC, sure enough it was Chase. He had $8000 available credit and the only thing he had purchased with it was a few items at Costco and a Bible at a Christian Book Store. When he called Chase they refused to give a reason, just that they had decided to end the relationship.. What's happening to America?

  • JP Morgan Chase Investment advisors completely ignored their fiduciary responsibilities to protect my Mom's account and their gross negligence turned $200,000 into $3,000 and they have accepted ZERO responsibility. They are gross.

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