Chase Your Goals Episode III: Artwork by __ w/ English Subtitles/Русские Субтитры

We are shooting a clip for Изюм land and I am so cold. It’s damn… I don’t know.. I can’t explain how cold it is. My hands are frozen and things aren’t very convenient but we are ready and everything will be amazing! No, Screw it Yeah? Anton, damn it Tell them how you are brother! tell them! Like that! And that! And that’s it. My name is Chase Winters I am an agent of change I make music I make people smile Some of the artists that I really like are Kenny Scharf Rene Magritte Aleskey Litvishkov Nikita Shoshensky Roland Tomayo Nikolina Kovalenko Kurt Wenner Luke Chueh is one of my favorites Kukula Kenny Scharf Edward Ruscha and the list goes on I want my music to have the same level of artistic freedom as actual artists do as actual painters do,as graphic artists do and I want to be able to make a song that’s surreal make a song that makes you feel like a Rene Magritte piece… where it’s like yeah this is augmented reality and this is not something that’s real but it’s something you can feel and appreciate Hey Chase Hey! 🙂 What? So.. I’ve been to Saint Petersburg I’ve been to Smolensk I’ve been to Moscow I’ve been to Novosibirsk I’ve been to Barnaul I’ve been to Byssk I’ve been to Chemal I don’t know where it’s located I’ve been to Belokurikha I’ve been to Krasnodar I’ve been to Sochi Hey Chase Hey! 🙂 What? We’re at the freedom artist management headquarters and my message to you in this episode is to be consistent. The more you put yourself out there and go for your goals the more consistent you are the more you’ll see that results will happen Every action has a reaction and it’s as simple as that so keep going for it. And that’s it… Chase your goals Cheers to happiness! And they say why? why? Why?

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