CHAUVET DJ Product Spotlight: Master/Slave with Freedom Sticks

hi everyone I’m Rick Peebles and welcome to another Chauvet product spotlight today we’ll be discussing the freedom stick pact and how you can do a master/slave setup and get great results looking like a programmed light show without programming at all just using the IRC 6 remote some people have been having a little bit of problem setting this up so I’m going to walk you through it step by step the ones on my right are all slaved 1 2 3 4 the units of my left I have 3 slaves and one master stick as you can see the programs running in front of you are syncopated or a choreographed light show looks like you did hours of programming but these programs are all built into these freedom sticks so I’m going to show you how to set up your slaves first of all I’ll start by black and everybody out so we don’t get distracted and I’ll grab the first unit that I want to make a slave press the menu button until we get to the SCT screen se T is set this turns your infrared sensor on and off we want to make sure the unit is actually off so it doesn’t respond to your IRC control we’ll press ENTER we’ll press menu again until we get to s dash TR hit enter make sure your transceiver is on you can actually turn the transceiver off in cases where you’re just setting it up and using a solid color get you a little bit more runtime for those really long gigs once it’s on we’ll press ENTER and then we’ll select channel 4 you can go up and down to get the channel that you want we’re just using channel 4 today press ENTER again then menu we’ll go to the slave setting this is slave number four as you can see SLA four can change that with the up or down buttons once we’ve set it back to four hit enter again very important to hit enter after every selection step let me come back to the main menu three channel mode enter and whatever DMX channel it is on it doesn’t matter just press ENTER again this slave is now set up and ready for use I’ll repeat that same process with all my other slaves with the exception I’ll make this SL a three or slave three slave to and slave one over here I also have slave for slave three slave two and this is my transmitter the master unit will always transmit from location one so we’ll set that one up now for you we’ll go through the menu here at the SCT menu on the transmitting stick we want to make sure our IRC sensor is on we have it on we’ll press ENTER and move forward so the radio transmitter your transceiver will hit enter it is on enter again and you can see now it is D TCH instead of the R this means digitally or DMX transmitted channel hit enter again our channel is 4 that’s the channel we’ll use enter back to the menu button we do not need to stop at slave because it doesn’t matter it’s the master unit it will always be number one we go past our DMX personality and then we get to the C prompt or the P prompt you can use either one and press enter now as you can see all the sticks are running that preset program that we had running at the beginning actually program 35 that goes through a few and with the IRC six I now have complete control of black out turn these on and off I can go to a preset color and I can also go back to my auto programs and through the up and down keys I can change my programs there are a few auto programs that are user definable they start at program 22 I have us on program 23 which is also one of them when you get your sticks out of the bag you will see that those programs are all defaulted to the red and yellow combination that you see now depending on your wedding your event what colors you need these might not be great colors for you so we have these programs that you can make custom for your application let’s take your master stick you’ll want to get to the P menu which is your auto programs and we’ll hit enter okay I’m on channel on program 24 if we hit enter again you will see we have a number and a letter this indicates your first color choice and what color it is as a letter form right now are for red so your background color is red if we want to change that color we use the up/down buttons till we get our desired color including white or even off to make it a black out step so we had it at red we’ll just change it to green we hit enter it brings up to our secondary color or the accent color you can see with our g4 yellow we’ll change that one to blue we’ll hit enter we’re good to go as you can see now all the sticks have a green background with the blue accent every time you use the IRC six to bring up this program you will get these two colors you can do this with all the other user assignable programs to get the custom look you need for whatever event you’re doing well that’s it for another survey product spotlight I hope this helped you set up your freedom stick packs better and please don’t forget to check us out on the web at Shiv adj calm you

27 thoughts on “CHAUVET DJ Product Spotlight: Master/Slave with Freedom Sticks

  • hey nice video! I just put up a video not too long ago on my very first production Chauvet showxpress light show please feel free to check it out! ://

  • Wack. What do u do when ppl laugh at this Star Wars shit. I can see it now. Kid grabbing and running off when I'm in the middle of a set. No thx


    In the you tube video with rick peeples when you get to the S-tr settings for the master stick it does not automatically change to dtch. You have to choose this option by selecting up or down.

    This product is great fun. Thankyou

  • i would just like to say that this is the only video that made it possable for me to get my lights to work in slave mode.if you watch this vidio that the other videos don't have nor does the on line manual is right after he sets the slave channel to ist's channel he set it to 3 channel mode then sets the program that is what all the other stuff is missing i spent a lot of time trying to set my light's i watched this vid one time caught the missing step and had it in five minute's thanks buddy great job.

  • Thanks Rick, that's an incredibly helpful video. Just got my brand new Freedom Sticks running perfectly less than ten minutes after unpacking them. One thing you might want to consider next time is how to use the IRC remote with these. After a few minutes of experimenting, I got to work out what each button does. No big deal and seriously, massive thank you for this tutorial video.

  • It's fantastic that Chauvet do this. Have to say their technical support over the phone is absolutely top-notch too and I'm happy paying a little more for Chauvet fixtures knowing I can get this kind of help. Wish all companies were the same.

  • I first saw these on Americas Got Talent and they blew me away! I cannot wait to get mine! These are incredible! The possibilities with freedome sticks is endless! I have so many ideas for new light shows now. Thank you for this video! Definitely getting a few of these very soon! Plus when not at a gig these will go in the corners of our living room for ambient lighting. Im so excited!

  • Product Review

  • I love these lights, just bougt another 3 packs so I have now have 16 in total

    I was wondering what is the best practice to set these up just using the remote?

    Eventually, I'm gonna be running these and all my lights using DMX and am currently considering the Obey 40 D-fi to control these, my two Gigbar 2.0's and a pair of Wizard extremes.

    Would appreciate any comments that people may want to add?


  • Great video! I was able up easily set them up. I did run into an issue however. After fooling around with a dmx controller I was unable to successfully get them back into master slave mode. All the slaves allow me to select slave mode but after a few seconds revert back to last mode used, leaving only the master to respond to the remote. Help please.

  • Thank you for making this video, but hay-zeus Christo is ALL of this lighting complicated as f. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to setup my CHAUVET D-FI transmitter to transmit dmx to these sticks. mind you. Same company with the specific and intended transmitter… and I'm finding absolutely nothing out there explaining this action.

  • Great explanation thankyou. I only had one issue but most likely as I am a newbie. The DMX transmit and receive settings must be the same. I don't know why I had it in my head that they had to be the same. But I worked this out within 5 mins anyway.

    But thanks they look Great

  • Don't buy these if you want to use them for a show. I bought 3 of the 4 packs. Of the 12 sticks, 7 run at one speed and 5 at another when in DMX mode. And in IRC mode the only way to get the patterns is by scrolling through the 35 programs while the lights are on. They would be OK for an amateur but not at $500 a 4 pack. $100 would be a better price for these. Going to sell mine and find something else to use.

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