Checking People's ID's to Leave the Bar Prank

oh it's by a shake shake take your weapon take your weapon them choose your weapon wisely I'm just holding like one option holy go cold go home I get up it's just a uncle yeah they got to be real tight that's the problem the whole time so just to confirm how far I can jump ah man I can jump farther than the tape-measure can measure well how big is this tape 25 feet oh so it's over 25 feet yeah ah so close yeah will you walk around I'll grab the end of it and walk like this way oh sure you just get done shopping in here Tosca how long have you lived here do you like go back kind of like the Snowbird thing you know what would you prefer here or Washington everything else me and I try to make it clearly I ask him every time he took a bite but he just can't answer me where'd you drop out was that you throw them around here we are a new Helius Helia blading let's do a video falling in front of people on our rollerblades let's do dent in Chris's car with our bodies on our rollerblades better jive whoa where's that bird noise home from all your phone bill what in two years oh okay let's see that's a little bear and applicate derail load here in two years just hold off its wait a couple years we like cut soon to us and old men outfits with canes loaded that was funny alright let's go after you know after you know after you know I got it no after you dude I got you know I for you know after you know I'll go after you I'll hold the door no no thank you no problem no after you I'm not no go ahead you're you going no yeah you know I told you I'm going in after you I'm not you're not holding a moment I'm gonna hold it for you after you how far it's to the end of it so it's zero zero inches yeah zero zero feet and zero inches there you have it guys i jump zero feet are you sure dude check again uh well goes to the end of like where the metal it's so like I think that's it that's it mean it doesn't say zero but the closest thing is one we can rule round it up to one one yeah wall right so at least one inch this it says ten feet seven inches Oh idiot you don't measure from that side yeah how you can't jump ten feet seven inches that's way too far zero is much more likely right anything's impossible as they're in Patrick Hall would say I wish I came up with that so bad dude that's so funny when I was young I remember I jumped eight feet and I was really young when I was young I jumped with two feet when I was young I was an octopus I jump dude just let me be a gentleman and then I'm not going in with you holding door for me oh yeah do a walk-through go ahead after you see how easy that is I told you it will compromise before me after you perform it after let me hold the door for you dude I'll let you hold it but then I'm gonna grab the handle and you walk in there not walking right up no no no no what were you doing back there well I'm trying to record every time you go pee so people can understand how much you'd be sorry I made jokes about in the last video but it only shows you pee like once you guys got to understand like Chris always pees how much do you drink and one day two gallons – yeah dude that's freaking absurd dude drinking one gallon is so hard I know how do you drink – am I the Freak you're just walking around just like with the fattest belly ever all day hey camel flu hole dude my fly's glued to my pants it's just sound like a mosquito hunt here I left my fly down it's just like a little bug that's include that's how much it hurts we should get a prompt fly and do that or better yet a real fly oh we don't want to hurt the buggies we should paint on mosquitos toenails and put lipstick on his lips I'll put lipstick on a sucker I'll do that mosquitos hot you guys see that here you can hold the door you can hold the door open it up at me good now I'll hold the door and you go in here you go end up no after you I'll hold the door out for you right now you go in they form it before me after them they come out then you go in dude this is the most bullcrap song I've ever seen birds do not speak English like obviously yeah I'm not that stupid it's a heaven copter slow down slow down there are kids so I like your hair – that didn't exactly I don't want to grow – your head don't let it grow from your head from your head is that like a floating piece of hair no I wouldn't appreciate confident oh dude I was just saying it for the sake of a joke I don't actually think that you know I know it wasn't no no no no no I'm so yeah I know but I'm saying I just said it just to be funny like I wasn't funny it was just like for real oh yeah that's right Karate Kid weekend jelly now I need to see your IDs before you leave where you go IDs IDs come on out let the door shut behind you raised in a barn I just understand what's up oh yeah very good yes sir all right you guys oh there you go you guys are good all right yes have a good night I'm gonna turn this your idea before you leave all right hold you sir how old do 626 you have to be under 21 to leave yeah yeah I'm gonna ask you to go back in you can try the front I don't know perhaps hello ma'am okay oh we don't need that on the way in yeah just make sure you have it on the way out yeah it's like she's like what just make sure you have it ready when you're on your way out just have them ready when before you leave okay on the way out yeah on the way out when they come out we just have to confirm that they're under 21 to get out there then they're allowed to leave but if they're not under 21 and they're trying to leave they have to go back in 21 exactly over 21 I got upstairs yeah sorry I need to work on you before you leave Heidi sir I'm gonna need to show you my idea before you enter sir here just hold this flashlight please yeah hold the flashlight hold the flashlight there you go okay am I good I don't know are you okay there you go you're good good change yep I give them a stamp on their hands before they leave or what if we metal detected them too before they left rookies like a regular metal detector unfortunately you're not under 21 I need to go back in there it's a new policy love it all right good night this is you before you can check people's IDs I need to see your ID gonna have to see your okay I need to see your ID before you can ask for my ID sir please remove your wallet from your pocket and show me your ID please do not ask me to move my wallet before you something I did your ID sir I'm gonna have to do a cavity search before your honor I've already been in there before so you can go in when I hold the door and it'll still be after me I'm not going in there unless you're in there like I'm well that's what I mean I have been in there so you can go in and know that you're being polite because I've already been in there so it'll be after me not yeah it doesn't make any sense cold through the front through 60mm these great I didn't do the nice scrape part Freedia scrape damn you you scrape their knees scrape their knees hey it's great that but scrape those hands scrape those bones crave them dance hey that's like the one move every kid dies when they get rollerblades why do you always got to be the better man can't you just let me hold the door for because I want to be kind I'm just I just want to be I do too hey Lynette that would be kind of you to let me be kind for you you before me except after seeing me hold the door you can't make a freaking decision we had a seat I needed this I made a decision time I will hold the door no and I said it first and you're coming on second and tell me that you're gonna hold the door no now we have to come back tomorrow anything one of this games about the eye dude I'll see you tomorrow all right buddy thanks for watching thanks for drying wash your clothes put on rodent love you guys stay safe II

22 thoughts on “Checking People's ID's to Leave the Bar Prank

  • We'll be checking ID's on my twitter @CreationsRoss
    0:13 Fighting People with Pool Noodles

    1:35 Asking People Questions as Soon as They Take a Bite

    7:22 Checking People’s ID’s to Leave the Bar

  • Someone help me out. I've spent 25 mins tryna find this. Ross used to say something like "don't forget to wipe front and back and brush your teeth" or something at the end of the video 😂 can someone help me find a vid where he says it?? Or give me quote? THANKS EVERYONE

  • Could you please go to a grocery store ( Publix) and ask them to mix your hot and cold items all together in the plastic bag, Mix the vegetables with the meats and make an explanation why it’s better to mix your items like that

  • Do a video where you drive a taxi and when you pull up somewhere and someone gets in, ask what the hell they're doing getting in your car

  • next video you should congratulate people’s t shirts. For example for a guy wearing a “best dad ever” shirt go up and tell them you did it !!! Your the best dad ever good job!!! Lmao

  • Ross I watch you everyday man and you make my day your so funny and Cole is to or just high idk lol
    O I thought of this idea I know you won’t do it but try to make a video saying to someone you need to call for a ride but you call there grandma and say something to them

  • I have a great idea for another video,you should go into stores with workout clothes on and lift up shopping items. Then tell employees you're shop lifting.

  • Go to a gas station or somewhere where you have access to the fountain drink syrups and switch them randomly and film there reaction 😂 if you don't know how simply unscrew it, and screw it back on.

  • Hey Ross, great idea- spend cash somewhere and when they give you change, hold it up to the light to check if it's fake. Tell them you can't accept the money because you suspect it may be counterfeit.

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