Checks and Balances in America (School task)

In America we know that everyone carry guns at them at all times And that is a law that is going to stay And let me explain just why We all know America is proud to call themselves “The Land of Freedom” But how can you really call them that “free” When they walk around with guns What kind of law system do they have? Well, they have something called “Checks and Balances” What is Checks and Balances, you ask? Well let me tell you! The Checks and Balances are a power divided into three: The House of Representatives The Senate and The President They all keep each other in balance and in check, so no body have more power than the other They all decide on which law that is allowed to be made and which aren’t You send in something called a bill Which you ask if one law should be illegal, or legal And you give the reason to why The bill will be sent to The House of Representatives Who will fully disagree and throw away the bill Or agree and send it further to The Senate The Senate then also got the exact same power as The House And they decide if it should be continued or not And if it isn’t, it gets thrown away But if it does, it’ll be send to the president The President then takes in and signs under on the bill that he agrees Or he can veto it But what’s a veto you ask? Let me answer that A veto is when the President refuses to sign the bill he has gotten And once he refuse to sign the bill, it will not become a law But if he does agree to sign the bill, it’ll become a law Or will it? This is when the Supreme Court steps in If the bill goes against the consitution they will instantly throw it away and say it can not become a law So why not get rid of guns you ask? Well it’s just not that easy, as it goes against the constitution We all get frustrated reading about people being shot so often in America And we honestly want them to sign the law already But they can’t as it goes against the constitution What!?I hear you say! Well it’s true Every man is allowed to bear a gun for their own safety It just says so in the constitution And i know it sounds ridiculous but that’s just how it is This is why every bill that has been written about making the guns illegal in America Is still legal It just goes against the constitution And the Supreme court are not planning on making that law illegal anytime soon This is how the Checks and Balances works in America It’s a really good system Or is it? F*ck F*ck off Camera is rolling OK Wait a bit Oh! Camera is rolling Huh? Camera is rolling… Oh okay *is to windy to even hear what i’m saying* And that’s how it’s going to stay- No f*ck ok *small dancing* *chuckles* tck Yeess *dances again* Well it’s the power divided- No f*ck Alright uuuuh Senate the house of representatives asdfghjkl blublublublu tck Hello *nervous chuckle* Ah okay *dances for the third time* Nice!

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