Child Stealing By The State: A Social Worker Speaks

I'm joined today by Carol woods and Carol formerly a social worker she's recently been released from a psychiatric unit and why is that occurred because carol has been trying to tell the truth about what's going on in British society so today she's going to be telling us what has really been happening to her and also covering in detail some of the extraordinary things that are going on under the surface through the British public sector through the police through Child Protection and these are matters which she feels and we certainly feel that the British public needs to be aware of Carol thank you very much for joining us now of course we've met in audio as it were because you you did an excellent presentation with Andy Peter on freedom talk radio a couple of nights ago and I know that there's been a really tremendous response to that so where do we start your story really goes back to about some 2,000 yes yes and you were working as a senior social worker with Lancashire County Council and you started to see things happening around child protections in particular the records of yes yes what did you see well within six weeks of started taking up the post in January 2000 I could see records that were appearing that somehow seemed to come from thin air and given that they were my clients I was the assigned a caseworker I puzzled over where these records had come from without my knowledge prior to January 2000 and taking up that post I had worked for press and social services in the past absolutely no complaints everybody extremely professional clients got a good service social workers were happy but that was approximately 1989 since then there had been massive changes Lancashire was on special measures and the were on special measures for years and they only managed a one-star rating after the special measures ceased the data ceased now in September 2000 I was the assigned social worker on a highly contentious case of baby LF the mother of baby LF was a vulnerable young woman had been brought up in care she had no real support at all and one of the saddest things or she said to me that I was the only friend she had I had to point out to her I wasn't her friend I was a social worker and as such I would have to do what I had to do if necessary which may not be what a friend would want to do the child was lovely the mother obviously cared for her there had been some conflict within the family which was all resolved there were many agencies involved to resolve any issues that may have led to concerns and in September 2000 I went to Preston Magistrates Court with a senior legal rep from Lancashire County Council Jhin Gladstone and Jane's heart wasn't in trying to get this baby from this mother at all there was no reason to take this child from this mother and we went to court and they lost their attempts to get an order to say the child had to be pudding to care or removed for any reason or any anything of a detriment to the family right under there is Lancashire the j-serve yes yes so I was pleased with the result obviously them young mother was pleased with the result Jane Gladstone I felt was pleased with the result I never saw her again shortly after that a legal rep came to see me in the office Judy dear in now Judy dear in word in Lancashire legal department but oddly I couldn't find her name as a registered solicitor in the law book of the time since then of course with everything on the internet those law books are just null and void and they're not held anywhere Judy Tyrion was very upset about Jen Gladstone handling of the case and said to me well we want an order Katrina wants an order now the Katrina she referred to have been a manager in our office patrina Pennington who I will not discredit in any way because Katrina sadly died she is not here to defend herself that were not going to discuss Katrina but she said Katrina wants an order and I said Katrina can't have an order she doesn't even work for us it's nothing to do with Katrina Judy Dearing asked me to alter the information on the child's file as her exact words were more in favor of the local authority i flatly refused to do it she was extremely annoyed I asked for some management support I said we cannot start altering children's files I said this is perjury in a court of law if she proceeds to the higher court duty Deering dismissed the magistrates her exact words were were not listening to them they're just a bunch of greengrocers so any magistrate listening will be highly delighted to know that that is what the thought of they tried to pursue the case through the blackburn Family Division High Court and it went on and it went on and it went on the young mother imagine she has no support she had no friends no family what stress was putting her through to ensure that there was no sort of little games behind our back where they pulled rabbits out of the hat to say well the partners this in the partners that we have the Probation Service involved with the partner who was the father of the child we had the NSPCC do a formal assessment of the father as whether he was suitable to be in the house with the child and the mother we went through every single channel we could are they all formally presented and a guardian ad litem was appointed or the baby the guardian ad litem was Gwyn Pullum and he was no pushover he was known to be very strict not particularly fond of social services and he came to see the files he was highly delighted at my recordings and he went to court as to represent the baby the mother was in court I went to court represented by some different the legal department who I have never actually spoken to at all and this was just a preliminary hearing in the Blackburn Family Division High Court which was absolutely appalling because the magistrates had already dismissed the case Lancashire County Council had no claim on that baby right so just just moving on a little bit here so essentially records are altered to achieve what aim the child's taken away yes now then because of what else was going on at the time I was under the impression that that child was what I called an ordered baby that to me meant that she's a vulnerable young woman we can take her child offer because we know somebody who is probably more suitable a real couple who want a baby in the car at once so we'll provide them with one right that is what I was certain was going on and and you you're mentioning this now my mind is saying to me and we are we over the last two years through three years have been hearing similar stories from parents who are saying that that you their children were taken away under false pretenses all implication is that there being those children are being taken to order as you say undoubtedly undoubtedly so was that excuse me was that the only case that you you dealt with you had 39 I think it was serious cases to deal with was that the only case where you suspected this was happening or whether just other case well on in relation to taking the baby that the baby LF case was was becoming quite widely known throughout other offices within Lancashire and review chairs of case conferences were expressing very concern about what like you were doing to this young woman and this baby I can't say about other children I was nothing to do with adoption my work was crisis Child Protection right what I do know as a fact is that children's files were being altered certain children involved highly contentious cases very difficult cases children to two small boys children SP and SP a slightly older boy MB a highly contentious matter of serious child sex abuse in the case of children BM and km and a slightly older boy again about 15 child KF now they were what I could prove was altered in the data the recordings crucial documents missing from the files and I actually reported that former to what was the Social Services Inspectorate the director of education the director Soria of Social Services at the time who was Pauline Oliver I took it to Chris Cheatham who was the cabinet minister on the social services committee I took it everywhere I could and nobody responded yeah nothing all right so so we've got one of the most critical subjects which is Child Protection yes you are pointing out serious wrongdoing and then your experience of dealing with it the authorities who should be protecting the system yes in the children as they don't want to know no I mean the issue was it's not just the altering of the file it is the altering of the file to show the detriments suffered by the children by the authorities yes so it's not just the altering of the file well we don't like that so we remove it I'm talking about removing crucial documents that prove serious detriment suffered by the families from the authorities not from the families from the authorities right that's a slightly different and then that doctored material those lies are taken into court and used which is yes they are jury yes they are yes so you started to create waves that's the description you started to would you call yourself a whistleblower at that stage or not a stage no no because I didn't stay long at the time I wasn't planning to stay and blow the whistle I resigned on the spot i flatly refused to alter any file i flatly refused to offer perjury in court LCCC went mob-handed to court when the next hearing had been arranged and the guardian actually stood up apparently this this is what i was related to me later and had to tell the judge Carrollwood said none of this he said I have seen her files this is not recorded the judge rapped the knuckles of Lancashire County Council and said you should have listened to Carroll woods I had been removed from the case the young mother wasn't allowed to speak to me at all under any circumstances and the only reason I was still around at the time after resigning on the spot was because I was working my two months notice which I was obliged to do at my level right now there's there's there's a huge amount around how are you ultimately left and the circumstances around that and we're just I've we will try and cover some of that but let's just move on there was another in Siddhant that started around this time which was to do with the care of some particularly vulnerable young boys I think yes early teenagers yes and and a piece of land just tell us in a little summary about about that and we can then start to join some of this together yes this is where it gets highly complicated we were told to social workers that for homes for disturbed adolescent boys were going to be closed they were on the site of a hundred and thirty four acres of land near Blackpool Lancashire on the site was also a working farmer work in school and homes where Lancashire staff lived and had lived for 10-15 years brought the families up the families attended the local schools etc etc and we were devastated as social work as well what are we going to do with our disturbed adolescent boys if we haven't got this facility but because Lancashire County Council had a duty of care of course the day to care for those boys of course because some of those boys have nowhere else to live yeah the either couldn't live at home or they didn't have a home to go to where they had parents as we know parents or carers or anybody else it was their home some of the boys at least two of them weren't allowed to live at home even though differently like twelve years old they weren't allowed to live at home and but we're social workers sort of expressed his may now at the time in November 2000 I had seen an article in the Blackpool Gazette saying the home was going to close the children's homes were going to close and I pointed out well I don't think you can do that because you need a consultation on such a scale of clauses as this and if you've made the decision prior to a consultation that's illegal a large meeting was arranged in late November leading into December 2000 and I was invited as were other social workers if we had clients who were going to be directly affected for example I had four boys who have nowhere else to live and run so they lived in the homes on the site and I'd been to Cuba on holiday and up but I wanted to attend so I attended I'd prepared nothing I didn't know what to expect it was just a meeting as far as I was concerned and walking in it was a very well attended meeting all the boys were there the lower paid staff such as residential social workers and the caretakers of the site cleaners cooked that the the daffy would sort of in day-to-day care of the site the mother boys who were looking off to have families the families attended I was the only field social worker in attendance and I was told later it was because everybody else knew better and stayed away right so you at this stage had really started to cause some waves to use that expression because you challenged over the care and safety of some areas of child protection and now you were quite rightly pointing out that some other procedures in relation to this piece of land and the loss of the home the council wasn't carrying out their role properly so there was no consultation and you were bringing that into the public domain so you're starting now to get some little warning signs from your oh yes after the meeting I had stood up and said actually I don't think he can do this I said surely there are human rights here this is the home for all the people in the houses on the site we've got all this we've got 46 staff members here you can't just sack them and the boys live in the homes it is a harm you know what we need to be considering article 8 as a human rights activist else right and they warned you you put out specific yes I put that in a letter but I also said we also need to be considering the crime and disorder Act were looking at dangerous children in some of the cases at the time DAF morale was incredibly incredibly low we had a 10% leaving a year but only recruiting 6% so the gap was filled by agency staff and I do not exaggerate when some agency staff walked in and had walked out within the hour is this because they didn't like the culture they didn't like they couldn't they couldn't cope with the the chaotic disorganization what they felt was inept management and intelligent management the the total lack of consideration about the client group right okay so some of these young boys were considered dangerous and what did you worry about if they lost their homes what was actually going to happen well they they were going to have to be housed somewhere which meant they would have to be housed anywhere in the community in Lancashire or under with anybody basically who would take them whether it was appropriate or not you know and there were no risk assessments done it was done with such speed and that was my concern I said I might not be able to stop any of this but what you need to be considering is the speed with which you're doing it there is no thought going into this and I warned in a letter that something serious would happen if the county continued doing what they were doing I said then it's going to be attracting media attention right and subsequently what did happen well two of the boys a 10 year old and a 12 year old recruited a teenage gang in the Nelson area of ylang-ylang Kisha and a pensioner was murdered right well let's be specific about this because this lady died as a result of a burglary yes they recruited a teenage gang and tried to burgle a house and and she died of a heart attack in the process as a result of that yeah your opinion you you could see the danger coming I could see the danger but what language county council apparently couldn't I'm not saying they couldn't I'm saying they ignored it right because ultimately they wanted the site cleared they need they wanted the land okay now what I'd like to do Carol is is just get through some of the those basic steps of the story so if we just we just touch on each of the areas so that the audience can see where this is ultimately led to because it's astonishing what this what Carol has been through you're smiling now but how are you still smiling also lots of hysteria after what you've been through okay so so you you have started to challenge length shift county council you've started to take proper action to counter the fact they haven't done any consultation you've been warned you're getting warned off at work and eventually you're forced to leave yes and then you start to enter a period where you're involved in court cases yes right just just tell us about how that built up that you were involved in well called cases around your we need to make it clear that when I resigned over the BLF case I have two months notice to work at my level it was within that two months notice that that I started to consider the what I call the filed matter and I retracted my resignation realizing that if I didn't work there then I could do nothing about it and I was concerned about particularly the boys in my care I was concerned about 46 staff members losing the job about people losing the homes etc etc and when management said to me yes you're right keep your mouth shut to you for it and follow that up to me in a letter I was determined that they were not going to speak to me like that right the court cases began these are employment tribunal yes yes well the were others and there have been lots more but the first the first time I had tried to pursue the matter of the closure with the local government Ombudsman I knew nothing much about these matters but I knew about a local government Ombudsman I was it was a learning process and I'm naive but I'm not stupid and that went on and he set out the complaint and he was right and he picked out well the revile ation of human rights and his exact words to me in a telephone call were we will get them on maladministration if nothing else this is the closure of this area of land and the house that we're talking about so no yeah because of the illegalities of it etc etc meanwhile of course I had been forced out of my job it happens to all whistleblowers we classic paper on workplace bullying is by Professor Gary Cooper and it outlines the early stages of bullying in the workplace when same management want to work her out it's a wonderful piece of writing and it I went through and I could identify with so much of it and one of the early issues is that they start overloading a person with work so that that person feels they can't cope and they leave right but they overloaded me with what I just coped that makes them more angry and then you get the personal insults like we don't like the way you look we don't like the way you walk you walk for to confidently a lot my social worker I'm supposed to be confident about what I'm doing we don't like the way you dress I mean the personal insults start to come and then the meetings you are called to meetings you are sent letters saying there will be meetings from senior management but no dates are given that it's a raise your anxieties the sisters worried Easter all the time all the time to make you more and more anxious then you start to doubt yourself I have never doubted myself no and you just you've also mentioned that this bullying attitude by the council was being unleashed on some of the other ladies there there was a black lady yeah Nicola who was extremely badly treated yes Daisy Mae Morrison and I were colleagues we weren't friends I didn't know very well at all I could see what was happening to this lady which I saw soon after I began work it was Green Bank Street the office Green Bank Street in Preston and she was a largely boolean black lady and I saw her hair go gray overnight I saw losing weight after I losing a personality I didn't know what was going on I did hear the words and a-w used against it with absolutely no repercussions for the perpetrators and I suggested to the lady in question that she come to share my desk with me because I felt if they saw she had some support then they would leave her alone or at least ease up I was then asked to spy on this lady and I refused to do that as well and I told her I said I don't know what is going on I said I think they're out to get you and what I recommend to you is that you do not turn down any work that they put your way I suggest you do everything you are asked to do she felt there was something going on and it's a lot of it is about racism they were racist now at one particular meeting in a violence at work policy meeting which has to be a joke Daisy Mae Morrison tried to raise the issue of racism they said you can't raise that in an open meeting well right so there's more or less a complete disregard of what the law says all absolutely leads an utter total disregard okay right so that's going on you are embroiled in the tribunals you're also fighting starting to fight effectively fight the council through the Ombudsman process and the courts over their action with the land and the getting that the houses and at this point you start to experience what can only be described as harassment yes just tell us about the sorts of things that happened telephone calls and trying to coax me back to work because what the audience need to be clear about is when I was forced out of work because of the bullying I couldn't cope with anymore and I actually surrendered and walked out the 28th of August 2001 prior to that I'd removed myself on the health and safety legislation on the 1974 Act which does not require a person to obtain a GP not for any illness it is quite simply this place of work is not safe for me and I am removing myself and I'm not returning until you make it safe for me it is not safe being bullied because I did that and because I knew that bid nobody else to support des Emma Morrison I suggested she could do the same I wasn't advising her I was just suggesting she could do the same if she felt she needed to and Daisy May did Daisy May went on to have a breakdown a complete breakdown I supported her for her in her case for five years as well as run in mine the local government Ombudsman case trundled on to Christmas 2001 when after all that had been said to me over the phone and in earlier letters I simply received a brief letter saying you were just having a quarrel with management right and I thought well that's some quarrel okay but you you also started to yeah you had letters sent to you you're being pressurized at work when did the trouble stall outside work when you you had people who were following you and well that that's started I think earlier than I was aware because somebody said to me that I was being followed and I said don't be silly who on earth would want to follow me and and then I did start to see things their neighbour started to see things because where I live it's just where I lived where my house is it is just two pairs of semies allotments very dark and opposite there's a very small cottage at right angles that the allotments interrupt to the four houses and there is a lane that can take one to the canal in pitch black or a footpath up to a main road higher up in Lancaster that lane is called piggy Lane and the neighbors had seen what they considered to be just men hanging about in the dark and piggy Lane now at the time because I lived on my own because my house is lovely and because it was full of antiques and collectibles and no I haven't stolen them I bought over years I will explain in a minute yes and they were concerned I was being set up for burglary right now sometimes cars would arrive and just park outside and the drivers always male would just sit and then they would drive off after an hour a favorite game at the time a car would because it was a cul-de-sac attended in allotments there were always big fancy cars and poor wheel drives were used a lot and they would turn the car around so that it first my house now that is putting it at right angles to my house which is effectively blocking the lane the new side lane is where my house is so that they could have their main beams on my front room window to let me know that they knew I was indoors and it was like all I could liken it to was was Alcatraz with these main beams and that was a favorite trick now this this harassment started to increase yeah as the main court proceedings to do yes the action over the closure of the homes and the lives increased yes then it I think you said to me that it effectively peaked at the time that a well-known name came into the well they lost yeah Lancashire County Council effectively lost the case yeah just yeah in a little clip just tell us what happened there because what I want to do is to be able to explain to people how from then on things really accelerated yes it's it sounds like something out of a horror movie oh it is it is yes I mean there's a lot of it I don't ever want to talk about because I don't want to remember it I don't want to recall it I don't to think about it yeah so just just give us water what was the trigger in that may triggering that I had applied after the local government ombudsman who the audience needs to know I met in June 2006 and she hadn't made any decision she had known nothing whatsoever about the filed matter that was bogus and it was just one of the men in her office sued but opposed as the lgo anyway I pursued a judicial review in the High Court at the time I'd also instigated an employment tribunal case in Manchester tribunals or constructive dismissal remember I'm also struggling to find days in his corner there's it maybe until to do it herself now the judicial review went before justice Hooper in June and by July 2002 I had a three page Court decision on whether it will proceed are the first two pages were pretty disheartening he couldn't reverse the decision and all they could do really would be to look at how the decision had been reached the third page gave me permission to proceed right and this this is the decision for the council to take control of the land and close the homes yes and then I would say at this point because it's a key point this is action that the the council had already carried out yes so the council's in court as if they have yet to take this particular action well but not that were coming to that because the judicial review was 2002 the actions had already been taken in 2001 Sheila bridge was murdered on the 30th of June 2001 because I got the third paged proceed with the judicial review in July 2002 I was asked to a meeting at Manchester employment tribunals up to that point they had completely ignored my case to the extent I had written asked them have you been told to ignore this case well in the event it had been but we'll leave that aside at that hearing with chairman Anna Wooley they seem to know about the High Court case which was a quite incredible because I haven't mentioned it a Ngunnawal he told me I could not have two court cases running at once I had to drop either the Employment Tribunal or my judicial review on the filed matter I believed it because a chairman in a court was telling me so I believed it and I wrote to justice Hooper and I said with regret I have to withdraw from my judicial review I felt it would all come out within the employment tribunal case the substantive hearing was ten days in March 2003 from the 17th of 28th of March on the 28th of March I was told that I had won my case and to expect to remedy here in all that was witness of course at one you can't win any case on perjury which is all the respondents relied on in that case there had been no mutual exchange of documents I had been forced to hand over to LCC my statement and all my evidence months in advance of the hearing I was very upset because I said to the court they're just going to manufacture evidence to discredit me to disprove everything I've said Anna Wooley pointedly told them there will be sanctions for perjury they had Anna Bullock removed from the case though the substantive hearing I was told I had warned I had a witness to that the remedy hearing I heard absolutely nothing what I did hear the local authority had gone to the High Court seen the quality of my documents in relation to the corporate manslaughter of Sheila bridge which is what I termed it as corporate manslaughter you knew about it these were your actions that led to this it's corporate manslaughter and all the other issues involved in the illegal seconds of 46 members of staff people losing their homes etc etc the local authority had seen the quality of your with my work my documents the proof because I had worked very hard at proving the consultation was illegal I'd looked at white papers I used the law it wasn't something that I'd just written up myself and they went to the High Court to seek permission to seize the land and close the facilities on the site that was I think the 23rd of July 2003 this was seeking permission for an action which they'd already carried out yes good because they were pretending that they hadn't already done it because if they could say they had a legal right to do it then of course Sheila bridge hadn't been murdered a result of corporate manslaughter and they had a right to do everything they're done they haven't illegally sacked 46 members of staff and of course my tribunal case fell down because I haven't blown the whistle right there was nothing to blow the whistle on if it was legal right the this this is the point of the the point in the particular case where Cherie Blair is you yes to argue lenka's Lancashire's yesterday my cherry Blair to represent them in the High Court pretend that the plants from two years earlier hadn't happened Cherie Blair knew damn well they had happened he was lying to the court now that in that there were other implications one being that the Charities Commission funded a lot of the work went on within those homes for disturbed adolescent boys they lost their case in the High Court but the very reasons that I'd told them on the points of law in November 2000 as to why they couldn't do what they were doing but the Charities Commission they were then defrauded for 10 years because they had to pretend they hadn't closed the site right though I mean we've just got so much in there and I I'm an individual I'm just an ordinary person and nobody else seems to have worked all this out right now I'm watching the clock out the corner of my eye so let's let's just take people through the rest of the story in just bullet points and then have a bit of time to yes but from this point on things sort of hot up now you were getting some you were getting some support from the police and you'd had some help from Granger Greater Manchester but yes we had him interested in the case yes and you have one particular Greater Manchester policeman who was clearly doing his job yes he was then removed and after that it appeared that pressure was was being put on you to back off from them oh oh yes I mean one of the first things was a senior officer from Lancashire police on my doorstep belt bill Ralston who I believe was going to retire quite soon after his visit to me it's time to consider your health what about your children and I said how do you know I've got any children and then he said you can't when it's coming from the government and I said don't be silly the government doesn't know I exist well unfortunately they did right so sorry that was the bill Ralph's in Lancashire police Greater Manchester Police became involved because of what happened in Manchester employment tribunals that was their area and the main officer involved at the time after it had filtered down and I was allocated and assigned officer was Detective Sergeant Andrew Rigg bit from but'll Street Manchester police right now you succeeded in actually getting a file which clearly impressed them through to my thought yes he was then a head of Greater Manchester Police he was chief constable at the relevant time the file when Andrew Rigby took documents from me he laughed he said he'd never seen as much evidence because by that time the decision of the tribunal that I had won given that LCC then went to the High Court lost their case my punishment was they change the decision for me in the tribunal and they claimed that I had lost and I was going to pay their costs of approximately 40,000 pound a tribunal cannot force you to pay costs LCC was so ignorant they didn't even know they had to go to a county court to force payment but they thought they'd force force it by thuggery and so the harassment at home increased I was getting up to eight letters a day six days a week the weekends were worse because of course at weekend you you cut off you can't contact agencies to complain or to ask for help or anything else so it is a tactic for audience after did them the mail is bad right so my told absolutely picked up on the evidence as to what has gone on and we're talking fraud corruption extortion Tim and money with menaces I mean the been various other sorts of serious incidents my family were threatened there was so much police involvement but at the time as well I've got the London Metropolitan Police involved who were then sent to warn me off and it all started to become very police orientated which puzzled me right but but let's emphasize this Mike Todd was trying to help you yes Manik Todd Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police was a spent my file which file is kept safe and it shows how other police were involved in Lancashire please why they were involved the documentation and that file was passed to him by Judge David Williams of what was then the Social Security Commissioner's Office which is now the upper tribunals because judge David Williams saw what had been going on on documentary evidence he had had me in court I had to swear the evidence he was very strict he checked every minor detail and he was so concerned he passed my file to Mike Todd Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police because by that time I'd had Rigby turn on me I'd been physically assaulted when I'd gone to like a Manchester bootless Street Station in a sergeant white trying to get me out of the station before a more senior officer heard what I had to say I'd had a false warrants issued for my immediate arrest and committed to prison and it seemed like I had absolutely nowhere to go then Greater Manchester Police Professional Standards Chester House became involved with the chief superintendent Brian Davis who started threatening me by anonymous emails and I did my homework I get off my backside and go and visit places and go and check out this and go and check out that he admitted he'd sent me those emails and said it was the fault of his computer which was nonsense right and then might talk dies yes on how convenient under mysterious circumstances and then from that time things really worsen for you yes and we end up with a situation where your house is taken from you yeah and the false proceedings documentation yes and also the police are arresting you yes and then you are taken to a psychiatric unit three times three times difference like after us depending on where I was and left now the first time 2010 was unbelievable they did nothing but arrest me wherever I was and it was always failed to attend failed to attend what there is no such thing I've failed to attend nothing now one arrest was because I had sent a letter to some day I didn't even know existed or is just ludicrous everything was just manufactured but on one arrest and this was August the 6th of August the 5th of August sorry 2010 great at the Metropolitan Police pick me up they had arrested me for failed to attend that day I had with me my driving license and one officer saw the license going through the bag as the the check all your contents of your bag and suchlike and he said but this is you and I said well yes and he said well Lancashire Police have sent us your photograph with a different name right but they still locked me up they still locked you up that was a theme that continued all through these yang concentrations yes you you were able to learn that at several times they were trying to create a different personality for you so so you were disappearing into the system yes and nobody was too sure whether it was Carol woods and Carol woods with the E campuses and changed my title most mrs. Carol my name has no way they add an E and woods now you say mrs. Carroll woods it sounds exactly the same as miss Carol woods but to do this person she became the mirror image of me but in Reverse so you're looking at me so where I have four children she has none she likes young men and this is why I'm hounded by every job in any area etc a heavy drinker heavy smoker course I don't drink I don't smoke oh oh everything that's the opposite of me she is now I have seen an actual new documentary evidence where they run two sets of records when they're holding me one in my name and one in the name of mrs. Carroll with Annie Woods right that is common the council run at least two sets of records but in 2010 the police didn't know what to do with me they couldn't present me anywhere because I was me I wasn't the person they've been told to arrest right for this to happen we are talking about a serious collaboration and in fact it's a criminal conspiracy is the right expression to use between the local authority yes certainly with the local authority legal team yes we've got the Ombudsman organization included in it we've got the court system included yes this is prevalent right through all the systems that we believe as member of the public are there to protect us and of course you've started out by exposing what was actually going on not just failings but a calculated attempt to falsify records yes to the detriment of the lives absolutely so this is this unbelievably serious the last incarceration you were in mental institution for three months yes and I believe I'm right in saying that that you got out partly due to the public pressure once people knew where you are absolutely because in every single lockup incarceration I have been held under different names I have literally disappeared off the streets my family have reported me as a missing person and the police who have been responsible for all this have said Carroll Ward's never heard of her I have been held under different names Carly Kirstie Caroline mrs. Carroll with Annie woods all sorts of anything to hide me and I mean that literally effectively I disappear and this last time because of the publicity people knew where I was the staff became aware that people knew where I was and I was told you're not allowed to make phone calls you're not allowed to accept phone calls you're not allowed to stick your nose out of the door you're not allowed visitors I was entirely cut off it didn't matter people were ringing people were letting them know that they knew that I was there and it was me and that made a difference that may have diverse difference a huge difference I can't tell you the difference that made because also psychologically to me for the first time in years I had some support I cannot tell you because over the years friends are either bought off or scared off and family are scared off and I have to stay away from people because they suffer reprisals if I don't write reply they suffer reprisals because you've attempted to do exactly the right thing which is to expose Ronde doesn't tell the truth yes now we come into the closure we are going to do more with you but I think it would be fair to mention one MP tried to help you didn't it yes it did not take a just understand a bit about Norman Baker's a really decent man now because I'd seen a TV interview of Norman Baker Norma Baker always believed that David Kelley had been murdered and had publicized the fact and I thought that's the month for me but he always said you need to come and live in Louie's I can't do anything for you unless you live in Louie's so in March 2011 I went to live in Lewis III stood in a guest house in Brighton for two or three days checked out Lewis found a room to rent rented a room and after the first day I went to the office on East Street in Louise made an appointment to see Norma Baker which was going to be in pole gate the very next Saturday and off I set and the police were waiting to arrest me to stop me doing that but I'd anticipated that and from that day and for three years after I didn't move out without a rucksack full of ID documents and a briefcase full right they couldn't arrest me because I was me right now he was able to awesome questions yes how about Yahoo and when he did that the pressure on you increased was that oh the pressure was unbelievable because Norman Baker's question was let us suppose this lady lost her house and assets of four hundred thousand pound legally he said why did they wreck her house seventy thousand pound was knocked off the value of my house in two hours on the afternoon of the 27th of October 2008 by thugs ripping out the whole of the expensive ground floor double glazed windows they had smashed their way through my lovely pay period stained glass front door they were drilling walls they were demolishing any any sort of anything that looked like a bit of a building they were looking for documents they have never got the document these were thugs who were supported by the police yes the neighbors were crying upset why are you doing this to her etc etc and one of the police officers Jim Edmonds it was a PC who poses if he can borrow a jacket of a sergeant he poses as a Tsar but what on one arrest of me in the street he posed as an inspector he was there in a borrowed PCSO car there was another one who I believe is Sergeant Pinder I could be wrong but Pinter is a nasty piece of work who had tried to manufacture a phone call with me on a another matter which they were going to arrest me on it is a nasty piece of work and a bully now he was there warning neighbors if you try and stop any of this if you try and offer Carroll any help we will arrest you they have no legal jurisdiction whatsoever to be anywhere on my property I have asked over a hundred times please send me proof that you have lowest legal jurisdiction to be on my property on any date at all but especially on the 27th of October 2008 there is no legal jurisdiction Carol I'm going to say thank you very much for telling us telling is that so I'm for the audience next door as I sit here next dual coils of documents of evidence supporting everything that Carol has said and in over three hours of talk Carol clearly has a very professional attitude to the problem she's come across she has a fantastic memory and attention to detail and I have certainly found nothing wrong with you at all apart from the fact that obviously you've had the courage to stand up to be counted when you've seen wrongdoing so what have we learned out of this we've learned that something extremely unpleasant is going on under the surface through British public service and the police and courts in particular but when things have been particularly bad for Carol as she's just described it's been the support of the general public that's made the difference and part of our reason for bringing Carol into the UK Colin studios and to get a face in front of a camera is so that the wider British public knows who this very brave lady is and we're going to say to everyone who watches this program we need your help to give this lady the support to make sure that she isn't continually bullied and harassed by Lancashire or indeed any other police forces thanks very much for joining us you

34 thoughts on “Child Stealing By The State: A Social Worker Speaks

  • How horrible! Instead of giving that young mom support and education, they created false testimony so they could take away her child!? The people, the children who are victimized! I’m done with the vile and unclean lurking around this planet.

  • It's also here in New Zealand. and we the public are against them taking new born babies from their distraught mothers in maternity care supporting the mothers and their families ..

  • Well the PMs Blair and Cameron manufactured a war each where millions were killed including half million children in Iraq and nothing has been done to those 2,, the evil goes right to the top and May is yet more proof,,,

  • Why did the police stop looking for the murders of Jill Dando & Doctor Kelly because Dave Stewart Annie Lennox and Tony & Cherie Blair had something to loose stolen children and Royalties for songs The Miracle of Love and Here Comes the rain again, from Michael Boyers, their friends responsible for carrying out the murders including the murder of Michael Boyers son, with a former police officer Janet MacKenzie who's ex husband Rob MacKenzie is one of the gang members responsible for the murders of Jill Dando, Doctor Kelly my son and none other than Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed,  the ring leaders are Ian Henry, Mi5 and the CIA same people, Grant Tully, Terry Boyers, Ian Henry  has amusement arcades in the Newcastle Wallsend area, that pay for the murders including the murder of his former brother in law Peter Gowling, shot in the head in front of Ian Henry by Russell Bonalie who's mate Norman Massey shot Jill Dando in the head, at the time Massey had a remarkable resemblance to Barry George and was working as a chauffeur, drug dealer and ponce for members of Parliament and QCs and claims Tony Blair was one of his best customers, he also did not deny shooting Jill Dando on two occasions that he tried to befriend me in Newcastle City Centre having known him as a teenager, other gang members George Tully along with Stan Henry and Alan Duncan boat builder murdered Ilene MacDougal better known as the Torso in the Tank 1978, the murder of a 17 year old innocent girl that Jill Dando was investigating as one of two unsolved murders, thee other from 1967 Angus Sibbet also murdered by Stan Henry former amusement arcade and casino and nightclub owner now in the health club business formally known as Springs. who’s daughter Kay Henry Gowling, was having an incestuous relationship with her father leading to her insanity, she thinks she and her incestuous family  can get off with trying to murder me and the murder of my son with former police woman Janet Mackenzie, who’s husband Rob, along with  Ian Henry, Grant tully, Russel Bonalie, Joe Bonalie, Santos Cuscanni, Alan Rankin, Bob Senior,  Mike Emerson, Ian Jenkins, Sylvia Cutter, Ernie Cutter,, Dave Stewart, Annie Lennox, Eddy Fenwick, Charlie Gray, Terry Boyers, Joe Boyers, Barry Cubby, Tommy Stuart jnr & Snr, Alan Dag, Colin Hume, and  Patrick Terence Thompson, one of the drivers of the white vans seen stalking Jill Dando, and Peter Gowling, 

    The Met never followed up on the leads, so as to help the Blairs get off with child abduction, Katharine Blair is my daughter and not Tony Blairs, Pedophile Billy Blair along with his family are targeting me via Newcastle Social Services, controlled by Adulteress and incestuous pedophile Cherie Blair, who lied to me to get me to have sex with her, then stole my daughter Katharine, and tried to have me murdered on a number of occasions here and in America and Australia 

    The Blairs and Stan Torso in the tank Henry the murder of Angus Sibbet 1967. Michael Lavaglio and Denis Stafford got the blame with the help of the corrupt Masonic police, who also covered up the murder by Stan Henry, George Tully, Bill Duncan, Ernie Clark , Alan Duncan and dave Stewart according to the Eye Witness Bob King fellow musician, 

    The so called worthy master Bill Duncan organised it all, and covered up by bent copper Brian MacKenzie, and Micky Hafferty, Stan Henrys bent coppers,  Ian Henry MI5 Mi6, CIA, Mossad, George and Grant Tully, Alan Duncan and their gang, includes drivers Gary Pern, Norman Massey, Patrick Thompson, Rob MacKenzie the murder of my Son, the gang involved paid weekly visits to Paris warehouses for booze and cigarettes, Guns & Drugs, travelling from Sunderland at times 3 white vans were being used at each murder, these scum, were in those white vans at the scene of the crimes aforesaid mentioned, James Anderson told the Police he could not get near Diana, because of the white vans in front of him and in front of Diana and Dodis car the one in front of Dodi he said had a motor bike strapped in and someone sitting on it shining the head light on main beam into Dodis car, Ian Henry MI6, was the one on the Motorbike that Reece Jones remembers pulling along side him before the crash causing the crash he thought they were paparazzi, you can see the last photo taken was taken from a higher vantage point than a normal car, Anderson also said that their were paparazzi hanging onto straps taking photo’s The cameras used by some of them were burnt in a car at the back of a pub in Low fell, North East England, leased by gang member Jeffery Verrel and partner West indian Albert Harding who claims to be a friend of Paul Burrel, Jeff Verrel set fire to his own car and claimed the compensation for the cameras as well, local newspapers confirm the incident, Verrel is still walking free, he is a friend of Blair, Darling, Milburn, Mullen, David and Edward Miliband and Gordon Brown all members of the same Pedophile Ring as these aforesaid mentioned other criminals that The Met have still to arrest, especially Alistair darling and Billy Blair Cherie Blair and Tony Blair who's sons Euan and Nicky, callum and Anna darling are gangstalking me with the help of the labour party pedophile ring northumberland and County durham Uni Students who are hazing me for the blair family as I know the murdered Princess Diana , Dodi Al Fayed, Jill Dando, Doctor kelly Nurse Brenda Boyers who had the meeting with Jill and Doctor kelly over all the Child Abductions going back to when I was 15 years old and taken to a over 21 gay conceptive night club they thought they could train me to be a slave, dave stewart was the Rent Boy of Conservative pedophile and gang raper ian jenkins who owned the lease on a small club in Monk St Wheatsheaf Sunderland, Mr jenkins Club, jenkins is the head of the gay maffia in newcastle and sunderland and organised all the murders with the help of bent coppers Hafferty and mackenzie Blairs advisor to law, so i was told i have given you all the names of the ring leaders i have named the ones who carried out the murders and the ones who covered up for the murders, all though they did try to arrest Blair on two occasions but were sent away with their tails between their legs, diplomatic immunity The Met have yet to follow up on any of these leads that i have sent them and spoken to them and the FBI about shortly after reading about the Murders. bent coppers Micky Hafferty who framed lavaglio and Stafford for the murder of Angus sibbett 1967 One armed bandit murder that led to all thee other murders due to mass corruption in the jewdicery and lord tenerife Brian MacKenzie covered up all the Murders and child Abductions for their fellow slaves of the cabal, and were promoted, Sir Billy Blair qc quietly covered up all the murders with a 70 year press ban for Alistair darlings pedophile Ring or should i say Ambassador darling the murder of Gerard Harford who was sacrificed, in heroes Club also owned by Ian jenkins a nonce and a ponce who organisers child abductions chid trafficking and murder, Gerrard  was found in the River Wear under the bridge, I was their the night of the Murder and so was a friend of mine and Gerrard's who went on to be a famous shakespearian Actress,   We know what they did

  • way to proud of yourself..EIA(Manitoba) has been making my life a living hell!!!& it seems like I can't get help anywhere 🙁 I would love to talk with you.

  • It's a strategy of social engineering: taking children away from the poor to alleviate social security and giving hem to the well off.

  • What a woman! I'm anxious just listening to all this, how she managed to cope with all this and with such firmness is crazy.

  • The same has been done even in the south east in London boroughs north and south and no doubt nationally too in the past decade/s

  • I was detained in Mental health – medically kidnapped via the police due to untrue scheduling via a psychiatrist who hadn’t sited me to even write the schedule. Claiming apparently I was delusional- for exposing the crime & corruption in Australia nsw trustee & guardians aka strangers who are Court (Tribunal ) appointed to medicate, isolate elders to take their estates. This is organised crime via elite government employees! Benefiting from the proceeds of crime. Media attention ? There are gag orders prohibiting media from exposing these paid criminals!
    We are all wards of the state ! Via our birth certificate and the fabrications that are created like our strawman. Look up the GLOSSA CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE- romley stewart & the Justinian deception.
    The Ombudsman in nsw is a criminal – he use to be the state coroner- concealing deaths in the custody of “ public guardians “ –
    Yet criminals are given coronial investigations yet wealthy elders with dementia aren’t??
    So who is really benefiting?
    Targeting our most vulnerable members of our society is putrid !! Unfortunately most kids taken into care are abused by pedos! Its so sad yet true. Any whistleblowers are deemed mental !! Why ? They don’t want the truth exposed . It happened to Fiona Wilson too for exposing origin energy electricity provider !! I’m australian!! And Eli Priest has also been detained as well for mental health assessment! Yet later released !!

  • The Soviets put their opponents in insane asylums, had psychiatrists state they were crazy, medicated their opponents, etc.

  • The reason people don't talk up is fear you can't win against the hierarchy your voice is a whisper in a storm the health system is broken and corrupt take a look at mental health aged care most people can't afford to lose their jobs . If you have morals in these jobs you can't stay you need to be a psychopath .

  • Ive done nothing but the best for my child im the best mother ever and they take her from me for no reason other then what they said witch is me not being consistent and but her in a home where horrible things has happend to her from what shes told me i cant belive there doing nothing about it i dont know if i would be able to go on if shes permently removed from me

  • My daughter has been taken from me and put into foster care for no reason they took her from me becuz im not consistent is the reason they gave me she now in a foster care and she has been telling me inappropriate things that has been done to her also there are drugs being sold from the home shes in i told my lawyer everything and they are doing nothing about it the courts are now wanting to but her up for adobtion im so worried about what my child has told me and no body is doing anything about it

  • Respect to UK Column, Brian Gerrish and Carol Woods. I notice it is 2016 this interview done and just seen it. Well done. So serious.

  • Having been through the 'system' in a much smaller way with the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, I can completely believe that our establishment is corrupt.

  • You know what's messed up is that people who honestly need to have there children removed and placed in foster care never lose there children. But the people who should still have there children had them removed from there care. The children from the good familys are easier to place in homes because there parent taught them manors. These children say please and thank you and are easy to care for. But the children from the family's that need to have there children removed are bad children they cuss at you and throw things and fight with the other children. These children are harder to place because no one wants to deal with them.

  • oh my god I just found this, pity she didnt put her house in trust fund under her children's name at the time she was verbally warned she would lose everything. The changing of names is a common trick , Dr Katherine also states this , beware should this start happening to you for any matter particularly in receiving any benefits or any dealing with anything to do with a govt department. and case numbers .

  • From my limited research it seems that child molesters and paedophiles are in general smarter than the average population. It seems gay men are also smarter than hetro men, on average, and gay men seem the most motivated to abuse young boys. Since they are smart and clever, they can bend and twist the system to their benefit. Seems strange the way this plays out. Also, from what I’ve experienced it seems that gay men are over represented among male social workers, compared to the average population. If you go to college, and don’t know what you want to major in, you cannot do math and science well, don’t like numbers much, cannot stomach economics, and still want to earn a decent salary, you tend to gravitate to either psychology, or sociology, and after you attain a masters degree, you obviously move into either social work, or law enforcement.

  • I was in what can only be described as a mother and baby prison in Preston 1978/1979. They ruled us by fear, “comply or we’re taking your baby” my son was removed and subsequently adopted, as were so many babies born whilst the young mums were in “care” Meadowcroft was the name of this evil place. My social services file is made up of lies. My son is 40 yrs old now. Thousands of babies and children were taken. 100% respect to this lady and believe every single word she says.

  • How very simple must those so called men be to carry out tasks like sitting in cars outside houses. There will be justice . It's time . Have no fear for your goodness is all powerful. We will to will We will.

  • Im like her. Listen, only, to God.
    Not only would i absolutely refuse to falsify documents, i have! Be brave with God. Hold God's authority. Head high. And be very prepared to walk out of that job. Ive walked out of many. God prepares a table before those who do.

  • Vulnerable people being taken advantage off and supported by authorities happening alot worldwide, people who care removed from care.

  • I totally believe that 'forced adoption' and fostering is happening for monetary gain. But can anyone shed light on what really goes on in Cafcass training? Why do they feel the need to totally twist what anyone says? Why are they not interested in domestic abuse – from what I have seen they side with the perpetrator (despite evidence which is swept under the carpet). What do they gain from misleading judges and lying in reports? What is their incentive? Like the SS, there must be one for these underhand practices to go on. P.S. even framing a parent with mental health issues when there is absolutely no evidence. Cafcass are underhand, corrupt bullies and I want to know why. What is their incentive?

  • Talk about bulldog tenacity, Carol Woods saw children were being harmed a she locked her ethical jaws on it. Could the Blair's get any more slimy .No wonder they are terrified of CORBYN.

  • Guillotines need to be used on all these criminals and all those claiming the property and utilizing it under fraud whatever they pop up they need to be put under the guillotine

  • OMG! This woman is a target! This is exactly what's happening to TIs. Only difference is she has a reason and knows her perps. Has she been tagged as unstable? Di!lusional? Crazy? Or course she isnt. I have the credentials to validate my opinion. Wow. Just wow!

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