China: A Colonial Power in Disguise for Cameroon

Cameroon It’s got gold, timber, oil And strategic ports China wants it. And it will do what it takes to get it. Welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. Africa. It has resources. China wants them. And nowhere is that more apparent than in
Cameroon. Cameroon one of the breadbaskets of Africa. It’s also loaded with diamonds, gold, and
oil. Plus, it’s strategically located, with several ocean ports the Chinese military would love to have access to. This is Cameroon’s “president” is Paul
Biya. He’s been president for 36 years. Which can only mean one thing: The people love him so much, they keep re-electing him in free and fair
elections! And he’s only too happy to give the Chinese Communist Party the access to Cameroon it craves. To find out more about China’s colonial plans in Cameroon and Africa at large, I sat down with Felix Agbor Nkongho, at the Oslo Freedom Forum. He’s the founder and director of the Centre
for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa. Thank-you for joining us today Felix. Well thanks for having me. Yeah. So for those people who aren’t really familiar
with Cameroon, can you tell us a little bit about the political
situation there? Cameroon is situated between West and Central
Africa, so it’s in the middle of these two regions. It’s the bread basket of the area. We have a civilian president who’s been in
power for 36 years. Since the independence of Cameroon we’ve had
two presidents. Cameroon is francophone and anglophone. The francophones are 75% of the population, and the anglophones are 25, English and French. And that sort of ties back to which parts of Cameroon had been colonized by the French and the Germans. Yes it goes back to the British and the French
colonizing. That’s why you have francophones and anglophones
in Cameroon. So when you say “president for 36 years”, I’m assuming that’s not a fair, democratically elected president. On paper it’s a democracy, he has a constitution, he has an executive legislator, and a judiciary, but in reality it’s a dictatorship. The elections have never been free and fair, the opposition is always muscled out, the
press is never free. The entire process, the electoral commission
from [inaudible] to [inaudible] is created by the president
in power, and he appoints each and every one who is
a member of that committee. You cannot really really bite the finger that
feeds you, somebody cannot appoint you and you work against
his interests. So I imagine it’s not an easy place to be
a human rights lawyer. Oh it’s really difficult, because the thing
about Cameroon is that from the outside it seems to be very
peaceful. When you look at the region – Chad, Central African Republic, [inaudible]
– all of them have have turbulence, all of them have [inaudible] dictators. Mr Biya seems to be a democrat, so from the outside it’s very [inaudible], but when you get into the country you start
seeing what is happening. The violations of rights of human rights defenders, the anglophone minorities, the people in the
north. So the press is muscled out. So when you get inside the country, that’s when you can understand the dictatorship that we have in Cameroon. So I know President Biya has been pushing
for closer ties to China. How has that affected the human rights situation
in the country? Well our relationship with China dates back. They call it Palais des Congrès, the congress
hall in Cameroon was built by the Chinese. A long time ago, more than 20 years ago. It just got burnt a couple of years ago and they promised to fund it. He has been pushing a lot to the East, China
and Russia, because these are countries that don’t care
about human rights record. The West, especially the U.S. and the E.U. they’ve been [inaudible] on Biya to try to
open up, to respect more fundamental freedoms, especially with what is happening in anglophone
Cameroon. So he’s now looking to the East. China is pumping a lot of money, China is involved, and I think China will be an impediment if
we’re to have a security counsel resolution on Cameroon. So President Biya would be more interested
in taking money from China rather than countries that would have human
rights obligations. Yeah that’s what he’s been doing of late. It’s true that he plays his cards in a way that he’s still friends with the
West, but he’s leaning more now to China. Because the accountability issue is not there. So he prefers to take money from China, because China will not care about the killings
of the people, China will not care about burning of villages
in Cameroon. I know Cameroon is part of China’s Belt and
Road Initiative, what does China hope to get out of Cameroon? Well China needs the resources from Cameroon. Cameroon has diamonds, Cameroon has oil, Cameroon has timber, gold too. So China is interested in the resources of
Cameroon. There’s nothing like a free lunch. I know people who criticize the relationship
that we had with the West, colonialism and the rest, but China is another colonial power in disguise. China is giving loans, there’s a lot of corruption
in the contracts, nobody is accountable, there’s no transparency, and we are indebted to them a lot. I know at times they will cancel some of the
debt, but they are getting enormous resources from
us, and Chinese are migrating to Cameroon. They are doing some of the business that local people are supposed to be doing, they are fishing, and there’s gradually tension between the
Chinese and the Cameroonians. So, Chinese leader Xi Jinping calls it “win-win
cooperation”, but doesn’t sound like this is actually a
win for the people of Cameroon. No, from my own perspective it’s not a win-win
situation. It’s not winning for the people of Cameroon. It might be winning for the government and
for China. The average Cameroonian is not benefiting
a lot. The government cannot account to some of these
monies that are given, and it’s like mortgaging the destiny of future
generations. So it’s win-win yes, win for the Chinese government and win for the Cameroonian government, but it’s a win-loss for the Cameroonian people. And I know Cameroon is in a very strategic
location in the region, and China has shown an interest in a billion
dollar port. What’s behind that? Well, as you said Cameroon is strategically
located. Central Africa region, West Africa, we’re
bordered to Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Chad, and the Central
African Republic. So strategically we are very important. And we have the outlet, we have the ports, we have one in Douala, we have one in Kribi, and I just hear there will be one in Limbe. So the Chinese are interested in Cameroon, they are very interested. A lot of powers are interested in Cameroon, but of late the Chinese are developing a lot
of interest. Because also agriculturally Cameroon is very
rich, the soil is extremely, extremely rich. So if we are not careful the coming years, Cameroon will be a playground for power politics. Cameroon will be a playground for Chinese interests and Chinese politics. So we talked a bit about it that Cameroon
is in a lot of debt to China. How has that affected Cameroon? Well for now, the government is just trying
to survive. So they keep on piling debt upon debt. They think that it will postpone their problems because the more they have pressure from the
West, the more they’re trying to open up the economy, they are now looking towards China, they will pile the debts. Some of the infrastructures that have built, they cannot stand the test of time. And you look at the workers, China brings almost everybody from China to
work. So what is the local content, how does that benefit the average Cameroonian? I mean from the laborers, they are brought
from China. And even when Cameroonians work there, they don’t pay them very well. And the fact that most of them don’t communicate
in English. The Kumba Mamfe Ekok road that was built by the Chinese leading to Nigeria, I mean I was going to my village, my village is off the road. The instructions on the signs were in Chinese. So a village that would not even understand
what they were saying, I did not find any of the instructions in
English. So this is something that a government that
works for the people, that has the interests of the people at heart would have to take some of these things in
consideration. But unfortunately, they don’t really care. So the infrastructure they’re building is
not actually good quality, the loans aren’t sustainable, this really doesn’t seem like it’s benefiting
the people [crosstalk] It’s not benefiting us, and there’s some things that they’re doing that will backfire. I remember [inaudible] once that “when you
come to Africa and you buy the farms, you buy the lands,
and you plant, and the people cannot have food, someday they
will rise up”. And that is what will happen in Africa, that is what will happen in Cameroon. When they Chinese come with their monies, and they buy huge parcels of land, and plant crops that are exported to China, and the people in Cameroon cannot have food, they will rise up. They will protest. Just imagine that if they had bought land in the English speaking part of the country, and now there’s a crisis. How will they have access to those lands? How will they have access to those lands? Because the people also will be like these
lands did not benefit us. They probably dealt with the government, they dealt with the chiefs, without the average person benefiting anything. And the quality of their product, it’s not really good. Well as you mentioned, China is basically
functioning as a new type of colonial power in Cameroon. Is there a sense among the people there, do they understand this, do they know what’s happening? They are gradually, gradually coming to terms
with it. Initially it was their hatred for the French, they preferred any other person than the French, because of its colonial history. But I think that some people are gradually, gradually seeing that China doesn’t speak, they are slowly and gradually and surely taking
over control of businesses in the country. People have started rising up, people have
started criticizing it, people are complaining in the media. And it will only get worse as things get bad
for the country. So Cameroon is billions of dollars in debt
to China. But recently though China forgave 78 million
dollars of debt. Why was that? Well as I said, there’s nothing like a free
lunch. They know what they are benefiting from the
system. They are trying also to keep Mr Biya in power
at all costs. So they will help Mr Biya to stay in power. They provide military software also. Because of the anglophone crisis, they provided some support for humanitarian, to help those who are affected by the crisis. So whatever they are doing is to ensure that their friend stays in power, because they understand that if things were
to change, if we have a free and fair election, if we have a real, genuine, democratic government, those contract would be renegotiated. Those terms that they agreed on, Cameroonians would like no, it has to go through
parliament, the people have to see it, it has to be more
transparent, it has to be a win-win contract from the perspective
of the people and not the leadership. The road signs might not have to be in Chinese. They will not have to be in Chinese. They will have to be in English and French. If you want to put it in Chinese for their
workers, can understand they should be in English and
French also. So I know the U.S. and many other Western
countries are beginning to take an interest in investing more in African countries. Do you think that can be a rival to Chinese
investment? Yeah competition is always good. There was a time when we had only the Western
investors. So they have good quality, but probably there are times when also not
favorable to our people. So China is now in the market, China is another player, so everybody is setting up. Because after a while, the West also looked at Asia, looked at Latin
America. They were not ready for coastal Africa, but because China is there, China has come to stay, China has been signing some contracts that initially used to be exclusively reserved
for the West, they have woken up from slumber, and they too are now getting back into the
game. So it will be an exciting battle between China
and the West to win the minds and hearts of the people with regards to their resources. And you think that’s something the West might
be able to do? Yes, they are capable of doing. The more democratic the country is, I think the more people will want to deal
with the West. The more dictator run the country, they will have to deal with China and Russia, because as you know, they will not talk anything about the human
rights violations. They would shut up their mouth, get their deals done, rights have been violated, nobody cares. Well that’s interesting because the West, there’s a history of colonialism which obviously there’s a lot of resentment there. And China in particular is very good at the
propaganda of “Oh, we were victims of colonialism, we won’t
be like that”, when in fact that is what’s happening. Do you think people will understand that situation, and that the past can be forgotten, r not forgotten but at least forgiven? Well you can look at colonialism from a multi-faceted
angle. There could be political, there could be economical, there could be military colonialism. So yes, China was not a colonial power in
Africa, but they are coming in also as an economical
colonial power, so what is the difference between what they’re doing and what the West did? I think what we need in Africa, what we need in Cameroon, is a fair deal. Whoever comes should do deals that would be
good for the people, not the leadership. And also don’t support a leader that you’re giving your money to violate peoples’
rights, to kill people. You don’t supply arms to use to kill the people. If they can be that transparent, which I think they will not be able because of the nature of the Chinese government. Say who comes with equity must come with [inaudible], the way they treat their own people. They cannot treat us better than they way
they treat their people, so it’s clear that China would not live up
to the expectation. I think the West has tried a lot to change
also, from its colonial mentality. And we have numerous cases where they put the interests of the people first. For example, like the Americans, they would always talk about human rights
violation, they would always ensure that there’s transparency, and if you are found paying bribes or involved
in corruption, you will be tried in the U.S., you’ll be sentenced. So these are checks and balances that we need, these are checks and balances that would help the corrupt officials in Africa, and the corrupt officials coming from the
West or China to ensure that at least it’s not business
as usual. Things must change and we must also look the
interests of the people. You kind of touched on this; is China providing Biya with weapons or military
training? Yeah they’re providing weapons, they’re providing weapons to Cameroon a lot. The Chinese [inaudible] also they’re providing weapons to Cameroon a lot. They’re providing military training. We have a good military cooperation with China. They are supporting lots of projects also. During the last presidential election, all the gadgets that were used by Mr Biya’s ruling party was printed in China. Everything was done in China, so that you can see the influence of China. So we spent lots and lots of money to print
gadgets in China, that shows the kind of relationship he has
with the Chinese. How about Chinese social controls, like internet surveillance, facial recognition cameras, any of that? We gradually, from a human rights defenders
perspective, we’re getting a bit scared. There was a time WhatsApp had been tampered
with. The presence of [inaudible] and the Chinese, we are a bit scared now what is going to happen. Because these are countries, I mean China especially has issues with the
internet. To put it lightly. Yes. And the war for example, the struggle democratic training in Cameroon shows that the internet is a major player. Social media will be the thing that will determine who would be the next president, that would determine the change in the country. So we’re a bit worried that the influence
of China, the role China plays, might affect censorship. Don’t forget that between January 2017 and
April 2017 we had the longest internet shut down in the
history of mankind, about four months the internet was shut down in English speaking parts of the country. So these are things that we’re a bit worried and we hope that the internet will not be
cut off again. Do you have any sense of China’s overall plan
for Africa? I don’t know what is my sense, but what the overall plan is to take over the economy of the continent. To have as many contracts as possible so that they can control the continent. Because there is a fight between [inaudible]
imaginary fight between China and the West. So everybody wants to control the resources
of Africa. And because most of the 54 countries are dictators, a lot of them are going towards China. Don’t forget the building of the African Union
in Ethiopia was a gift given by China. So China is there to conquer the markets. China needs the resources. China’s growing population, China doesn’t have a choice than to look outward, and Africa for now is a soft area, Africa for now is an area where you can manipulate
the leaders, Africa is an area where, because of a lot of greed and [inaudible] and selfishness and [inaudible] from our leaders, they can constantly deal with China to stay
in power. So China would be a big player, the economy of our countries will suffer unless we stand up and start having fair deals
with China. Well thank-you very much for joining us today, it was fascinating. Thanks for having me.

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  • You bashing China is the same as Nazi bashing someone for killing jews lol…USA did so many crimes that everyone lost count…China is a mouse in comparison to them…

  • What about the west, don’t they want them too…it’s quite hilarious to hear you speak of Colonialism and not talk of the Devils from the west

  • Oh, dont think its great in the U.S either.. It only makes a facede that it cares for its people.. All the people that havent known or found their place are a pool of statistics.. They dont even know who or what they are but they have "rights".. Dont even know what right for their kid.. Stupid U.S..

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