China’s Freedom-Crushing “Social Credit Score”

Is your privacy under threat? Has the age of privacy come to an end? Are you sick of Facebook’s lack of respect for your privacy? If you think your privacy’s threatened, be glad you don’t live in China. Chinese government wants to give every citizen a score based on behavior. Purchase history, political leanings, and social interactions would be used to calculate a person’s trust score. Facebook and Twitter are banned in China, so people use So the government spies on that round-the-clock. The state also monitors the Chinese version of Amazon, called Alibaba. Alibaba is by your side 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Why should we care what the Communists do? We’re not in China. Li Schoolland came to America 30 years ago. Here’s Li when she was 16. She survived the Great Leap Forward, the Great Famine, the Cultural Revolution. Her parents were doctors so they and she were re-educated. And this was to teach you not to be fancy? The repression is over. It’s all better now. Today in China, if you tell friends about certain books, your message will be blocked. Even innocent sounding phrases are censored. So I understand the titles of novels like Animal Farm, Brave New World, but Long Live the Emperor? Well he’s President forever. They can’t even talk about this teddy bear. Winnie the Pooh? And now, another step more subtle than just banning things. The state will monitor what you say in social media and assign you a social credit score. That will tell them how trustworthy you are. The government says this will allow the trustworthy to roam everywhere under heaven, while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step. There’s gonna be this new social credit score. Some American governments already do something similar. The LAPD can scan tens of thousands of license plates. Los Angeles police now practice predictive policing. They pay a company called Palantir to analyze social media, trace people’s ties to gang members, and predict the likelihood that someone may commit a crime. After searching over a hundred million data points, Palantir displayed an impressive web of information on one burglary suspect. People like that. They think it makes them safer. I would like to know that there’s a trust score so I can know who’s trustworthy and who’s not. Sounds sort of appealing. When government does gets involved, bad things can happen. What happens if you have a low score? If they really don’t like what you say, they lock you up and torture you. They didn’t allow me to sleep. I was kept in a small room and saw no daylight for half a year. But that’s China. Why should we be afraid? Get out of my life! In America, every week on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, I challenge people in power. Trump does make things up. I say these things and no one punishes me. So far.

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  • Soooo… who watches those that watch and listen to us? This cannot be a one way street it should go both ways… also I bet'cha they have a lot of video and audio on people that have no value AS IN they do boring meaningless stuff and honestly those that do this better get paid cause that is some boring SHIT seriously

  • America is not far behind China in citizens losing their privacy to government. Much of our privacy is already given away freely by the sheeple…at their own detriment.

  • hmmm, if the liberals have their way, the US will be like China pretty soon. liberals love to control what you can say

  • Funny how people who want to move to the U.S. and actually do are greatful for freedom here while Americans dont care…

  • The very core of all communist belief is power over what a person is. You have to control the person to control what a person is. It is the socialized slavery of a population, demographic, culture, race, or gender for an unobtainable utopian good directed by a self chosen few in power.

  • Its the world that Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are doing their worst to bring about here in America too! Stop totalitarianism, defend freedom, liberty and privacy!

  • Already effectively happening in Britain to a great extent. Cops monitor Facebook for “hate speech.” A scottish guy named Count Dankula was just sentenced for posting a nazi joke on YouTube that merely in bad taste.

  • No one is but the leftist communist Youtube… Youtube are book burning commies. They don't believe in freedom of speech They want to run people with a difference of opinion out of YouTube, so they demonitize videos that so called goes against their standards…. book burners.

  • Why does she need subtitles? She speaks English very well: it's accented, but has great eloquence.
    I really don't understand why people – especially youngsters – want to embrace Communism. Those that lived through it – like Ms. Schoolland – will tell you what a horrible way of life it was.

  • No one punishes Stossel? I thought plenty of people pushed and punched him. Freedom of speech only protects you from the government, not private enterprises.

  • Here is a crystal clear example of a false flag attacks. "Draw Mohammed” free-speech event in Garland, Texas, in 2015. The FBI armed and lead the terrorists to the event and allowed a terrorist attack to happen. The FBI was caught trying to leave the scene by the local police. And now a man injured in the attack is suing the bureau. Here is a crystal clear example of a false flag attack

  • Xi is what happens when a man with a tiny penis is given power. Tyranny is compensation for little dick, can't suppress that Xi.

  • A Social Credit score………… Ah Jezz I hate to tell you, But have you ever checked YOUR credit score? WHO has YOUR information? AH, OH NO Face Book does, Ah, OH NO Google does..

  • Time to overthrow our government if they aspire to be like the government of China. Wonder if it is possible to send every Chinese a Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal

  • This is funny because in this place your messasage is hididen from everyone but yourself if you use too many pad wurds. Some of the wurds considered pad are just as ridiciculous as in the video. Tipos are on purrpose.

  • And… this is what the far-left wants for the USA, well, for the whole world. Look at fb and youtube policing what you can and can't talk about, even if it's a fact.

  • Scariest country on Earth to live in. Unbelievable attacks on freedom !! LOL that Winnie the Pooh is banned ! Outrageous to have a social media score !!

  • If the government controls what we do and say in the social media, it's not good. What happens to the free speech? Government should only control what's harmful, illegal and out of bounds. Anything else should be left to common sense.

  • Guilty before prooven innocent. That's how some want the USA. Claim the 1st amendment and never back down.

  • It's okay. Once those tariffs rip China a new one. Its all gonna come crashing them for those ch!nks.

  • The Chinese youth have no idea what happened in Tiananmen square because all history books ban that event. The Communist Chinese are like army ants.. their culture is predisposed to the worship of a dictator. Their President is now been granted President for life. Donald Trump is right to confront them, they're dangerous. Almost every foreign national i speak with all across the globe tell me that the Chinese cannot be trusted. They say the Chinese seldom interact with anyone not Chinese, They stick to themselves. The Chinese to be confronted.

  • I don't see anything wrong with LAPD stuff. That's only wrong if the LAPD uses it for wrong. Sure it has potential to be misused, but the Gov already had that! In fact everyone has the potential to cause harm. Ironically this is the argument liberals use with gun control, issue that conservatists and libertarians disagree with. Just like we shouldn't judge individuals by their potential to cause harm, we shouldn't judge the Gov by its potential to cause harm. We should be judging them by their actions. Judging people by their potential is a slippery slope.

  • Infowars I guess got a bad Social score and now have been banned off of social media and the Democrats said they want a similar score to remove all conservative “bad” actors off the internet so they can spread their lies.

  • And breaking new, 5 months later: They already did it in the west as well. Infowars told you, but you banned them and bombed a school bus instead.

    Time to choose, facebook morons!

  • You can use third party in third party platforms to communicate. For example texting someone on GTA or writing signs on minecraft.

  • One thing I used to find funny was all the fake hysteria that occurred around me over social media data collection. I used to love seeing those broadcasts about "Is facebook/twitter/etc. spying on you TOO MUCH?" and then subsequently hear everyone's outcry over it around me the next day. Then I'd say "Well why not just delete your accounts and end it?" and they never did. Nobody EVER put their money where their mouth was.

    Then again I guess I'm not perfect either, because here I am writing this on YouTube

  • You confuse me. Li Schoolland's English is very good. She is very easy to understand. Yet you provide captions to show us what she is speaking. Why Mr. Stossel?

  • Everything seems on the up in china, but it could go horrible wrong at any time. When something can wrong, it often does. Its just too dangerous to allow the government to control your life. Liberty and rights are the safe way.

  • My questions to John:
    did liberal democracy lift millions out of poverty? NO
    did liberal democracy raise the standard of living in China? NO
    did liberal democracy put food on the table in China? NO
    did liberal democracy make people work harder without complaining in China? NO
    Liberal democracy only promotes complaining and whining, and it does not address basic human rights.

    China's growth today proves that liberal democratic freedom is just a BS. China's today is by far at the best point throughout Chinese history without western liberal democracy!

  • Google is helping China set up this system. Think about that. Then think about YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Visa, Patreon and others banning mostly conservative accounts and shutting up people whose political opinions they do not like. How far do you think we are from a Chinese system? Not much I’d say.

    yeah right, we banned pooh hah? then wtf am i looking at?

  • Social credit scores are just evil. Stalin would have loved this stuff! Can you imagine if the leftists ever won, and implemented something like it here? Because they will, if they win. Get out and vote!!!!

  • AMERICA is slowly dying. If Americans don't fight back. Our Freedom will be gone. Look at China we will be next. We can only go down FROM HERE. LIVE FISH SWIM UPSTEAM. Dead Fish go with the flow. Wake Up. This is the same old scam. Jc

  • How about the USA credit score. Cops fishing along the side of the roads waiting for you to make mistakes. Social Justice Warriors attacking you every time you think differently. Social Media blocking if you have a different view then theirs.

  • We have the same thing going on in this country already. When insurance, jobs, banking, anything can be a result of your credit score. Even things that doesnt have anything to do with credit. The banking CARTELS want the power and the ability to ruin your life here, if you don't play by their rules. So what is the difference? Private or Government, it's all the same thing, when the end result is the same!

  • Palantir? Really? They named a surveillance company after a medical artifact that let Sauron spy on people in the Lord of the Rings? Now that's almost comedically ominous

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