Chinese Politics and Society, Nordic Centre summer course in Shanghai

every year Nordic Center at Fudan University here in Shanghai organizes an intensive two-week course for students studying at our Nordic member universities called Chinese politics and society if you're interested in learning more about topics like the Chinese Party State China's international relations both in the global scale and in its own region and different social currents shaping Chinese society this might be the course for you and you can hear a little bit more about this course from our students from last summer here in this video or read more at Nordic Center net I've learned so much in two weeks and it's kind of strange I didn't thought I learned that much I got two lectures in economics we had international relations Social Sciences politics we're kind of hang with everything so I would say just try it out even if you're not that interested in China after this course you will be and you will realize things that you didn't even know you could like about China and in general I would say this is a great experience you know I'm not able to understand that Chinese perspective both domestically but also how they act regarding like international race relations and stuff yeah I don't definitely that will be useful in the future when I read news for China and I understand why do they do this I think there was a nice variety between the different lectures and all that kind of stuff and we covered what economics and history and all that and there was a nice because you get the background and then you get to contemporary perspective on it I think seeing how the students are experiencing China most for the first time and letting them know about how China works and just seeing their excitement and sometimes they Chinese yeah like 20th thirties which we also had a lecture about and also they had this like nice view so you could like be in this hotel where they was yeah this old really old style new psychotic I also saw some funny stuff I remember like walking in the woods and suddenly find a guy like standing around slamming a tree I was amazed at how modern China is at least young I haven't seen other parts of China but this is like really amazing how modern it is even compared to Nordic standar some things here are Wow yeah and what I really liked about the program was the overall framework of it so we did not only have like but also went to field trips we visited for instance the Swedish consulate which was actually one of my favorite parts because you do not get to see the consulate as a normal tourist yeah let's say so it was very interesting to talk to the diplomat and just see how it works in the everyday life I would say the excursion to Suzhou most definitely yes it was a really nice addition to the Klaus yes so definitely my favorite part about Shanghai is actually the parks I really like the point is to here yeah because I was expecting like a kind of a tedious academic course but then we have activities so definitely I would say the diversity is very good it's like a good package of everything so there's so many different backgrounds here kind of students I think everyone who's like panna cotta which wishes fulfilled or whatever is especially for the elections where the political system was explained at the history of political developments and so on you explained I like that especially like how open what everyone wasn't there were what no subject was basically shunned and yeah because there are some difficult issues to talk about but here it was really awful they've had such insightful questions they have been very active and they have done research on their own and they are sharing their knowledge and this is what I was really hoping that would happened that we could have a place where they could share what they already know with the other students so I think it's been really productive in that way

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