Chloe Wiegand falls from Royal Caribbean cruise ship Freedom of the Seas in Puerto Rico

a Indiana family are blaming a cruise line for 18 month old toddler's death and they are seeking for surveillance video footage the lawyer representing the family of a toddler who died after falling off a cruise ship is blaming the cruise line for the girl's death he says the death of klore weekend who failed 150 feet out of a window of a cruise ship in Puerto Rico was a preventable tragic accident Michael Winkleman is disputing early reports from local officials that Cloyd week in the grandfather lost his grip on her as he dangled her from a window instead he says a window on the Royal Caribbean cruise was enough opening the plate area and the grandfather did not realize it until it was too late we've all had that experience where someone walked up to a glass sliding door I think it's not there we can say this is that inverse of death the attorney for the family of 18 month old Chloe Wiggins said she loved banging on the glass and her brother's hockey games that's why her grandfather Salvatore nolo picked her up and set her on the wooden world in front of what he thought was a wall of enclosed glass windows he said he puts her up there thinking she's going to bang on the glass and it's going to be great and she goes to bang on the glass the next thing he knows she's gone Chloe fell out of the window from the 11 story of the freedom of Seas cruise ship on Sunday while it was docked in San Juan Puerto Rico for the Rican authorities said they are investigating the incident and whether to pursue charges against another one my opinion mr. anello shouldn't get charged my opinion that window shouldn't have been broken out of the cruise cruise line show especially in the kids play area it's just you know what as you said no no right there that's a big note right there my opinion you shouldn't get charged my opinion all the blame should go on the Puerto Rican cruise ship all all all the heats ago on the freedom of seas cruise ship man I just hope Chloe family get the justice they need if you like my crime videos please subscribe to my channel I could be updated with all the latest crime news missing person cases unsolved mysteries unsolved murders and unsolved disappearances

7 thoughts on “Chloe Wiegand falls from Royal Caribbean cruise ship Freedom of the Seas in Puerto Rico

  • Wasn't broken. The window was open. The blue tint makes it obvious when a window is open. It was also behind wooden railing and over 3 ft off of the ground. Stupid grandpa sat her on the railing. His fault 1,000,000% gramps fault and I hope RC doesn't settle.

  • If this happened at a hockey ring 150’ up then grandpa would have an excuse. Otherwise, it was criminal negligence.

  • Poor little girl died because her grandfather made a mistake and they're now blaming the cruise line with the prompting of their money grabbing parasite lawyer and his lies about that being unsafe (above a handrail). That's a try-hard parasite that one.

  • It is a very sad and unfortunate tragedy in which Nobody would wanna be in their shoes. I've been in this ship 3 times and those sliding windows are opened by guests to let the breeze in since it is a public area where the pools for adults and children are located. There is a wooden railing that is about a foot and a half away from the glass to avoid people from getting close to the window and also that is the smoking side of that outdoor public area. This family is going through the stages of the loss which are: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. All we could do is pray for their peace and strength.

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