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I joined the National Guard in North Dakota
in the city of Oakes, back in 1982. Went to boot camp at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Came back, did a senior year of high school
then transferred into Eureka, California with the 579th Combat Engineers Alpha Company. I had never used my VA or anything associated
with my VA at all in my life. I was actually very nervous. And to be honest, at the time I was 50 years
old and my first time ever buying a home. During my first experience with Blair, at
Choice Financial, I mean it was awesome. There was no negative feeling at all. It was just smooth sailing. I wasn’t worried if the house was going to
be sold to somebody else. I knew I was going to have it. We really hit it off from the beginning. We had a lot of common interests. We both like the outdoors, so as we got to
know each other and just talking, there was a comfortability level. It was easy to talk and when you told me you
were in the National Guard, we immediately started talking about VA Loans and the benefits
of that and how that could help you moving forward It really didn’t hit me until we walked out
of the title company. And I looked at her and I’m going, “We’re
a homeowner. Thanks to Blair and Choice Financial, we are
now a homeowner.” It was an awesome feeling.

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