Chomsky: Nuclear Weapons, Climate Change & the Undermining of Democracy Threaten Future of Planet

this is democracy now the war and peace report I'm Amy Goodman as we continue the hour with world renowned linguist political dissident Noam Chomsky who spoke last night here in Boston at the Old South Church I want to make a couple of remarks below about the severe difficulty of maintaining and instituting democracy the powerful forces that have always opposed that the the achievements of somehow salvaging and enhancing it and the significance of that for the future of it first a couple of words about the challenges that we face which you heard enough about already and you all know about I don't have to go into them in detail to describe these challenges as extremely severe would be an error of the phrase does not capture the enormity of the kinds of challenges that lie ahead and any serious discussion of the future of humanity must begin by recognizing a critical fact that the human species is now facing a question that has never before arisen in human history question that has to be answered quickly will human society survive for long well as you all know for seventy years we've been living under the shadow of nuclear war those who've looked at the record can only be amazed that we've survived this far a time after time has come extremely close to terminal disaster even minutes away kind of a miracle that we survived miracles don't go on forever this has to be terminated and quickly the recent Nuclear Posture review of the new Trump administration dramatically increases the threat of conflagration which would in fact be terminal for the species we may remember that this Nuclear Posture review was sponsored by Jim mattis who was regarded as too civilized to make everything to be retained and the administration gives you a sense of what can be tolerated in the Trump Pompeo open world well there were three major arms treaties of the ABM Treaty that a ballistic missile treaty the INF treaty intermediate nuclear forces the New START treaty the u.s. pulled out of the ABM Treaty in 2002 and anyone who believes that anti-ballistic missiles or defensive weapons is deluded about the nature of these systems the u.s. has just pulled out of the INF treaty established by Gorbachev and Reagan in 1987 which sharply reduced the threat of war in Europe which would very quickly spread the background of that signing of that treaty was the demonstrations that you just saw depicted on the film massive public demonstrations were the background for leading to a treaty that made a very significant difference it's worth remembering that many other cases were significant popular activism has made a huge difference the lessons are too obvious to enumerate well the Trump administration is just withdrawn from the INF treaty the Russians withdrew right afterward if you take a close look you find that each side has a kind of incredible case saying that the opponent has not lived up to the treaty for those who want a picture of the how the Russians might look at it The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists the major journals on arms control issues had a lead article a couple of weeks ago by Theodore postal pointing out how dangerous the US installations of anti-ballistic missiles on the Russian border how dangerous they are and can be perceived to be by the Russians notice on the Russian border attentions are mounting on the Russian border both sides are carrying out provocative actions we should in a rational world what would happen would be negotiations between the two sides with independent experts to evaluate the charges that each is making against the other to lead to a resolution of these charges restore the treaty that's a rational world but it's unfortunately not the world we're living in and though efforts are all have been made in this direction and they won't be unless there is significant pressure well that leaves the New START treaty the New START treaty has already been designated by the figure in charge who has modestly described himself as the greatest president in American history he gave it the usual designation of anything that was done by his predecessors the worst treaty that ever happened in human history we've got to get rid of it if in fact this comes up for renewal right after the next election and a lot as a state law is at stake and whether that treaty will be renewed it has succeeded and very significantly reducing the number of nuclear weapons to a level way above what they ought to be but way below what they were before and it could go on well meanwhile global warming proceeds on its inexorable course during this millennium every single year with one exception has been hotter than the last one the there are recent scientific papers James Hansen and others which indicate that the pace of global warming which has been increasing since about 1980 may be sharply escalating and may be moving from linear growth to exponential growth which means doubling every couple of decades we're already approaching the conditions of 125,000 years ago when this the sea level was about roughly 25 feet higher than it is today with the melting the rapid melting of the Antarctic huge ice fields we might that point might be reached the consequences that are almost unimaginable I mean I won't even try to depict them that you can figure out quickly what that means well meanwhile while this is going on you regularly read in the press euphoric accounts of how the United States is advancing and fossil fuel production snow surpass Saudi Arabia were in the lead of fossil fuel production the big banks JP Morgan Chase and others are pouring money into new investments in fossil fuels including the most dangerous like Canadian tar sands and this is all presented with great euphoria excitement we're now reaching energy independence we could control the world Thurman the use of fossil fuels in the world barely a word on what the meaning of this is which is quite obvious it's not that the reporters commentators don't know about it that the CEO of the banks don't know about it of course they do but these are kind of institutional pressures that just are extremely hard to extricate themselves from you can put yourself and they try to put yourself in the position of the say the CEO of JPMorgan Chase the biggest chip Bank which is spending large sums and investment in fossil fuels he certainly knows everything that you all know about global warming it's no secret but what are the choices basically has two choices the one choice is to do exactly what he's doing the other choice is to resign and be replaced by somebody else will do exactly what he's doing it's not an individual problem it's an institutional problem which can be met but only under tremendous public pressure and the secondi we've recently seen very dramatically how it can tell the so the solution can be reached a group of young people sunrise movement organised got to the point of sitting in congressional offices aroused some interest on from the new progressive the figures who were able to make it to Congress under a lot of popular pressure Alexandria or Cassio Cortes joined by Ed Markey actually placed the green new deal on the agenda that's a remarkable achievement of course it's hostile attacks from everywhere doesn't matter it's a couple of years ago it was unimaginable that it would be discussed as the result of the activism of these group of young people it's no right in the center of the agenda it's got to be implemented in one form or another it's essential for survival maybe not exactly that form but some modification of it tremendous change achieved by the commitment of a small group of young people that tells you the kind of thing that can be done [Applause] meanwhile the Doomsday Clock of The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists last January was set at two minutes to midnight that's the closest it's been two terminal disasters since 1947 the announcement of the settlement of the setting mentioned the two major familiar threats the threat of nuclear war his increasing threat of global warming which is increasing further and it added a third for the first time the undermining of democracy that's the third threat along with global warming and nuclear war and that was quite appropriate because functioning democracy offers the only hope of overcoming these threats that are not going to be dealt with by major institutions state or private acting without massive public pressure which means that the the means of democratic functioning have to be kept alive used the way the sunshine movement did it the way the great mass demonstration in the early 80s did it and the way we continue today back with Noam Chomsky in conversation in 30 seconds

35 thoughts on “Chomsky: Nuclear Weapons, Climate Change & the Undermining of Democracy Threaten Future of Planet

  • We always seem to be worried about the perceived threat of UFO’s or the “other guys” having nuclear weapons. Yet, throughout the “nuclear age” since 1945 and with several nations having operational nukes, America remains the only nation to have used nuclear weapons in war, and we used them against an overwhelmingly civilian population. The real threat is not “them,” it is us.

  • What’s the alternative to Trump?

    The Democrats have been proven to be much worse.

    The Dems are so preoccupied with their corrupt media supported battle to get rid of Trump with there trumped up phoney dossier that they’ve forgotten to do their job.

    At least Trump is a patriot dedicated to protecting American sovereignty. The Dems want to open the boarder and flood the country with illegals and destroy America.

    Why are the so called ultra right in Europe so demonstratively peaceful while the so called anti fascist are so violent?

    The nationalist movement is unstoppable and Chomsky’s notion that it can somehow be confronted is foolishness. Has he learned nothing in his 90 plus years?

  • For threats to democracy to be overcome requires that people are informed of the truth, protected from the lies and are prepared to actively engage. A ban on lobbyists and the dilligent prosecution with severe penalties against all people spreading malicious falsehoods would be a start.

  • NPR is laughable. Even Chomsky can't deliver any credibility to "democracy now". They might as well have whoopi goldberg try to explain nuclear fission.

  • Commando Chomsky, SKY MARSHAL OF THE UNIVERSE! A master of verbiage. Henry "Hank" Kissinger….they even sound alike.

  • I'm surprised it took the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists so long to catch up with my mediocre consciousness. I've argued for 30 years that we face three threats: nuclear war, environmental devastation and totalitarian regimes' erasure of the possibility of democracy. Now they've just included this third threat in 2019???? If it was obvious to me, you can be sure it's been obvious to millions of others. Why it's taken academic wizards so long to catch up indicates how institutional security blinds experts to a lot of daily reality obvious to the rest of us…. of their job security precludes their speaking up… Now they figure, with 45 dragging us back to the Dark Ages, they've got nothing to lose by openly admitting the peril we face of a new Gestapo here in the land of the free and home of the depraved….

  • Some one has to change the world situation. And its name is HUMANITY, only us as an entity can reverse this.

  • How incredibly evil the United States of America government is, it will definitely will destroy the country and the world, if it is not stop by another great force, it is that simple, the citizens of these country need to mobilize and stop them. That is the only great force, or we are doom

  • Crazy. The biggest Problem of the world are exactly these complete paranoid hyper abstract intellectuals… At the time of the moonlanding Programm, risk analysis concepts started to be used in technology… These are useful tools for technology, BUT NOT FOR POLITICS. These cause the modern Postfactual politcs of globalism that only brings destruction… For example: Saddam Hussein COULD have chemical weapons. Anf IF he produced them he COULD do… Therefore teh United States MUST invade Irak… (Lybia, Syria, Iran….)… Instead of just react to factual things…

  • I love watching chomsky in action. The veil of democracy as a facade over his real agenda of total socialism. He has a complete hatred of the west and is hell bent on undermining it. Nothing is more evil than socialist teachers at high schools and universaties indoctrinating young minds with their hatred of anything that is not an extreme leftist view and then setting them loose. I haven't seen anything like this since the rise of nazi germany in the 1930's or china under Mao's time. These poor kids need to be careful what they wish for…. it doesn't take long to go from being relatively prosperous like the usa is today to being totally done for like Venezuela. George Orwell wrote that the educated leftists desire to destroy capitalism wasn't because of any desire to lift up the common man out of poverty but because they simply hated the rich…..

  • Climate change is simply another wealth transferring scheme and tool to control and enslave populations. I don’t believe any real change will happen until the central banks and the people who run them are dismantled.

  • thanks to Einstein we have nuclear power Humanity praise this Einstein also to make liens on this Earth to make what your as Nd mine that brains efficiency because there on liens on Earth policeman is expansion of a nuclear bomb to you keep what you have stolen why Humanity should not end if other species comes to end why are we so on top?? thought is virus in the human no other species use it also Humanity wants to live forever not possible can we live with that truth

  • Mother Nature is very upset with what inept humans are doing to her planet and wants to keep people such as Noam Chomsky around as long as possible and healthy enough to keep speaking out to the world to save her. Born in 1928, he has seen and experienced most of what has caused today's hideous state of America and the world. At 90, he's lucid and sharp as a surgeons scalpel. Most of the ultra wealthy sociopaths who control the world don't care about the rest of us. They want you dead, particularly the poor and homeless. Old farts in public office like Trump and leaders of oligarchs such as the Rothschild crime dynasty, the Bush and Clinton psychopaths, criminal against humanity Larry "Lucky" Silverstein and other old fart greedy, powerful, uncaring creatures disguised as Humans know they have lived most of their lives, so what do they care about cleaning up and saving the Earth for future generations? They are sociopaths who suffer from mental disorders and have diseased brains brought on by lust for power and wealth. Those in power who could fix the Earth but won't are disrespecting Mother Nature, and they and the rest of the world, even of you who are innocent, will experience her wrath. She will continue to tell you how pissed off she is by creating stronger and more frequent hurricanes, tornadoes, wild fires, extended droughts, giant snowstorms and rising oceans from melting glaciers. It's probably too late now and you inept leaders around the world who think everything is just fine have fucked it up for everyone. I have a cure for those sociopath leaders. A curare soaked dart from a blow gun from an indigenous hunter from the Amazon Rain Forest which, by the way, is being destroyed and is his home and has every right to defend it from the rest of the world. The doomed criminal leader will not see the skilled hunter coming and they will not be aware that they received the dart until they find out they can't breath anymore. Then its off to Hell for them on a one way trip.

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    Amyshitholeface, the childabuser with her friends the animaltorturers and psychiatrists.
    FUCK yourself, there is no good word to be expected by a satanist sponsered by psychiatrists and this coward Chomsky, this pervert in cruel behaviour to animals and humanbeings, for the sake of never ending war and injustice, betrayel and a future occupied by the evil against the good.

  • This was all predicted by occultists. We knew the moment Uranus enter Taurus, as it did in early 1930s last, the right wing gov and groups will rise and embolden exactly as in 30s etc. And with Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn… oh my…. governmental related issues and fascism will only get worse until they get better. History always repeats itself. Financial recession is next too. Enjoy the ride. This is a tough one. 2020 looks pretty hectic

  • Back in 30 secs where is the other half of Chomsky's speech, I could not continue following, what happened to after the 30 secs break?

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