38 thoughts on “Chomsky on Democracy in America

  • America is a Constitutional Republic not a Democracy
    "Most people, including most Americans, would be surprised to learn that the word “democracy” does not appear in the Declaration of Independence (1776) or the Constitution of the United States of America (1789)."

  • I would like to say that I found no freedom whatsoever in the USA! On the contrary,
    I saw another parasitic system where people were converted into slaves whilst
    considering themselves to be free. They are free only in one thing—to execute the
    will of their owners without a murmur! Disobedience was punished severely. The sta-tistics facts speak for it: ninety percent in the USA live in debt, and seventy percent
    will never be able to pay their debts! —–nicolai nevashov

  • The learned helplessness I feel is not because I see the government as invincible, it's because the populace at large cannot be rallied and motivated to challenge the system. The American citizenry has become inert. Personally, I believe it's due to a learned helplessness mentality that's been inculcated at an early age . The mindset is " No matter what you do it makes no difference, because you are going to get screwed anyway so why bother". The problem with learned helplessness is that the situation will keep on deteriorating for the masses. Those is power will take more and more and more with impunity. I foolishly thought at one point that the masses could be moved to action but you can't budge someone whose already been assiduously conditioned to lose and obsequiously yield to authority.

    I've yet to understand why Donald Trump tries so hard to distract and bamboozle the masses when he needs to pass some unpleasant legislation or whatever. Hell, he could raise income taxes all the way to 80% and masses wouldn't do a damn thing anyway other than grumble a little. No matter what he does the masses will never come against him. They're not going to arise and storm the gates of the White House. No matter how bad things get and no matter what he does, the populace will never lift a finger to do anything. He's got it made, what is he worried about ?

  • United States its everything except democracy. Its a plutocracy, corporatocracy, oligarchy, etc…

  • that is, if the old bastards don't blow us all up yet. I hope you are correct. There is a revolution on it's way.

  • WINNING! Awesome to have a peaceful conversation on the youtubes. You sir are the personification everything that is right with this race. (Exagerating a little of course :P)

  • Well, damn it… I originally just meant to post my opinion, or maybe I was just "wishful thinking", didn't expect to be scrutinized 😛

    I just think we can change the way things work because these new generations are different from previous ones, the masses are more informed and connected.
    I don't have a very good argument in favor of my OP; it is just the way I feel.


  • Thanks. I'm glad you got it. The burden of proof is exactly what it sounds like. If you make a claim such as "The next era of mankind is going to be beautiful", then you are responsible for backing it up if I or anyone says they don't agree.

    The above quote implies a wish for the current condition of the State to end and a wish for harmony amoungst men and women. Both are unrealistic ideas. Then you say? (we will talk just about the quoted sentence for now)

  • What do you mean my burden of proof? since when did this become a debate? I didn't make any claims of having the truth. Just gave my opinion. Read my original comment again. Some people thumbed it up even, meaning that it was an opinion they agreed with or at least found interesting.
    I'm not toying with you, I in fact also believe anarchism (or at least something VERY close to it) is the type of system we should be aiming for if we want to explore the universe as well as have a healthy society

  • I was just trying to find out where you and I don't agree in our opinions (they *are* nothing more and nothing less than opinions after all, right?)

  • 1. You are straying from the topic at hand with an abstract question.
    2. As well intensioned this question seems, it is impossible to answer withouta fuck-ton of speculating.

  • No.I take the opposite perspective.Unfortunately,because of the economic disparity that exists in the world today we cannot educate everyone. The majority of any population is ignorant(I appoligize for using this word loosly).Every government is against an informed educated population they can not manipulate. If you read, listen to chompsy and are atleast moderately aware of public opinion you know that the public will NEVER make informed and educated choices, which is why anarchism is an ideal.

  • unions are democratic entities and their policies are arrived at democratically and represent the views of the members. You cant say this for Halliburton…..

  • @ElGringoCastellano It's so cute that you think labor interests are anywhere near as powerful as corporate interests.

  • It's not just corporate interests. Labor interests are also in play. Industries cooperate as a whole, corporations and unions together, to buy congress and individual congressmen like prostitutes. Special interests support bigger, more expansive and bureaucratic government with more regulations so that they can then buy off those tentacles of government to quash competition. The people will only ever get a fair say in government when those corrupt "Iron Triangles" are destroyed once and for all.

  • A American or the United States Democracy does not exist and never has because we are not a country that is ruled entirely by the population but by the laws in the constitution that are written down and enforced by police officers. Also voting isn't decided on popularity but by electoral collages. Therefore we are a Democratic-Republic. I have no idea why collages such as MIT brainwashing people in these things.

  • Noam is so correct. the supreme court decision a few years ago solidified corporate interests by saying corporations could dump as much money as they want into elections. On the surface it looks democratic, but the reality is that it increases corporate influence why lessoning everyone elses interest. Its increadibly anti democratic.

  • @elchafa We tried that in the 60's & beyond, & others tried it before us…hope you do it but, if you even partly do so remember you are only building on what has gone before…also keep in mind once you have a family it will take priority…and unless you experience economic hardship imposed from without you will end up embracing the status quo…not to pop your aspirations, especially now…

  • @zwillredeye "allegory", not "allergy". If you would mind explaining the meaning of your comment that would be awesome cause I didn't quite understand what you meant.

  • The next era of mankind is going to be beautiful. As soon as we the youth realize and open other's eyes to the reality that is the corruption of society today, something much more useful for human freedom and for the flourishing of imagination will spawn.

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