Choose The Right Ammo For Your Guns- What Caliber Do I Need

Hi it’s AlaskaGranny have you ever used the
wrong ammunition in one of your guns ammo size matters well if you did it on an accident I hope
you learned from your mistake and you don’t do that again but if you don’t
think it matters know that it does what is the best ammo to use in your gun the size that fits precautions that you need to be aware so
that you have the knowledge and maturity to use any firearm that you own guns are designed to shoot a
certain caliber certain load certain size rim fire center fire their
designed to fire a particular kind of ammunition you may think it looks like
the same but it isn’t and it can have catastrophic results if you don’t take
care with your firearm if you have an old firearm like this one then you want to
know that first off always take it to a reputable gunsmith use the right size ammo for your gun have it checked out make sure all of it
is in good working order your that it is safe to fire and make sure you
understand how to use it before you take it out to the shooting range or out hunting
or whatever you choose to do with it make sure you understand what kind of
load it takes how to load it and how to fire it safely a gun like this that has a
black powder frame should never be used with a smokeless powder because you
risk damage to the toggle damage to the entire firearm and risk to yourself you
don’t want to compromise your safety or that of others by making a careless mistake ammo size matters be vigilant about what you use
you want to make sure if you’re going out
and you have 2 guns that have similar size ammunition that you do not mix it up ammo size matters make sure
you keep them separated whether you need to keep them in different containers
different color containers you need to make sure that you’re vigilant about
using the correct ammunition with each firearm that you use use the ammo in your gun that your gun is designed to hold use the load that
your gun is designed for bigger isn’t always better don’t think that you are
going to have more fun or more success by using something that is not
appropriate you risk damaging your gun and harming yourself or others use the ammo size meant for your gun only size matters in ammo don’t substitute another size ammo in your guns only use ammo that is made to fit your gun use guns and ammo as they were designed to be
used always wear eye and ear protection it’s a lot of fun to go out and use your
guns guns are fun to shoot use the right ammo when you shoot your guns what ammo should you use in your gun but it requires safety knowledge and maturity to do the right thing choose the ammo that fits your gun please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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