Chris Christie: The single greatest thing you can do in a democracy is to run for office.

the so let's let's just start let's just start with where you are politically now and we'll get to the we'll get to the issue of the inventing the documents that just came out in a moment but what I think a lot of people want to know is what you see in Donald Trump that other people don't see and that was a serious question you know listen first of all I've known him for 17 years so my my perspective on him is a bit broader than than most people's is but let me start off by saying this elections are not about who you want to vote for elections are about who's left to vote for and so to be clear Donald Trump was not my first choice for president I was and I was at a conference a few weeks ago in Jeff's old haunts on Long Island's and David Stern the former NBA commissioner stood up and said he was gonna save my soul and list all these things that he doesn't like about Trump and and when are you gonna finally stand up he said to me and I said I ran against him I mean like the single greatest thing that you can do in a democracy to show that you are opposing something is to run and to try to beat that person you're not always gonna be successful and I wasn't what what I decided in 2016 after I got out of the race was I saw Donald Trump come in second in Iowa win New Hampshire by two-to-one margin in a field of 16 people and then win South Carolina the next week by 10 points now anybody else who ran that way would have been declared by the media right at that moment as the nominee you did that well in Iowa you won New Hampshire two to one you won the South crown about double digits so my wife Mary Padian is here with me and I sat on the couch that night and I said well at that time we had been friends with him for 15 years I said here's our choice we need to sit on the sidelines to do nothing and he's gonna be the nomination no matter what it's over no matter what anybody thinks he's the nominee no these other guys can fight him and we could try to make him better yeah all right right so and so I'll finish it yeah and then and then that's ready election comes down you correct me all you want no I was wrong I will find the the election comes down to Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton I simply and I would do the same thing today because of the way they both approach issues I would not vote for Hillary Clinton I would vote for Donald Trump now this election was won with the the post-election polls tell us that 20% of the people who voted didn't like either one of them 20% of people who voted forget about what the people never didn't show up thought so this was a very odd election I went with my philosophical approach to it which was I agree more with him on the issues that I agree with her on the issues he's not my first choice I was but he's the guy who's nominated we got two people to choose from I'm with him

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