Chris – Supporting our Veterans and Military Families – JPMorgan Chase & Co.

(Background music) Chris Hartman (Narration on + off screen): I volunteered to join the military because I saw, and felt, that I had an obligation to this country.
As a post 9/11 veteran, I have a lot of feelings that come up around my two deployments to
Iraq and Afghanistan. About 2008, 2009, I spent close to 13 months
in Iraq managing large supply chains that directly supported our military aircraft.
In Afghanistan I had a team of 150 soldiers and we managed supply chains all in direct
support of combat operations in some of the most hostile territory in Southern Afghanistan.
This bronze star I actually was awarded during my deployment to Afghanistan by the commanding
General at the time. There was more of a manifestation of my unit’s success, and much less about
my own. But it definitely is still something I take great pride in.
I found myself facing challenging situations that were constantly changing, and so as a
leader I had to be quickly adaptable to those situations and make sound decisions. Those
decision making skills were absolutely vital and they’re ones I use here today, at Chase.
Well currently I work on the Chase freedom credit card marketing team. It’s a big change
from a logistics officer, but I found that to be completely rewarding. I’m also using
some of the cross-functional leadership project management skills that I utilized on a daily
basis in the Army. It’s just been an absolutely phenomenal
experience. I served honorably for six years, led soldiers
in combat; so every day when I come to work or I see a flag, I feel like I had a small
part of that. It was very small, but it was also a piece of all the fore-fathers and other
veterans that have all served. That’s really what I’m most proud about.
My name is Chris, I’m a proud US Army veteran, and I’m proud to work at JP Morgan Chase.

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