Christopher Hope on Creative Community Fellows

I came here wanting to learn more about the steps involved in design thinking you know I'm very much self-taught in this space you know before I became someone who is working at the intersection of the Arts you know public service I was working at at one point in research so this methodology we definitely was familiar to me but I'm I was pretty much self-taught I think that being able to talk with individuals that are further along and their projects learning people from my region and also talking with the mentors here through the NA s Network has been very informative and it was something that I was seeking early on because sometimes it does feel like I'm working in a silo in this work which is the intersection of art public policy as well as really at forcing adults that are really wanting to change their lives this particular program will really benefit the Newington region by bringing artists from very different communities together we were able to learn to grow and but also to go back into the field and transform our own individual communities what we have learned here my name is Christopher hope and I am executive director of the loop lab you

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