99 thoughts on “CIA Covert Action in the Cold War: Iran, Jamaica, Chile, Cuba, Afghanistan, Libya, Latin America

  • Ignorance is the biggest threat to humanity. Every major country on earth has its own version of CIA. Stop blaming the US for the worlds faults and understand that if it wasn't for the US much of the world would be in a much worst situation. US technological advancements (internet, TV) and cultural achievements (Music, Hollywood) has brought the world much closer then what it was 100 years ago.

  • Everything about The U.S. is a two-edged blade which we all can do without. It's a nation built on murder, rape, pillaging, forced labour and genocide. What the germans failed to achieve in the 30's and 40's the "americans" a.k.a. pilgrims succeeded three centuries ago. Open your eyes to the world around you, boy.

  • olm o yam yam stylesinin ejdadını sikim anca kafam duruldu o sesten sonra dusunme ve idrak tollarımda enfeksiyon oldu be ..yaşıyormuyum diye çek apa sokim dedim amerikan apa gelmişim…

  • USA should change its flag colors to red & black. let its own people know what the US is really about. most of its citizens are "puritan Christians" completely ignorant of everything that really matters letting their kings and queens murder the rest of the world for profit while they watch cheap talk-shows in their comfortable living rooms .. what a disgraceful fucking world. .. im waiting the novel peace price for fucking Charles Manson.

  • …meanwhile Carter was placing solar panels on the white house's roof…what a two face hypocrite baby murderer motherfucker.

  • It's not Jimmie Carter's or any other individual's fault, it is history's fault. The enemy is Capital. Read Marx-Engels-Lenin, educate yourself and join the fight for working class power, for human liberation from the social ills of the class enemy, FOR Communism!

  • silence and lies smuggled through history in a glamour of everlasting now

    the definition of life colonized by a perception management complex, devaluating free to stupid and liberated to dead.

    our heroes of solidarity transformed into their exact opposites through a new-speak cultivation of perverse object-worship, objects in fact our guardians in this stockholm carrousel of war and debt

    meaningless labor and meaningless consumption married by fear as collateral for meaningless wars

  • "Communism is just an other monetary-ism, a diffident taste of the same tyranny, it uses the same vertical structure capitalism does, an asshole at the top and the rest at the bottom"

    No. We Communists want to abolish money, the state and all hierarchical structures. The problem is that those things are necessary so long idiots like you continue to oppose working class power and the annihilation of Capital.

  • So that's how far your argument went without calling names.. what a disappointment. an Ad Hominem followed by a straw-man. what an intellectual. by the way you should let Mr. Castro know "we communists want to abolish money". but fo course you know nothing about me or what i advocate and why i have been called "communist" by capitals and "capitalist" by communists, kinda sad to see how inside the box people are. if im not with you i must be against you right?

  • Oh, you Zeitgeist people… You know, getting a majority for a party to form a government, taking over the means of production, warding off counterrevolution, and getting rid of money are large hurdles to utopia. Continue, i won't "bother" your highness anymore.

  • look man, i didn't called you idiot, i didn't insulted you, i gave you my argument on why i don't think plain communism is the answer, it may be preferable to this corporatism but social concern should drive us past labels, if we truly want to improve quality of life for all, believe me, i admire Fidel's passion, (im an Argentinian by the way) and Che is a national hero. But communism is based on a political method, not a scientific, nature doesn't cares about politics. be well.

  • I thought this was archives, just conspiracy theorist crap again. Sure the goverment does stuff, but they are working to keep what we have and keeping other nations to do harm on us. No it's not a pretty sight in some ways and occasions. But keep in mind that in your country you don't need to carry identity papers to go shopping, drug store and whatever. Thanks to the safety of your freedom ! somebody is working to keep your safety !

  • KGB did not overthrow governments, finance, aid and arm soldiers committing genocides for a profiting Russian Bourgeoisie, which did not ever exist in Socialism where no private capitalist ownership is allowed. I do not hate "everyone" other than myself. In fact, i spend my life fighting verbally in the west for the end to imperialism and the freedom of all peoples from Hunger, malnutrition, unemployment, illiteracy and social capitalist alienation; Communism.

  • No the KGB did not conduct proxy war. Instead the forced an iron will down on the Russian populace often bumping off dissenters and those who spoke out. My father who served in the vozdushno-desantnyye voyska remained loyal until the collapse of the soviet union. But he told me of the immense brutality in which the military system relied upon (and KGB). Now I don't have a problem so much with a brutal system but if you argue morality communism is not ideal. It is secretly obsessed with control.

  • Brutality is sadly a natural historical occurrence of Class society.If you are against oppressn and for real human freedom,then you have to be for the abolition of all antagonistic material and social interest groups: Communism.A relative of mine was in the GDR People's militia; handling guns and being a soldier is certainly no fun. But if one is for the abolition of the gun, then one has to accept that we must be stronger both intellectually, culturally etc. as physically, than the class enemy.

  • But this is impossible.If you are for any system that abolishes capital, then the capitalists of the world will send their armies to wherever you try to steal away their markets and labor.If you are for a different system that is in the interests of working people, then you are simply a socialist. If you follow a materialist, scientific analysis of human society, then you are a communist. Communism is the vanguard of the interests of the Proletariat, capital's (today's) working class.

  • But this is impossible.If you are for any system that abolishes capital, then the capitalists of the world will send their armies to wherever you try to steal away their markets and labor.If you are for a different system that is in the interests of working people, then you are simply a socialist. If you follow a materialist, scientific analysis of human society, then you are a communist. Communism is the vanguard of the interests of the Proletariat, capital's (today's) working class.

  • I am myself in the military (Australian) therefor I disagree with a system without market. Ones labor should be rewarded accordingly and not as if the nation is on welfare. The market isn't perfect but it was before communism and survived after communism. The only way I would accept communism is if I were to command their (professional not militia) troops. The party elite who live like kings seem to understand the dynamics of revenue even though they fervently disagree with it.

  • …(cont)
    This is not to say that there were no problems in real existing eastbloc socialism. But inequality was of absolutely no concern, that is pure anticommunist psychological manipulation.
    (Communism never existed) But Socialism inevitably ALWAYS has markets. It was disputed in the GDR whether consumer markets should be used or not. In the end they decided against as it would only hurt the poor, same in Cuba. I am personally for a consumer market, it is communicative. But not for rest.

  • …(cont)
    You have to understand, our goal is not the abolition of markets for planning, or this for that. It is ultimately to achieve a global communist mode of production to replace the current global capitalist mode of production. On the way to the abolition of money (communism), many different economic models are viable for socialism. However, Capitalism is rapidly meeting its end and a Communist economy will inevitably need to be established somewhere as soon as possible to act as a model.

  • Definition of life, my ass… As fancy as you made it sound, I can see right through your comment like it was a missing window pane….

  • Stop right there my friend … Yugoslavija vas stronges when Tito was alive … Now there are smaller country one more fucked up then other . And just take a look at China … US owns them trilions of $ . Enyway u put it . China will be no.1 in the world . I have nothing againnst US i'd love to live and work the … for me it's stillPromise land . And i wish i'll visit us once in my life … On the other hand i'd never visit china or live the but . They are getting stronger and stronger…

  • China is not better at capitalism. Its people are still dirt poor, they have very few qualified engineers & scientists b/c most people buy their grades in school/university, it suffers from infinite social problems such as no safety net for the sick or poor, & its gov't is infinitely stealing land from private citizens after being bribed to allow the building of overpriced condos that no one wants to buy

  • No all these wars were started by corrupt rival factions in these countries, and these local factions killed millions of their own, not Americans. Pls don't let your envy of the lifestyle we've achieved thru our accomplishments cloud your judgement

  • "I met 219 Chinese scientists leaving to go to the south pole" Sure, & I met Isaac Newton lol. Whether or not u like facts easily confirmed facts, they're still facts: China's people are still dirt poor, they have very few qualified engineers & scientists b/c most people buy their grades in school/university, it suffers from infinite social problems such as no safety net for the sick or poor, & its gov't is constantly steals land from private citizens after getting large bribes from developers

  • And the bloody tentacles of the "deep state" continue into the 21st century. We will only learn to live in peace when we learn to turn our backs on our leaders.

  • Hear hear! Once any country gets a taste of corruption and unbridled capitalism it can call itself any political entity it wants and stay under its guise. Misguided, brainwashed westerners just lap this stuff up from their obsequious media. The G20 nations and their cadre are in control using the IMF, WB, "free trade agreements", dictators (and their terror states) and propaganda. Basically the world is a mess and we will all be in the streets soon.

  • Another brainwashed American. Your country lives off the backs of the worlds poor (and your own) along with your European counterparts Japan and China and continue to deny it. It is not even worth replying to some sycophant such as yourself.

  • You may be right. I think that most citizens now are powerless to achieve anything and are too divided at the same time. That is what the system is designed to do. I may sound like I'm anti-American but in all honesty am anti-totalitarian and many US citizens are very frustrated with government control by big business. The comment by bigmedge was way out of line as the only reason for the West's riches is because they've lived off the backs of the poor for so long (example, Africa)

  • Certainly not envious of your country. It is a brutal system and I would never live in there. I don't want your crime, guns, sweat shops, dictators, rigged elections, debt, HMOs, 40 million + without health care and social programs, 20% unemployment, terrorist regimes via the CIA, obsequious, corporate-controlled media, narcissistic/brainwashed society, decadent/godless views, fanatical/rightwing religions. Only reason people move to US is because you've likely decimated their countries.

  • You've just proven how dangerous ignorance is with your statement proving your own. Congratulations on ignoring the truth and not seeing the "forest from the trees". Why don't you tell the 3 billion plus persons living in abject poverty around the world how great Hollywood is, or give them a television, or a ride on the shuttle? How is that going to put food on their table?. Sheesh! You are a mess! I can't believe I replied to your vapid message.

  • And where is the safety net for the sick and poor in your country? You are last on the list of 30 industrialized nations for health care. Cuba, a country whom you blockade economically has better health care and socal umbrella than the USA.. You are really misinformed.

  • Here are some facts about your American greed and how it treats it's own people. 1 out of 5 children live in poverty, 1 out of 6 seniors live in poverty, homelessness has doubled/tripled every decade since 1980, student loan debt average = $26,682, not to mention you've been in in over 100 unsanctioned, illegal wars in the past 100 years, overthrown over 20 governments and sanctioned numerous terrorist organizations. Accomplishments? For shame.

  • For sure. Once Chinese laborers get wise and take control of their factories labor wages will go up and the US, Europe, and Japan will have to set up their sweatshops elsewhere starting other wars to soften the area for their plunder.

  • We don't need to have shit sanctioned, we run shit b.c we keep poor people round the world from starving (via USAid & other programs) & we keep shipping lanes safe from pirates. Any1 in the US who's not an alcoholic/druggie & has a HS diploma, has a nice car, apt/house, & plenty of nice clothes & electronics – that's why the world envies us with resentment, & can relieve some of that resentment by whining about the brilliant CIA agents who saved the world from the barbarity called communism

  • Liar. It's a well know fact what your CIA does. Look at Vietnam. After the war you just move your factories in and set up sweat shops. It's the history of Africa, Latin america, Indo-China and now Eastern Europe. Talk to anyone from those countries. US Aid is a joke. You are a sycophant of the worst sort and your thinking is deplorable. You know nothing about communism (or democracy) as neither have ever been implemented in society. My last statement to such an ignorant person as you.

  • We saved Vietnam, & as u pointed out, brought in much needed jobs afterwards, the only kind of simple manual jobs that their uneducated population was capable of. We killed < than 1/1000th the amount of Viet. civilians that the Commies killed, so we indeed saved them from an otherwise Stalinist/Maoist future of infinite millions dead.
    U writing "u know nothing about communism (or democracy) as neither have ever been implemented in society" is factual proof that ur retarded & should be castrated

  • man, i wish i could go back to 1982. besides the cool clothes and hairstyles(smirk, or maybe not?), i would not have post prostate removal retrograde ejaculation. getting old prematurely sucks, worse than death

  • Why is it the US responsibility to provide other countries with food or shelter? No country helps another country out of kindness. Come back to reality.

  • You got at least couple of Your facts wrong – safety net for poor is being pulled in Europe, never really existed in US so what`s the problem, They got a lot of educated and clever engineers and scientists they don`t even have to use as the west gives them all the know-how for free,they don`t take peoples land as it`s all state owned anyway. Cheers

  • And they`ve got all the factories of the world now- moved to their backyard by greedy multinationals. As the real potential of economy is manifested by production I guess they are the last true economy left. Cheers!

  • We have several social safety nets such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, & food stamps. I def agree however that our companies should stop being so desperate to enter the Chinese market as to be willing to give China for free what it's incapable of engineering itself – its's like signing a deal with the devil against our own interests

  • Lack of goverment regulations proves to be even more damaging-look what`s going on in the banking sector… In my opinion there needs to be some control, otherwise the big ones are just buying politicians and are having their way with everyone, not paying taxes and messing everything around them, once done they just move on to mess another place. Seen it all over Europe in deregulated sectors.

  • Not sure who`s the devil here but you`re right – it`s a 2 edged sword and both edges are undercutting the foundations of the west. Moving the production of goods to China takes jobs off US economy, makes Chinese wealthy and gives them know-how. They are very intelligent people, all they need is one example of technology so they can take it from there and develop further.

  • Nah we give the Chinese less than 1% of our product blueprints & they've proven that they don't have the engineering brainpower or innovation ability to come up with their own stuff, so our R&D & engineering jobs are safe. I meant that we keep losing the low skilled manual jobs (that used to constitute a quarter of our economy) to Chinese who are willing to work for pennies in filthy conditions. Letting China enter the WTO was Bill Clinton's most careless blunder

  • La traduction française est vraiment nul et incompréhensible. Dommage car le sujet est intéressant. Informant les gens de toutes les tueries, l'atteinte aux démocraties commises par La CIA, comme le meurtre de Salvador Allende au Chili….

  • 1% may well be true, who produces 99% of the blueprints then since US is hardly producing anything except arms and cars largely unsoldable outside its shores? I live in Europe and 99% of my hi-tech stuff comes from China – just checked and the only thing not made there were lens on my Nikon-made in Japan, body made in China. Motherboard and everything except processor in my PC designed and build in China, I know since I`ve custom build it myself, choosing best (not cheapest) parts.

  • Just on examples I`ve seen in Europe, where I live. For me debatable is the self-control and restrain of the free market,as proven in my life experience. Example – UK and Polish privatisation of rail and it`s constant decline along with prices rising above the reasonable level. Do You know that train London – Glasgow costs more than a plane? Private companies struck a deal so that they all charge pretty same, there is no price war for the client as promised. Cheers!

  • U haven't looked much inside those products, a huge % of chips on circuitboards/motherboards are US made. And we make most of the world's avionics & oil drilling, mining, & farming machinery, as well as tons of furniture, books, processed steel & plastics, etc

  • Well yes it better I can tell You from my own experience as coming from a country that underwent socialism-capitalism transformation, Even better example-DeutscheBahn is state own, in capitalist Germany, and is the best and one of the chepest rails in Europe.

  • Well yeah I did not grind them down to bits the bottom line is the Chinese sell the final product, as it`s MSI for example, and they make a buck not US.While US may produce all the things You mentioned, I don`t see them in Europe whatsoever. Don`t know where you export them to, it`s not EU anyway. I understand Your point, guess I would defend it being american too, my experience is simply different. All the best.

  • You're right we don't export much to Europe, 90% of what's made here is bought here or in Canada. It has nothing to do with me being American, I just read the Financial Times & Forbes obsessively, & from time to time come across articles about American-made products. My brother is a computer tech & I've watched him disassemble plenty of PCs, that's how I learned about the amount of US-made content in them. Na Zdrowie

  • & forgot to mention, very impotantly, a huge % (possibly majority) of the world's factory machinery, robotics, & industrial control systems are made here too

  • Ha ha cheers.You need to know that computers in US are different to what we can buy here – my girl bought her Lenovo in Texas and it came 2 times cheaper and 2 times better on processor and ram then "same" one in UK. Don`t You think that Financial Times & Forbes could have a bit of agenda and twist the facts a bit every now and then? Every media does it I think. I just feel that for the sake of profit of the few who move things to China our countries/regions suffer lack of jobs and production.

  • Yea I visited the UK in '05, it seemed like everything was ~ 2X exepensive b/c of the pound's strength. A Ford Focus there costs almost as much as a Mercedes C350 here. I don't think tho that Finan Times or Forbes, even if they did have some agenda, would have any reason for (or gain any advantage from) lying about whether certain products are made in the US or not

  • Oh, I didn`t mean they would lie about US production output and where the stuff is being sold more where it comes to analysis of foreign – eg. Chinese economies their capabilities and outputs simply not to scare the public how serious dependency on foreign production is. Don`t get me wrong-I`m not anti-American, I think we sail pretty much the same boat in Europe and I recognize situation with China as worrying and dangerous. I thin we underestimate them. Greetings from London.

  • Caring for and Informing Americans. We the people of the United State live in the most free nation on Earth. Our government preserves and enforces our democratic freedom by any means necessary.

  • You can spend all day arguing communism and democracy's pros and cons but you can't deny that there is good and bad on both sides . Democracy stands for freedom and communism stands up for the little guy who is constantly getting stepped on by the government in other political systems. And both sides are tainted by corruption and greed.

  • Stir It Up: The CIA Targets Jamaica, Bob Marley and the Progressive Manley Government, my novel – tells the whole story of CIA destabilization of JA during the Marley era. Available online – search "stir it up CIA"

  • the US the most ignorant and stupid nation in the world!! right.CIA what a fucking joke!!! The rest of the world are laughing. Please help us!!! Coca cola , thats the only thing you will be remembered about!! Happy days ahead!! Anything????

  • Secret service agents live a glamorous life filled with sex, fine dining, murder, and extortion. They got it made. We should cut their funding, they need to be brought back down to earth.

  • This is fantastic. The U.S. of A taking the trash out. Fucking comtards. The comtards decide to set up shop in America's back yard and they think the U.S. isn't going to do anything about it? The comtards get beat down and claim they are the victims. They will continue to get beat down every time they stick their heads up provided Republicans control the Executive. TRUMP TRAIN 2016!

  • It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable, and to
    propagandize and teach the American people to hate, so we will let the
    Establishment spend any amount of money on arms." -John Stockwell former cia

  • magnifique reportage.

    complément :
    Pedro Arrupe, pape noir jesuite mais depuis c 1984, op candidat mandchour (C!A inside job lorsque l'agence n'était pas encore remplacée totalement par la mafia jésuite mormone, ce qui explique les affaires dans l'affaire des op de l'agence et les contradictions de niveau d'informations) guerre Vietnam officiellement mais utilisation candidats mandchours occulte au Cambodge, des morts sur un rayon de 30 km MK ultra une 15zaine d'enfants, technique chaise de mantauwk.
    beatifié maintenant et 1984 ( ateliers fm pensent/écrivent -selon le grade. oh que c free, nous n'avons pas la même notion de la liberté, définitivement – que le pape noir était contre le catholicisme 😂😂😂) car un autre en devanture bergoglio.

    détournement du fleuve ça va avec. le nombre d opérations à travers le monde est hallucinant en effet.

    Phelb vaut mieux regarder Phineas et Phearb c plus amusant, que démêler le vrai du faux. car le vrai auteur à été retrouvé par des hommes grenouille au fond de la vase devant sa voiture phares allumés portière ouverte, quelle belle façon de se "suicider"
    les données de cet homme valeureux sont comme des bouteilles à la mer, à plusieurs dizaines de personnes en leur possession. un puzzle passionant.

  • Hmmm…. Funny, they never talk about the depravities of the KGB throughout the world, and into America, through the use/manipulatiuon of the American Media/Left, through the use of Idealogical Subversion!

  • Reagan slept thru his entire presidency…George H W Bush made policy and ran the country making billions in drugs and gun running and suppling Israel with any DEW and covert intel they wanted using Cheney, North and Rumsfeld to set the deals up…This carried over when his kid was put in charge by the Criminal Bankers George worked for as a reward …He was an extraordinary POS…

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