Citi Double Cash Back Card: Best Cash Back Credit Card (What you need to Know 2019)

One of the simplest and most rewarding
cash back cards is the citi double cash card now this card gives you two
opportunities to earn cash back one percent where you buy and then another
1% as you pay to give you a total of 2% cash back it’s loaded with a bunch of
gems but it does have a few duties to it I’m gonna take you through a full review
of the card and help you decide if this card is for you and if the gems outweigh
the doodoos hey ker it’s tri what kind of money growth Academy where we
demystify personal finance simplify credit cards and multiply your earnings
before we get going hit that like button cuz you already know this is gonna be a
good one and make sure to subscribe we need your love guys so first off who is
this card even for well if you love cash back with no annual fees then the citi
double cash card is gonna be the card for you and there’s no need to worry
about whether you’re getting maximum value from your points in miles since
you’ll simply earn cash back as a checked statement credit gift card or
deposit into your banking account now there are a lot of pros or well call in
this review gyms for starters there are no annual fees now a lot of times with
cash back cards you’re gonna get annual fees attached to them and my issues with
those are if you aren’t spending enough money and the fee ultimately outweighs
the rewards so watch out for that when you’re checking for cards guys but you
don’t have to even worry about that with this card spend as little or as much as
you want the beauty of this card is its simplicity the structure is simple you
get two percent cash back for each purchase so let me break it down again
it’s 1% when you purchase and then 1% when you pay your bill there’s also no
rotating categories like most cash cards and no caps to how much you can earn
back it’s simply just 2% back all the time on everything now I love it because
you won’t end up standing at the checkout counter trying to fumble
through your cards to figure out what car to use based on what category it is
the month’s spending limit astrological positioning in the Solar System or any
of that other crap and I especially love this card because the cash back is
simple it doesn’t take any tricky algorithms that require you to have a
calculus degree to figure out how many points or miles you have now another
cool thing is they do offer an introductory 0% APR for 18 months on
balance transfers so if you have other cards with high
APRs it might be smart to transfer those balances to this card now all balance
transfers do have to be completed within the first four months of opening your
card and require a fee of five dollars or three percent of the balance you
transfer it now and that’s whichever is greater so the
normal APR in this car is fifteen point seven four to twenty five point seven
four so if you do transfer your high entrance balance to this card make sure
you’ve planned ahead so you can take advantage of the 0% APR and pay off your
balance within the first 18 months and just a heads up on that balance transfer
so you don’t get too excited you won’t earn any cash back on balance transfers
all right and if you transfer a balance interest will be charged on your
purchases unless you pay your entire balance by the due date each month now
with that being said we’ve got some other cards that we’ll be talking about
in other videos that will be coming out so you want to make sure to subscribe
and honestly out of the other cards that we’ve looked at that offer 0% APR on
balance transfers Citi double cash card offers one of the longest introductory
0% APR periods for balance transfers and a staggering 18 months guys now when
you’re ready to apply for this card it is recommended you have a good credit
card score so they’re looking for around a six ninety or higher so do keep that
in mind with this card now it also does come with some perks such as the fact
that your first late payment will be waived now at money growth Academy we
always advise you being responsible and paying on time but it’s a nice perk for
an emergency situation because no matter how well you prepare emergencies do
eventually end up happening even to the most prepared so it’s a nice part
another perk you might enjoy especially if you love bargaining finding deals or
clipping out coupons I was not a coupon user I am so proud I could bust finding
coupons is easy because they’re everywhere open up your eyes because
you’ll find coupons and places you aren’t expecting clipping out coupons is
the city price it rewind now if you register your purchases online they’ll
notify you of lower prices on those items and refund the difference
which is super nice you can read all the details of that down below in the link
now you also get access to citi private pass offers which is special access to
entertainment deals and tickets to special events and you do get car rental
insurance with this card as well now probably two of the best perks that come
with the citi credit card is their damage and theft
detection and their extended warranty the damage and theft protection covers
up to have thousand dollars for each item and $50,000 in a year and this
covers purchases within 120 days now you might have heard me talk about this in
the Apple credit card video the extended warranty that citi offers when I
compared the two cards and you can check out that video right here actually now
the cool thing is the extended two-year warranty kicks in after the
manufacturer’s warranty expires so let’s say you buy a laptop from Best Buy
okay and the manufacturer’s warranty is two years the Citigroup warranty will
activate after that bringing your total warranty to four years and to clear
things up the extended warranty covers manufacturers and defects so if you
accidentally dropped a phone or computer it wouldn’t be covered unless it
happened with in the first hundred twenty days where you could claim it
under the damage plan and that’s my bad for any confusion that caused in the
Apple credit card video in the pin come at the top of that video though I
mentioned how I inserted the wrong clip so I want to make sure you get that cuz
a lot of people got fired up about that I swear by the response in the comments
you honestly would have thought I committed the world’s greatest sin so
just just be aware of that with how that warranty works now when it comes to
security the card does have 24-hour fraud protection so you’ll get alerts if
anything unusual appears so all right so out of all the gems we just discussed
what is your favorite we talked about the rewards program the simplicity of
the cashback percentages the balance transfer offer the waving of the late
feed damage and theft protection extended warranty guys leave a comment
down below I would love to see what is most important to you guys in a credit
card all right enough with all the good stuff let’s get into some of the doodoo
of the card to start off the one most credit Turner’s are gonna hate is the no
signup bonus but no need to freak out because most cashback card bonuses for
being honest usually aren’t high anyways okay typically a one hundred and fifty
dollars or less so really with all the pros it’s nothing to freak out over
you’re also limited to only two percent rewards I know double cash on all
purchases is absolutely wonderful but it doesn’t approach the five percent back
you can get on some spending if you’re willing to invest more effort by using
cards with quarterly categories for example
which I hate now another thing is the foreign transaction fee on this card is
crazy 3% a lot of cards out there don’t even have foreign fees so this is
definitely a do do and you’ll want to leave it at home when you’re travelling
abroad which is a bummer the balance transfer fee is 3% is typical for 0% APR
card offers but regardless the fee is still painful just for perspective on a
$10,000 transfer that fee amounts to $300
all right there’s also a reward expiration date set so cash reward
balances do expire if you don’t earn cash back from purchases or payments for
12 months so be sure to redeem your rewards or continue to make Meijer
purchases within the year so you don’t lose those now another thing is I’m not
a big family cards have redemption minimums so several cards like the new
Apple credit card they allow you to redeem rewards in any amount at any time
which I love for this card though you got to have at least $25 in rewards
before you can redeem which equals to $1,250 and purchases so you got to hit
that before you can pull money out okay out of all the duties which one stinks
the most we talked about no signup bonuses limited to two percent rewards
hi foreign fee transaction balance transfer fees reward explorations and
redemption minimums so leave a comment below so we know what bugs you guys the
most now with those gems and duties in mind if you’re looking for a cash back
credit card with no annual fee no dumb rotating category bonuses or caps the
city double cash card is a hard one to beat it’s gonna be best for those
looking to get a maximum amount of rewards without having to put in a lot
of effort to achieve those results it’s honestly a Swiss Army knife credit card
if you could only have one but as great as this card is it does have some
competition though so make sure to subscribe so you can see how this card
stacks up against other cars such as the chase freedom unlimited the Capital One
Quicksilver cash rewards the fidelity Rewards Visa signature card and the
Alliant cash back visa signature card so be sure to also check out some of the
other videos right here and subscribe guys see you later
a lot of people are disappointed with the Apple credit card and they might
have a good reason to be today I took a look at the terms
and conditions and really looked at the fine detail and after looking at it guys
you might not want to pick up this car I’ll tell you exactly why with all these
reasons here now right out the gate is the card for everyone know the cards are
not for everyone all right so how about the feast because that was a big point
that they talked about on this stage was no fees is that true
let’s look at the fine print so there is a catch later missed payments are gonna
result in additional interest towards your balance so you won’t ever get a
$25.00 late fee but it will be added to your interest okay and that’s something
to pay attention so Apple is just not giving away free money with no
consequences that money instead of being a late fee is just gonna roll over to
become additional interest on your balance now here’s the interesting thing
that we don’t know will that interest rate that they’re charging be temporary
until you pay off that specific balance right there or what happened be that
your interest rate overall is gonna increase so let’s say I was out of 13%
you know APR with the Apple credit card and I had a few late payments during the
year you know I’d miss paying those back but I eventually got it done does that
mean for the following year or the following months that they’re gonna jack
up my APR annually to now be instead of 13% to be like 15%

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  • Great overview.

    At this point, I look for what card pays me back. I normally use my CC for gas and travel.

  • Nicely done! I would have to say the one thing that bugged me most about this card was the 3% foreign transaction fee. But this card has so many pros that outweigh that. I really like the extended warranty that's offered.

  • I'm currently binging your channel and loving every minute. Great info presented in a clean easy to understand way. Thanks for putting in the work to make this! Saved me a lot of time!

  • Awesome coverage, this card seems like an essential for my wallet. Can't wait to see the other cards you cover.

  • See any benefit of having both the citi double cash and chase freedom unlimited ? I have both debating if I should cancel one of them

  • This was my everyday card for a while. Love the 2% cash back on everything. If I had to pick a negative, I’d say $25 minimum redemption.

  • Nice. I don't care about APR. As long as you're a responsible credit card owner, APR shouldn't really matter. If you care about the APR rate, you really probably shouldn't have a credit card to begin with. Or if the balance can't be paid at the end of the month, the expenses need to be cut back. there are always emergency situations but that might not happen much and if you aren't good at paying by the end of the month, it would be better to get a card with a low APR or even better would be to just use cash. It's that simple at least to me. lol Credit cards that had a sign up bonus I think are getting rid of them. At least the Chase unlimited card had one that was $150 and they got rid of it.

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