Cities At War – Berlin: The Doomed City (WW2 Documentary)

Berlin not much remains of the glory of what was once the most powerful city in Europe fifty years ago it was the center of the greatest dictatorship in modern history a dictatorship which had first to capture its own capital and thereby doomed its most important city the stadium where many of the Nazi empires first triumph were played out still stands a tourist attraction and an empty reminder [Applause] at the time of the 1936 Olympics the Nazis had been in power for three years by their organization of this huge peaceful spectacle they sought not only to impress the world but also to gain the grudging confidence of the Berliners themselves the same stadium was the setting for a mass meeting staged by dr. Joseph Goebbels minister of propaganda he wanted the children of the sophisticated Berliners to share his own devotion to the romantic ideas of his leader Adolf Hitler what bitch Dylan's an important point in it and burn the powerless Radley needed its own disturbances later on but constant sign of seasonal energy dog and through Dane the usual it makes me for current physics that arrow in southern Illinois flow and innovation I'm freaking whom indeed the very early very fortified with the right sitting spoke about helping gauge of of arm [Applause] we Berliners were a vexation to the Nazi leaders when Hitler came to power in 1933 the pro-nazi vote in the city had lagged far behind most of Germany we were the citizens of a great European capital we remained Berliners first Germans second and only Nazis if we had to be the provincial thugs who goose-stepped in from the south with first no more than a joke the joke and frightening bad taste we showed our resistance by ignoring them given the choice most Berlin is preferred the zoo to the Nazi parades and political rallies the wild animals were powerful but more innocent equally bizarre but more loveable if cities could be said to have philosophies then Berlin's was to live for the happiness of the moment let tomorrow look after itself but Berlin was the German capital and the Nazis were determined to convert it by the time they came to power the Berliners had been warmed that their city's traditional free thinking must toe the Nazi line to end the Jewish folks died soon revolute all of them died from they agree that we gotta brag about all the books which did not fit in with Nazi ideology were publicly burnt Gerber's method of transforming the city was a ruthless combination of rewards for those who supported him and brutality to those who opposed the unemployed 3 and 10 when the Nazis came to power were found work and the Jews were made scapegoats for everything that was wrong there were thousands of letters of complaint but almost no one on the streets had the courage to interfere when Berlin's Jewish community was terrorized by Nazi modes above all they tried to win the city by enthusiasm they staged parades and planted cheerleaders in crowds even the skeptical Berliners were swept off their feet by the leader who repeatedly promised that Berlin would be the capital of a new expanding Empire by the end of the thirties we must have known that it responses would lead to all even the chorus girls dance military routines it still wouldn't face it poland fired on our territory with regular troops for the first time last night from 5:45 a.m. we have been firing back September the 1st 1939 a Friday the news came as a terrible shock outwardly we still looked calm inwardly we asked over and over again does this mean more Hitler's troops had marched into Poland all day German bombers paraded over Berlin while diplomats and leaders met in crisis talks the next day we knew a decision must be reached but it was a fine day the cities lakeside beaches and cafes were crowded who knew it might be the last day we could enjoy them for a long time and there was nothing we could do anyway no one demonstrated they looked on the bright side at the same time I remember reporting to barracks on Sunday September the 3rd France and Britain declared war on Germany the Second World War had begun but in only 18 days Hitler's army completely over ran poem in no time it seemed that everyone was cheering at the victory parade the blitzkrieg war with its quick successes had taken us by surprise now we all expected peace surely France in England who done almost nothing wouldn't want to carry on a rumor spread to the city that the war had ended market stall holders threw cabbages in the air and danced but it was only [Applause] [Applause] culture was used to bolster our spirits the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra was still the finest in the world gurbles the most cultured of all the Nazis even if he was rumored to be a bit too fond of beautiful actresses promised that war is the father of all things and the muses shall not be silent and so for the uplift of our souls Mars and the muses joined hands in the early hours of this morning the Armed Forces of the Reich entered Denmark and Norway to protect those countries from anglo-french occupation April the 19th 1940 Hitler's march across Western Europe started but still the city showed no emotion a spring turned to summer the news of victories poured in we could hardly believe our ears when we were told that the British had fled from Dunkirk and at the French surrender Paris today June the 22nd 1941 says signed an armistice at Compiegne the shame of 1918 is wiped out July the 18th 1940 was a public holiday the staggering victory over France which we regarded as the most powerful nation in Europe seemed to have completely justified the Nazis all doubts and misgivings disappeared the victory parade was the deification of the German leader a hero in his own capital [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] on August the 25th 1940 war came at last to Berlin the first British air raid is a shock we've been told that it couldn't happen that Hermann göring's Luftwaffe was too strong Berlin couldn't be touched but now although the guns blaze the British were cruising up and down above the city as they liked Berliners were shocked and angry why would the British do this to us we'd been told that our own bombers attacked only military targets in fact the raid was a small one a mere 22 tons of bombs but houses were smashed and people killed and more attacks followed but the main effect was to give a much-needed boost to the precautions for civil defense when the air raid alarm came well I had my Gong and I rattled it then everybody had to leave their flats there were some people they wouldn't cooperate they thought nothing will happen here bombs won't land here then on June the 22nd 1941 at 3:30 this morning the German armed forces commenced rigorous countermeasures against the aggressive provocations of Soviet Russia but when we went against Russia no one believed could believe that this war was not the end of Germany but we knew it by my come in the book of Hitler it was that he wanted to go to Russia for the first time things did not go as planned after a few weeks the German soldiers found themselves caught in a Russian winter without proper clothing but by the summer of 1942 things were going better again food was rationed but the animals at the zoo were just as well-fed as before Berliners were now at the center of an empire that had pushed 2,000 miles north to the Arctic 1,500 miles east almost to the caucuses a thousand miles south into Africa and over 800 miles west to the Atlantic but by then Hitler was fighting not only Britain and Russia but America as well we knew then that the war would be a long struggle yet boyfriend still came home on leave everyone dreams of peace and summer floating on some lyrical southern sea there was a playground and my grandfather would always take me down there and then he'd sit down I play with marvellous and one day I think it was in 1941 some of the seats or one of the seats had a yellow star on it and the others didn't and he was no longer allowed to sit on the other seats my grandmother was over 70 and was older people there was a so-called list they knew they would have to go away and they just had to wait their turn what did not know about out but about Auschwitz but I knew that I wouldn't see them again she couldn't leave anything to us just a letter in which she said that Bose my sister and I we are very young and that she's convinced that better days will come for us and that war will not last very much longer my father's called Fritz my uncles they all call things like Siegfried and Otto they were so German they hadn't got a Jewish culture anymore they were lost they're absolutely lost it is estimated that over 100,000 Berlin Jews died in slave labor and concentration camps Christmas 1942 the forth of the wall the season when the absence of fathers brothers sons was felt even more keenly and worse it was the second winter that many of them had spent in Russia at home Berlin tried to forget the war and enjoy the holiday 1,500 miles to the east at Stalingrad the crucial battle of the war was being lost by the German army the propaganda ministry tried to gloss over the gravity of the defeat but 91,000 German soldiers all that remained of a once proud army of 300 thousand shuffled across the ice into captivity for the first time however dimly we realized that we could possibly be defeated in Berlin Joseph Goebbels rose to the moment of crisis [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I mean they told me turn roads and econo healthy food [Applause] how about instead again frontier much in scenery [Applause] most of the people in the hall were fanatical Nazis at outside throughout Berlin hundreds of thousands of ordinary people were listening to the speech on the radio in the quiet of their own homes they – herding themselves in echo of the triumphant cries that was repeatedly in the hall many later expressed Howard with that fact even gurbles himself remarked and discussed after the speech I could have told them to jump out of the window and they would have done Berlin and Germany soon found out the meaning of total war the climax came in November 1943 with the Battle of Berlin hundreds of British bombers blasted the city every night but the German air defenses were expecting the attacks this was not precision bombing of military targets it was area bombing Berlin was the capital and an industrial center but it was also a symbol Berlin as themselves were the target Berliners cleared up carried on refusing to be defeated it wasn't conscious heroism just an instinctive reaction the radio incessantly played their favorite song everything will pass over everything will have an end every December will be followed by a May and once the war is over the soldiers will come back home at nights the lights will burn because there won't be any blackout anymore gurbles took personal charge of arrangements in the city he sympathized with people and then he would say you can complain for three days but after that enough the soldiers at the front make great sacrifices and the civilians must do the same and where we see now dirt and sorrow all will be broken one morning we found the zoo had been badly bombed people were heartbroken and angry but still it didn't close the zoo was like Berlin battered but far from defeated Berliners looked at the damage to their homes I'm smiled or shrugged and quoted from a speech Hitler made in his early days just give me ten years and you won't recognize your cities when Goering who was in charge of the air force and civil defense tore the city he got a stony reception in some places he was greeted with catcalls he'd once boasted that the enemy would never attack Berlin and that if a single bomb fell on the city we could call him a Dutchman he soon became known as the fat Dutchman in 1944 after three months of night attacks by the RAF the Americans joined in with daylight bombers see [Applause] it was the Battle of Britain all over again only this time the German fighter pilots were the young heroes by the middle of March 1944 the Allies had lost over 500 planes and 4,000 highly-trained Airmen a bomber crew could hope to fly no more than 15 missions before being shot down Berlin itself was hit by 25,000 tons of bombs more than the TNT equivalent of the a bomb dropped on Hiroshima over 6,000 people were dead nearly 20,000 seriously injured one and a half million homeless it was the most uncivilized method of warfare ever devised and despite wholesale destruction it was on the whole remarkably ineffective gurbles personal example did much to keep up the Berliners spirits he feared that they demonstrate for an end to the war but no one did he could still write in his diary we shall never lose this war because of defective morale but on all fronts now two German armies were falling back yet the gurbles news service represented every defeat as a victory Goebbels continued to tour the city encouraging the people one woman he met in the street complained that her whole house had been destroyed the night before her wedding Gerber's asked her how old she was 55 would then be thankful it is your furniture and not your husband you can get new furniture but you think you could find a new husband so easily many people were now very steadily more were losing faith in Nazi promises of final victory extra rations were announced for the city it was of course more than a gesture it would keep up morale and strengthen the people against the next attack for the moment the Allied bombers were busy elsewhere preparing for the invasion of France but the lull was not likely to last very long during the summer of 1944 Hitler himself was to visit Berlin flags were put on over the city but Hitler didn't come he refused to look at the ruins of his cities some of us thought it was the work of jugglers our walls were broken but not our hearts but no there was just fanatical Nazis or the propaganda people such jokes hadn't been possible for years in Berlin signing the Hitler book really was for children with a simple-minded for most Berliners it would be enough to see the war through they stayed away from doing this sort of thing too dear yet in the summer of 1944 the regatta was held as usual the city still played its old game of turning its back on what he didn't like and lived for the happiness of the moment the news that some officers had tried to assassinate Hitler was greeted with disbelief and act of lunatics ineffective too late and ultimately irrelevant on all fronts the whole picture was one of the three soldiers home on leave couldn't understand us and their families looked at them with such strange pity no one dare tell them that theirs was a lost cause for four years Berlin had in effect been the capital of Europe and by the autumn of 1944 her enemies were beginning to close in the Russians were 250 miles away to the east in Poland the British and Americans daily 350 miles to the west over running Belgium France and Italy all were heading for Berlin racing to be the first to capture in October the bombing started again raised by over a thousand bombers night and day laying carpet after carpet of bombs across the city sometimes if a big street was set alight people would come from neighboring streets and just stand and watch why did they stand there staring into the golden flames what was the special fascination and watching one's own City blaze as winter approached the Bombers were starting to have their own way the skies were almost undefended the German air force had been virtually knocked out dear Aunt Marie now Carl is dead I don't want to stay here anymore can you take me in all I want to do is sleep and sleep people's feelings were hard to assess they didn't want victory they didn't want to feet they just wanted an end to it and yet even then there are so many queued for emergency rations of black bread or tried to scrape together enough belongings to cling to life there were others who still thought that Hitler could win the war for them who worried about whether they would be able to keep their porcelain collections intact until it was over but the majority lived a dark life in basements and shelters coming into the daylight only briefly between attacks to collect enough of the bare necessities to continue a gray existence a huge campaign to collect personal contributions for the war effort was organized the response was enormous even then people still gave partly from the fear that they could get into trouble with the authorities if they didn't the city was full of informers and defeatist behavior was severely punished but that couldn't be the whole explanation why did they give their clothes when it was already difficult to buy new ones and they could be worse off in the future maybe because it still wasn't possible to come to terms with it a directive as the ceaseless raids continued Berliners seemed to become more ant like picking their way among ruins living in cellars or the deep bunkers some of which held 15,000 people we couldn't get a banker and therefore we went to the tube and there are many other people it was like a bunker and that time and I remember an old man with a head and a stick he spoke with me little stories and he spoke about wood kept unitive it you know that because I had fear and he was a grandfather he tried to make me patient and suddenly it was dark for don't remember I think half an hour and when the emergency lights switched on he was blown away by the blast and I could only see his dick and his head bombs hunger children we lived in the cellar the houses were burning the streets well with first of all we went through first four and each step foot was phosphor it was so that you never knew if you would live five hours or so when we went out of the cellar we used to say in the we are now saved for five hours because then the next possibility to K to be killed the next problem okay and in this terrible time I never was so glad about funny things sunrise or flowers we had a corner in the bunker by the stairs where the bodies were lying for all to see and I can remember that there were nurses above all young nurses for a long time would not use the stairs the endless flow of casualties into the already damaged and overcrowded hospitals sometimes overwhelmed the medical services supplies of electricity gas water were constantly interrupted the city's sanitation system was near collapse a new phrase entered the berlin vocabulary when people parted instead of goodbyes or until we meet again they simply said be left over in February and March 1945 the British by night and the Americans by day bombed continuously for 30 days on end often with over 3,000 bombers at one time in march the russians joined in as well by then at least 52,000 Berliners were dead 10 square miles of their city laid waste and every third house uninhabitable it will be a spring without end filled with fragrance of blossom and sunshine if you will stay with me last tender this melody was played endlessly on the radio it rang to the windowless flats the damp warm weather of spring came early 1945 and the March days were soft for weeks between the air raids we had been able to hear the Russian guns pounding away least they were only 50 miles away conditions would seem to be impossible and yet those shops which had goods held spring sales the newspapers the only one sheet were still printed the post delivered refuse collected and the telephone working some restaurants managed to remain open and did a roar in fact even a few theatres and cinemas were able to tell you part of the zoo was still open the dust from the bombing hung always in the air but one thousand private cars were still running petrol was about 30 cigarettes a meter on the black market 600,000 people went to work each day even though most of them had to walk to get there and it was as well to be punctual because so were the Americans they were usually overhead by 9 o'clock the city was silent this was the final lull before the final storm the Berlin Philharmonic concert season continued unchanged sometimes in the cold with only emergency lighting but it remained a sacred institution so long as the Philharmonic played we Berliners couldn't believe that the end of the world was at hand the simulation man of over sixty boys between sixteen and eighteen was sworn into they were now two and three-quarter million people left in Berlin two million of them women the new Home Guard recruits were to defend them against the Russian tanks half of these had only their bare hands the other half a hastily collected assortment of small hours 50 miles away on the river oder over a million Russians were making massive preparations for what would be the last great battle of the war Berlin was in the jaws of a giant Nutcracker the British and Americans were 60 miles away on one side the Russians fifty miles away on the other Berliners charted the progress of the armies hoping for liberation by the Americans rather than conquest by the Russians but the Americans came to a halt Berlin was to be left to the Russians yeah that is golden yet Jones to line it up at Ivanka traces in in the next model 4002 rose up and even unfair and he's a talent design can be in Ireland but the speeds within near the Guerriero shoot'em would you a bunch of our spy reverse tagging and I haven't in dual here house live in a piece of wood and stone oh thanks Ryder we don't even feel it in post arrogance or deep to find a block of you don't worry nebulae decrease the Fergana high-fidelity snot so that the feasibility test affordable child now Fergus turns out the music lovers all pests are having the strategic Elizabeth etiquette their initial hours of pester and the spin Jones alone oven Viva me every 911 has been a bilateral to a yard and their own little over the fence last year I decided it didn't go far enough to get me [Applause] the Russians were biding their time waiting until every last detail of their plan was perfected thousands of tanks and guns were positioned in the woods along a hundred mile front stores ammunition millions of rounds checked and readied the preparations were almost complete Hitler now decreed that the old men and women of the forum would be trained to defend their city street by street on April the 16th the Russian attack began for Hitler this was the final battle of the Titans there is no need to take into consideration the basic requirements of the people for continuing even a most primitive existence those who remain after the battle are those who are inferior for the good will have fallen the Russians soon moved confidently forward despite the stubborn resistance of the German army who'd been ordered not to retreat one foot Hitler's troops were now outnumbered outgunned refugees poured into the city they brought with them horrifying rumors about the advancing Russians women's stories of wholesale rape were used by gurbles to help inspire a last desperate defense my name attended yeah I'll show here survive 100 Allen take with the Russians only 30 miles from the center of the city the philharmonic played its last concert Beethoven's Violin Concerto in violence got a demo on April the 19th the eve of Hitler's birthday gurbles made his last great speech on the radio no recording survives I may have spoken in happier or perhaps a less happy hour but never before have matters been on the razor's edge as they are today never before as the German people had to defend its bare life under such enormous dangers and by a last all-out effort make sure that the rife does not break apart today we are living through the last act of a gigantic drama who but the Fuehrer can show the way in the midst of peril Germany celebrates her greatest triumph if history tells of this country that its people never abandoned their leader and that their leader never abandoned his people that will be victory on his birthday Hitler emerged from his bunker to meet some of his young defenders who perhaps were seeing him for the first time on that day too the RAF celebrated with one of the heaviest thousand bomber raids of the world central services like electricity were giving out the zoo finally closed [Applause] as the Russians fought their way towards the center of the city housewives still did their best to carry on as usual get the next meal on the table eight days rations were issued with these rations we shall now ascend into heaven races where there was food any food were tracked down if there was meat you took all kinds of risks the family must be fed women cooked under enemy fire upstairs in their kitchens and took it down to their families in the cellars some no longer bothered to go into the cellars at all thousands of the home guard and party members threw away their uniforms and rifles melting into the city to become civilians again order was breaking down looting started people grabbed what they could the SS methodically toward the uncaptured areas hanging deserters from lampposts it was a last desperate attempt to keep the resistance going and to stem the tide of fatalism that by then gripped the city authority social order was meaningless we wondered is there perhaps an instant of something almost like joy in the no-man's land between the surrounding areas more and more of the stubborn defenders did not share their Fury's mystic vision of glory they surrendered and rather than die our Fuhrer Adolf Hitler fighting to the last breath against Bolshevism fell for Germany this afternoon Hamburg radio broadcast the message on the first day of May at 10 p.m. but most Berliners didn't hear it their radios no longer worked in any case it was a lie Hitler had already been dead for more than 24 hours he committed suicide those Berliners who heard rumors of the truth front and said he took the easy way out but even then the resistance didn't end in the center of the city the Russians were still fighting the last fanatics not just street by street or house by house the Russians took the Reichstag and raised the red flag there and on the Brandenburg Gate the battle was over it was May the 2nd 1935 they found gurbles body in the Chancellery garden after his suicide it hadn't even been successfully cremated there wasn't enough petrol the city belonged to the victors and the prisoners they liberated from the jails the Russians began to enjoy themselves and to survey their prize the capital of the German why she was dead yet under the ruins of the city amidst the rubble two million Berliners were still alive the conquerors walked through the ruins of the Chancellery and Hitler's study perhaps Novelli victus and they could take what they wanted here's what they did I had very long black hair and apparently the goomar must have gone round what would happen to girls and women and an elderly woman told me to hide my hair I put a big scarf around it so in order to look ugly however it didn't help I was led out a soldier in front was a machine-gun another one in my back another woman another soldier long war in fact the women of Berlin were put to work clearing up the rubble many who still survived were beyond feeling shame or wounded time the British Americans in French arrived to share the victory only then did we Berliners realize just how much our city had been hated and yet in the summer of 1945 only a few weeks after the end while children starve in the streets and the city teamed with displaced persons cafes were opening again on the come down it was harder to break a Berliner of his habits than to destroy his city Berlin was starting a new life while still carrying on the old one Berlin the doomed city Berlin even today still occupied still divided you you

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