Citizens Bank TV Commercial: Ask a Citizen

VO: Dear Fellow Citizen, I know what it’s
like to buy a house. VO: I know how it feels to be stressed about
money. VO: I understand what a scary word “retirement”
is, and I can help. VO: Cause I’m not just a fellow dad, fellow
mom, fellow saver, I’m a fellow Citizen. VO: Who gets up every day and tries her best.
Just like you VO: If you have a question about money, ask
me. VO: Sincerely, VO: Elizabeth Trackler VO: Samantha Parke The names continue to be spoken, one on top
of the other, as the commercial ends. VO: Robert Kennedy VO: Deanna Morrison VO: Jared Duemling VO: Alex Payne Disclosure: Member FDIC. Citizens Bank is
a brand name of Citizens Bank, N.A. and Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania.

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