Claire McCaskill: You Will Lose Voters With Free Healthcare For Undocumented Immigrants | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Claire McCaskill: You Will Lose Voters With Free Healthcare For Undocumented Immigrants | MSNBC

  • So, she would rather deny healthcare to Americans because there's a chance an undocumented immigrant might benefit also? No wonder she lost her senate seat.

  • Such an idea would be acceptable IF ALL Americans get free health care. Such a program would create powerful resentment against these migrants.
    I am not a fan of ICE, but this is just a very bad idea, in the opposite direction of Trump's hideous ideas.

  • They already get free healthcare, it is called the emergency room. They can not deny anyone healthcare so the hospital passes on the cost for all the people who can't afford to pay onto the people who have insurance. Why do you think costs are so high? It is basic retail. They triple the price of every item because they know that theft is so high, it is the only way to make a profit.

  • Yeah, because we should just continue footing the emergency room bills for them. I'm sure that will be cheaper.

  • So she thinks that mid westerners wouldn't like undocumented immigrants getting healthcare because they themselves also get healthcare but work hard? That doesn't make any sense. Just because I work hard doesn't mean other people shouldn't have healthcare. That's like: "My house didn't burn down because the fire department came, so why do you need the fire department for yours?"

  • if there's anything claire knows about, it's losing… so do whatever the opposite she suggests, i hope she's relishing her fat nbc paycheck these days.

  • Midwest here… Free stuff plays Well here and everyone likes free stuff, just ask Mr. free hugs Joe. And by the way it is already illegal to deny medical care for reason of citizenship or country of origin, President Reagan signed the law that made that illegal if memory serves me well. Also Miss Strategic lady, this is a Democratic Primary not a General Election. No one should expect for Democratic Candidates to have Republican like tones at this time in the Democratic race. The base of the Democratic Party is watching, if you don’t like the message or ideas that the Democratic candidates have then I guess you can vote for someone else. No big deal. And if a candidate comes out that speaks to most people then so be it. But the Democratic Party needs to have a clear vision, no one wants Republican lite. Those people vote Libertarian for the most part.

  • She is just part of the status quo…. Everyone just wants their nickel and dime of the for profit healthcare system as it is set up now. If we went to a single payer system that most of the world already has it would decrease fraud with the insurence companies which would help with cost. The is a reason we pay more for less here….

  • Clare is that why you lost in the mid terms you cant say anything or have your Opinion.. that's why msnbc took you in as a contributor.. waste of time on you loser..

  • In civilized countries healthcare is free or very low cost universal healthcare. That is why we live longer than Americans and have lower infant and maternal mortality rates. We laugh at USA's 4th world healthcare. At the World Health Organization USA ranks behind 3rd world Costa Rico. Americans are worse than Nazis so billions of people boycott USA.

  • White people with big houses should be evicted. Large brown families need the room which white people don't even use.

  • I sincerely hope that people that would deny healthcare to undocumented immigrants catch a preventable, contagious disease from the people they denied. McCaskill’s hot takes are the worst. She lost in a wave election in a state with a ballot initiative for a minimum wage increase passed with 60+% of the vote. Stop listening to centrists.

  • Every human being deserves health care even animals and pets and they deserve it who wants sick people around our streets and kids

  • That the richest country in the world is not able to provide healthcare to all its people is sheer nonsense. With the poor outcomes provided by the Dracula system in place costing the country way more than what sensible countries pay for better care and better outcomes one would think that common sense would prevail. The emergencies are not capable of providing basic care to the population and the costs are out of line. Regular visits to the doctor saves pain and lives and is money well spent. The US as a society for human beings is in a death spiral led by fools, liars and clowns. McCaskill is just another cog in that big wheel, the one that prefers to keep people down for fear that they will get somethin' for nothin'. Nothing worse than working people keeping other working people down. The end of empire is never easy.

  • How many people commenting actually live in the midwest? I've lived there all my life and she's correct. Repubs have convinced many people, over the course of decades, that things like this = big government = communism = bad. It doesn't make sense but that is how it is any you will never convince them otherwise, at least not in one or even two, likely not even three or four election cycles…

  • Claire McCaskill already lost for being corporate hack. The GOP already has that covered. We need true progressives willing to fight for working people.

  • Claire, you lost in Missouri because you hugged Trump on immigration and couldn't even turn out the democrats in the cities. Stop obstructing our way to universal healthcare, you really are embarrassing.

  • A democratic senator who lost her seat in the time of Trump , is providing analysis on how to win an election!? You lost because of this do nothing attitude.

  • The irony. Advice on how Democrats win elections in the Midwest from a politician that lost her 2018 reelection bid in the Midwest. Nationally (Fed, State & local) the 2018 Blue Wave elected just over 500 Democrats to seats held by republicans. McCaskill managed to lose in a Democratic landslide.

  • People accept that even serial killers in prisons deserve free health care, because they are human beings after all. The "crime" of undocumented immigrants is not to be iin the US and work for Americans, but to lack the papers that would authorize them to do those things — which of course are not crimes, and are even good for the US citizens. Then why should they be denied a right that even serial killers are believed to have? Senator Claire, isn't the answer the "R" word, perchance?

  • The ex-Senator is attempting to bring light into the dark reality that Mid-Western Americans would rather die of sickness and hunger than to have any undocumented individual receive similar benefits. Hatred is a powerful thing! Not enough to heal of feed them, but by making sure the undocumented are treated worse they do feel victorious. — Go figure! I bet they call themselves "Christians".

  • What is her point? People in the Midwest are poorer, have no reliable pension, don't believe in 'free stuff' from the government, because they experienced that they will not benefit from it whatsoever. Trump was successful, not by so solving any problem, but instead blaming a lack of local care, wealth, chances and whatever on immigrants and promising a solution sometime in the future (the famous carrot in front of the donkey's nose). Now her strategy: blame the immigrants??? How about solving the problems of people and finding solutions for their needs? If people could rely on their healthcare providers and had the chance to save for a pension, then the blame game will not work anymore. Besides most immigrants don't sneak over the border, most arrive by plane from East Europe and Asia and simply overstay their visas.

  • She's saying that if you don't serve my corporate overlords, then the illiterate masses that my masters have been conditioning for decades will not vote for you. Well, maybe the people of all those States that you named, aren't as stupid as you believe them to be.

  • The funny part is that the question of covering undocumented persons means you're already covering everyone who is already a legal resident.

  • That's a hard thing to swallow here in, "Liberal," Washington State!

    My parents can't STAND Donald Trump.

    My dad voted for him, my mom didn't, but they're both against him now.

    But, they most likely WILL vote for him again in 2020 if the Democrat challenger promises to give free health insurance to people crossing the border illegally!

    My mom makes too much money to qualify for Obamacare or any of it's subsidies, but not enough to buy Insurance for herself.

    So, for the next two years until she can retire she is going WITHOUT.

    Someone comes along promising to give free health coverage to people who aren't even American will GIVE Donald Trump her vote next year!

  • She doesn't even know why we lost Michigan.
    It wasn't the ones who voted it was those who did not or left the top of the ticket blank.
    10 votes in each precinct Clinton lost by in Michigan

  • Claire is dogwistling here. Basically saying white working class in the Midwest are people who are hard workers and don’t want a handout unlike minorities. Basically ignoring that Rashida Tilab and Ilhan Omar are also from the Midwest.

  • Look former Senator of my state. She is criminal. McCaskill and her husband stole over 130 million dollars from taxpayers. I am glad to have a better Senator now. Senator Josh Hawley.
    The Democratic party of today can only give insults and plans that they say are free. Taxpayers will pay for it themselves. Plus have to pay for illegal immigrants healthcare. If you disagree prove me wrong with facts and evidence. Because all I get is same insults. Which if you it won't hurt my feelings and proves my point.

  • maybe everyone calling her a loser might want to take a closer look at the places this "blue wave" arose in. Not so much the midwest, maybe just maybe clair may have learned a lesson about the midwest in defeat because she sure isnt saying the same things she did during her campaign

  • Free healthcare isn’t as good as it sounds, although our healthcare system has problems, it’s far superior than the Canadian healthcare system. Also there is no such thing as free healthcare or free college

  • Typical corp media propping up this moderate loser. McCaskill is stupid and a failure and as emabarrasing as MSNBC. Try doing your jobs.

  • Vote Democrats OUT OUT OUT. Free stuff for illegals at tax payer expense
    while our homeless population contuines to skyrocket. You liberals are fools.

  • Just because some Americans might not suffer any negative effects from illegal aliens doesn't mean other Americans are not disadvantaged & displaced by them. Why don't democrats care about the Americans that are harmed by illegal alien workers? Or do they really think that millions of illegal aliens don't harm and disadvantage or displace any American?

  • You leftist parasites must be some kind of mathematical geniuses, or something, as you just made a multi-trillion dollar industry free! No money at all exchanged in the process! Wow!

  • She is totally right. Most rational voters aren't in favor of giving illegal immigrants amnesty, because they realize that overpopulation is a problem. Even fewer people would be in favor of giving illegal immigrants government benefits.

    Just because she lost an election doesn't mean that her advice isn't good. She's clearly had time to think about this and understands why Democrats lost to someone as crazy as Trump. When people think that the alternative to Trump is someone who will put the interest of illegal immigrants ahead of Americans, those people vote for a crazy bigot like Trump.

  • it's all coming out and this time she's right, this is why trump will win a 2nd term, because the dems do not care about the interest of the American people anymore, it's all about the interest of radical Islamic terrorists and illegal aliens, even sanders and gabbard sold out big time.

  • This seems completely unrelated to the banner accusing trump of racism sprawled out on the bottom. Can't go a moment without saying anyone that disagrees is racist huh?


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