Clarkson’s Annual 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony 2017

MAN: We need to remember all of what happened,
not for the good of ourselves, but to ensure that goodness isn’t lost to the
darkness. (The Star Spangled Banner) MAN: There are four alumni that we lost that day, 16 years ago: Mark Rasweiler,
Class of 1970; Richard O’Connor, Class of 1975; Paul Hughes, Class of 1985;
and Peter Klein, Class of 1987. The memorial is erected on the Clarkson campus and
created from steel recovered during the aftermath. We thank Mike Bielawa, Class
of 1985, for his services as one of the leads on the cleanup in the aftermath and
for making arrangements to get the steel from the South Tower to Clarkson so
that we can continue to remember all that was lost that day. This memorial
really recognizes not only the events of that day when so much was lost, but since
then, we believe that it stands to acknowledge those who are in service
through the war on terror that continues to this day, and each day, this memorial
should remind us of the service of first responders. We cannot be grateful enough
to those people. (singing ends)

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