Class Balance Update – Nightblade for ESO Dark Brotherhood

welcome back gang it's dealt here from Delta is gaming dot-com and in this video recovering the knight blade the changes that happen in the dark brotherhood pts coming out very soon and a lot of changes for stam knight blade i want to split this video into two sections one for PvP and one for PvE let's talk about the stamina Knight blade okay and I want to talk about the stamina Knight blade specifically first because magic didn't really change a lot and my previous video about Templar we talked about proxy debt getting a big nerf single target so let me pull that up in case you didn't watch that video right here basically it was changed to not be a mandatory single target ability that you had to use which is probably good for the game overall it's still going to work and PvP when you're bombing a huge stack of people you know six to nine people so some builds are going to keep it on but magic PvE probably not so that's going to hurt your DPS a little bit however twisting path if you guys are not using this is really effective it goes very very well with elemental blockade if you put both of these down as a magic knight blade you will just absolutely nuke stuff and you'll still have a massive amount of AoE as well so those couple things change with the mages magic knight blade casters another thing is fighters guild on breaker of smite II which is really useful scales off a physical damage so that's not going to be that useful in comparison to a soul tether what I've been using because I like the heal with it as well so keep that in mind magic knight blades you may have to switch that out another change in case you watch the previous video harness magic now look at this surround yourself with net of magic absorb 3000 damage over six seconds so it's damaged meaning that even as a magic user you have a shield that applies to anything essentially both stamina and magic users have that shield that only lasts six seconds but in PvP or PvE if you just need a little bit extra help support before your heals come around having an extra shield and bubble is really handy but making this X seconds I like this change except that everyone has a shield now it's kind of homogenizing the classes but at least people can't complain about sorcs all the time now because everyone has a shield whether user or not that's up to you I'll probably use it a little bit but I prefer just massive healing of my magic knight blade and that's really kind of just the general magic knight blade there's a lot of other things that change with it but really this is surrounded all about stam night late and one of the cool most fun builds you can play is going to be back in PvP which is the dodge roll build so I remember which patch think of this 1.6 that stam night boys were ruling PvP they're still really fantastic but a lot of people have abandoned them for the proxy debt alchemist you know one shot Willy type of build and so what's going to bring this build back is the skirmish reset now it's going to be a hundred and sixty champion points which essentially sanctum Ophidian where you get this I don't know if the traits are stagnant but you're going to want well-fitted decrease dodge rolling cost so if you look at this use role dodge increase weapon damage by 415 a weapon critical for a 6 5 7 4 5 seconds why is 5 seconds important well roll dodge to cool down 4 or 5 seconds so you're going to have this up at all times and then once the cooldown comes off of dodge roll so that doesn't cost you more and more you can just reap rocket and essentially just keep it up at all times let me Duke this guy so a lot of people are going to hate to going against this bill because I know I used it and I really really enjoyed it but the well-fitted dodge roll reduced dodge cost and focusing on doing damage with this build is definitely back really really cool and disregard the weapon damage here it's just like a known issue so it's like 5 billion times more but roughly I'm around 4 K when I'm fully buffed on live with this specific setup so skirmishers back well-fitted trait was been changed to reduce dodge cos I think at legendary status it's 3% so if you do the math here you got 7 to 8 depending if you have a sword and board that is a lot of reduction in dodge cost you're also going to stack it with the champion points here and the shadow tumbling reduce break free and dodge cost and you're just going to hit like a truck and you're going to be very hard to kill I don't know if this is going to make it to live with reduce dodge crossed because you're going to have stamina builds that legitimately can infinitely dodge roll especially high regeneration and people running drinks and with a little bit amount of food a little bit amount of health excuse me because with this setup when you dodge something it's pretty much 100% evade that shuffle and or double take I can see this being one of the strongest builds if not the strongest out there especially for solo pv peers that like to do the whole dodge roll sneaky sneaky thing so that is changed a couple other things about stamina pvp we're going to talk about the morphs and that's what really made the class come back I'm giving three things stamina based morphs or disease damage so incapacity and strikes used to be magic damage and I complained about it a lot a lot of other night weights it as well the other morph soul a harvest is really good because it gives ultimate back per kill but incapacity strikes was based on doing damage with magic and also stunning opponent it's lower health than you or if you're a lower health knee opponent now it always stuns it gives you a disease damage major defile and increasing your damage against that one player by 20% for six seconds it's your main stamina Nightblade new you yo low in there you're going to do an ambush to empower it you're going to do an incapacitating strikes to stun them probably a surprise attack and or killers blade if they're low kind of what I've been using on my how to stamina Knight blade for a very long time so why is disease damage significant well if we come over here into the champion points the ritual we look at the mighty that includes physical poison and disease so while that is disease you're getting buff this way also you don't have to put points into some other place in the tree to buff this up either so it's going to benefit you as a stamina user way more than magic it's going to hit a lot harder and it is hitting a lot harder the same thing happened with killers blade and remember that disease damage is like all elemental effects have something that comes with it so fire I think has an explosion frost has a snare and disease what is that heal debuff so I don't know how it stacks with major defile and minor defile but if you wanted you could use this you could use incapacity strikes for your major to file you could have minor to file and you could use something on poison as well to basically eliminate their healing receives and less like cleanse it's kind of the ultimate solo gank nuke build if you like so people who love playing solo get excited about the spam enlight way it's coming back Kilis way got the same treatment as well now disease damage so if we look at this here in my to henry bar and we go to two-hander and we look at executioner five one three nine and we go here five one three nine so now it's kind of matching the nice thing about killers blade is it heals you for that percentage the nice thing about executioner is that it goes the scales at fifty percent health rather than twenty five the thing about this is you want to hand if you're struggling with resources because every kill you get a massive flood of recovery however an assassination you have a lot of juicy passes increased critical strike damage revenant slotted more crit for just having its lot on your bar etc killing enemy gives magic not that big of a deal but stealth damage and if you stealth and you nuke l'm with capacity strike they're due for a killers blade and the cost is really low as well range is five meters so we still go to sue hander and ranges five meters as well but at least you have options in your finishing if you want to class specific finisher that gives you health and it's no brainer for me I'm definitely taking this and it's a lot cheaper than execution or fifteen hundred cost to one thousand so it scales a little bit differently on their max health so you have to be careful to use this right around twenty five because you don't and they're a little bit above it you're going to hit like a peanut so let's go ahead and show you what these these two abilities look like real quick let's see if we can't get a crit on n capacitating strikes with it empowered to show you just how powerful it is now this is NPC obvious ease can change with a player but roughly half it and you'll get the damage that you would normally do to a player summoner Reapers mark minor berserk rally up and power and incapacitating strikes for 28 K yes 28 K now when I was using on the pts just kind of doing around it was hitting players for roughly to 15,000 depending on their mitigation impenetrable gear and so forth so 450 cost ultimate that stuns a player you're getting a lot of damage now you can do some other tricks with it as well if you stun beforehand if you don't want to empower if you want to stun beforehand you got exploiter here increases the damage against off-balance enemies so there is some added advantage use mass hysteria first and then hit him as well a lot of different tricks that you can do with it killers blade also you saw up there roughly around the 30k mark and against a player is seen for 16 K when they were below 25% health ok relentless focus also got the stamina disease damage change you can see it 21 k does it use gamut on the tooltip it also gives you the added bonus of stamina recovery so the magic version should hit a little bit harder just because of the morph but this is right there up with it and it gives you minor endurance minor Berzerk making a must-have so the for light attack so if we get buffed here we do a dodge roll we roll in here then we do a couple eye attacks rocket dodge roll and Kabang and of course it doesn't want to crit but even 12 K non crit is a hefty amount now when it creates it's roughly around 24 to 25 K on a player roughly anywhere from 8 to 12 K so the burst that you have back with this Knight blade remember this is only a 300 CP character as well so this is not gold legendary gear like my Mane or anything and I might have to bring Tom shanks back just for this it's right there 26 K a killers blade it's looking really juicy but guess what that's not all on the prices deltas right power extraction does these damage the power extraction so this is the SAP essence but magic knight blades use now power extraction gives night blade stamina an option to not use steel tornado so if we look at steel tornado it has some advantages over this so let's go here still tomato if you look at tool tip 5 8 6 to 4 damage cost is 2600 tooltip let me look at that against some of the dual bar 5 4 4 7 1900 on steel tornado look up our extraction 1800s so it's cheaper and the tooltip is 6500 a lot more damage okay so the the advantage of power attraction is really due to the passes and the passives here is this gang ultimate why you satin I'd like it so much ultimate to every 4 seconds when they're sapping all the time they're constantly practice so tomato doesn't give you that however still tornado does give you an advantage 1 the mobs get lower health so it scales up to more and more damage so obviously if they're at lower health say 10 15 % associated will hit harder than power extraction but this power extraction at steel trio requires dual wield power attraction doesn't so technically you could go to do a great deal of AoE on a shoe hander making something really unique and different so let's go ahead and see what power attraction gets forged tooling around so 10k right there the 10k crits damn crit so you can see the number of static based on their health but you don't have to use dual wield now most Stan bills will probably want to use dual wield depending on the content they're doing because it does have extra 1 meter range it doesn't it costs a lot more though so 4 stam conscious people and want to build up ultimate quickly might be another option but these these dual wield passives are really helpful as well so just keep in mind but at least you have options now and guess what if you're in doing PvP you want that disease damage you want to proc that defile slash reducing your healing receive or stopping recovery I forget what it does so are you guys excited about the stem knight blade in PvP yet because if you're not you ain't breathing nicely about PvP something I forgot to mention is camel hunter chaining and so now this isn't going to like instance someone it's more kind of based on the mages guild so critical hits from crouch grants major berserk minor berserk excuse me essentially it's a junk skill now because we already have that ability under kit 4 stam Knight blades with relentless focus so it's junk ability I wish they would keep this I don't like getting camo ganked as a vampire I really don't I hate it but there needs to be counters to things there needs to be a counter to a vampire and that was camel hunter so I don't like this change I also don't like Evo hunter seems useless as well reduce stamina costs for fighters abilities it gives you your major savagery I'm just not impressed with it it's kind of a junk skill now so you're going to probably get major savagery from a different way whether using stamina potions or you're going to slot something else on your bar just not excited about the changes and then PvE Dawnbreaker smiting does do more damage or in PvP and it comes with the stun as well so if you look at the tooltip 1600 and a lot of the amat over time and look at Soul tether 1400 but it's magic damage so you're going to have an option to do a burst a OE ultimate it doesn't heal you but at least uses stuns similar to Soul tether okay so for PvE you'll see that I'm wearing balcan scoria and I am I wearing valence Gloria well thanks to gills testing it appears that Vulcan scoria will be the new meta for stem night blades and the reason why is we're using dual wield specifically for Rapids let's go back here – oil so rapid strikes now you haven't seen it yet it looks amazing I'm going to show you but it's point six seconds so why is that significant as a channel first of all so you're going to get the Vulcan score your proc more often you're going to be able to apply dots faster and right now is just out parsing surprise attack or concealed weapon especially with the additive advantage of being able to use rending slash with the proc from the Maelstrom weapons so if you look here grants that huge burst of spell and weapon damage so let's kind of show you what this little sucker looks like I'll show you this rapid strikes and hopefully they just don't die so fast show you that a proc scoria and bang scoria proc 8.1 non crib and that's not with al kasha that's not with night mother's gaze which would probably be best in this lot armor now and night motherís gaze i don't have it on the templates but essentially it reduces the armor that someone has so you're usually going to run that in a raid or solo by yourself but you also want to keep someone means rage on you if someone else has a set and it's running it you can also rushing in chance your tanks can and all of these armor d-bus essentially going to allow you to have pretty much minimal armor on the mob and or boss or player if you're going to do it in pvp especially if you're in a well coordinated group allowing you to hit much harder as a stand build you're also going to want to use bow and your back bar like usual you know endless hail poison injection and really take the advantage of rapid strikes now so let me show you here we got to do it again look how fast and cool it is i mean it's just like come on rabid strikes look so cool now and you got to get the Maelstrom weapons it's gonna be awesome so hopefully Gil will have an updated PvE build on the forums and my website he pulled 40,000 targeted damage in blood spawned which is outrageous so the bow didn't get really any love my got maybe some hate with a – Heil changed now I can't figure out how to make a bow build that can compare with rapid strikes I just can't so the poison status effect is nice and lethal arrow you get some more range here and you can see the range is 35 meters now you get the minor fracture which is nice but stamp Templar can do that as well or a magic Templar for that matter so it's just not viable in my opinion right now to make a full single target bow build in comparison to what other the other builds are doing now there is a set from the thieves guild called likes avail your's and aprox poison damage and when I was testing it was a lot of damage that may have gotten buff now so what I was doing is dropping down a huge endless hall or the other one with the bigger AOE in the do spamming acid spray and the AoE damage was fantastic but if you're talking single target it's just not going to outperform rapid strikes with raining slash and a couple other dots you're also gotta use rearming trap this thing is doing a tremendous amount of damage now that it's scaled on physical it's a must-have so this isn't my builder loadout this is just testing and if there's one thing I've learned from stam Knight blades it's listen to Gil so he will have something out there for it because he's better at than I am but that's kind of the update with the the knight blade magic knight blade is still very strong magic knight blade tanking is very very strong as well you can check out Gil's build on my website as well for the blood loader magic tanking I'm going to bring my Argonian back once the extra character slots get out and I want to do a magic knight blade tank and I'm telling you it's really powerful especially with siphoning attacks let me show you that the magic knight blade tank is pretty much limitless resources even regarding the new change to champion points and something that I'm upset about is block claws you'll notice here reduces the duration of fierce stuns and a soaring effects useless and guess what they move block cloths over here so I do not like that as a tank change I think that's terrible but I probably think they did it because I didn't want to have people using infinite block builds and so forth but magic knight blade or stam night blade tank can get around it with siphoning Ajax black rosette so forth as far as magic knight blade or healing goes you can still do healing on a knight blade now you're you don't have a Templar so you're not going to have spear shards you're not going to have repentance but if you're running a trial it doesn't hurt to have anyone else healing and the reason why as you know I bang on healing springs but healing Springs is pretty effective in a trial where I can just do a massive AOE it's essentially a duration ability so a comprar spell power cure anyone can use combat prayer as well so that's going to give everyone else the minor brutality you can use this in panic situations you can use war you can also buff with spirit siphon elemental train so trials Nightblade healers just do fine they don't have access to major mending besides the restoration stop skill line but they do have this increase the effectiveness of your healing done by 3% for each ability siphon ability slotted so for pure just like spamming healing if you want to try out a knight blade feel free I would just load up on the siphoning abilities including your ultimate you're going to want siphoning attacks on there you're going to want funnel health and roll that as the hot essentially keeping that up and then maybe even soul tether right there as well with a couple resto and you're doing just fine overall Knight Way is looking really strong for this patch it's basically in my opinion one of the strongest dps classes I think stam DK are still the highest out there but for pure all-around fun and new kids it's my favorite combat style using ambush going in and now using the incapacitating strike surprise attack killers blade the combo feels like combat should an MMO so if you haven't rolled the stem Knight blade it's a really good time to do it I really enjoy late next video up we're going to do is the stamps orc I'm bringing my back here on live server because I'm really excited about the changes to stamp sort they seem minimal at first but once you dive into them they make them very very powerful once again so next video will be that in a couple days thank you so much for watching please leave me some comments what do you guys think about this video subscribe rate share and as always we'll see you to the next time you

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