Clément Voule on freedom of assembly and association #HRC38

Freedom of association and assembly are enabling rights because they enable groups civil society, they enable grassroots organisations to be able also to participate in the development of their country Without these rights without the protection of these rights, groups civil society, any other group at a national level would not be able to have a powerful I would say the powerful tool to be able to say no this is not rights To be able to say yes, this is right. We support our government because you are doing the right thing So that’s what I’m saying, they are enabling rights. Without them you have something that is missing in terms of civil society capacity To contribute to the development of the country, to contribute to the rule of law, to contribute to the peaceful society I see my mandate as being a bridge between states And also between states and civil society So I see my mandate being also a voice of civil society, to the state to ensure that those who don’t have a voice at the international level can be here, that their concern is heard So all of those reports that I will be drafting, I will request the input from civil society, because for me One of the my main duties is to tell the state What are some of the measures, what are some of the practical things they can put in place in order to allow civil society to work freely to create this conducive environment, and my my main issue is to be able to help states to protect civic space worldwide, including at the national level or at the international level within the international arena. My first report identified challenges that face freedom of association and assembly, and these challenges mainly come out from the communication that the mandate received since 2010 The idea for me is to build my vision and my action for the next six years on how to address those challenges Some of the action that I’m thinking to really build on is to try to see how we can address those some of these issues, either through reports drafting specific reports or trying to identify specific action that we can do in order to help states to review some legislation In the legislation side, for example, the reports, my predecessor did a lot of reports on understanding of freedom of association and how some of the legislation needs to be compliant with international standards What I’m trying to do now is really to open up space to help states in reviewing this legislation to work together with civil society national human rights institutions and states, to see how we can promote better understanding of the freedom of association and peaceful assembly, and how we can ensure that the national legislation reflects and promotes these rights And one of the reports that I will also be doing to address some of the challenges that I identified in this report is also a report on freedom of association in the digital age Because I think that this is an important issue, an emerging issue today So we need also to help states to understand, to help all of us to understand What are some of the challenge that the civil society face when access to the Internet to express themselves to organise their protest

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  • Clement Voule here in Sri Lanka on a mission to promote freedom of association & of speech. welcome we need it

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