Cleveland Browns learning that winning helps build a brotherhood

you know that shows how close we are obviously it's it's a great feeling to have know when people have your back but they have that feeling for me too I got their back and it's a it's a real team right there I mean obviously the extracurricular activity is not you know it's not necessary but that just shows what type of bond we have in the locker room your fastest move today going to the sidelines to defend your quarterback oh yeah that's whatever that's whatever man but that's what we got to do you know we got to have each other's back especially to get this right Oh get them up you know you got a seat buddy so much I said no but you know it's nothing you know that's that's personal but obviously you know that's Baker takes a shot on the sideline and virtually the entire offense runs over to back him up what does it say about not that guy the way you feel about you gotta get protect Baker you gotta keep him safe people playing at high level like he is and the whole team has his back to be under somebody who was everyone will run over there and fought for he knows our grounds doesn't know we're a family now we play for each other and closer closer in terms of friendships and a Brotherhood is that he's just believing in each other we've been through a lot you know we've been through a lot each and every guy you know whether it was a personal individual or you know it was collectively as a team you know early on in the season and things that we went through and I think he's built us up and you know we have a whole different level of respect for each other and the Brotherhood and what we can be here that's developing between you guys I mean you know the paparazzi after after KB's touchdown you know those guys come into your defense and you guys just having so much fun out there what's building here winnings hard so you need to be able to enjoy it that's what you see touch sounds like that that you know the chief slam Hollywood doing his walk on the red carpet just just different stuff like that it makes it fun and enjoyable to be able to celebrate with your teammates you go through so much you better enjoy you

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  • 1:00 THAT'S the man. Right there. He is the grease. I've said it in other posts. Baker's the star. Jarvis is the swag. Chubb is the man. When they hoist the Lombardi? Chubb will be the MVP. Guarantee it.

    Every great team has the triumvirate of QB, WR, RB. Everything else is just as important, but those 3 have o be HOF or close. The Browns have it.

  • Saddle up, Baker the Kid and the Baker Mayfield gang rides again. Stealers, pray that the Kid does not lose to those Buzzard Ravens next weekend. If he does you all can make your reservations on Boot Hill down at the Three Rivers. So, go down on your knees and cheer for the Baker Mayfield gang. Be sure to keep your one eye on Bog Hue Jackson and the Dalton brothers, and that other eye on the hangman's noose. Be needed fresh horses so we lassoed us some broncos which you failed to do. The saddle tramps and so called cowboys in Dallas can count their blessings that they dont have to face Baker the Kid this year. Come to think of it, lets have the sheriff fetch Reba in Macalester or Stringtown in Oklahoma Territory. We want her to sing the National Anthem. I understand that Reba likes to drink a shot of whiskey now and then. I reckon I found that out on one of those new fangled UTube videos. I cant recollect which one. Regardless, I'll drink to that!

  • That was the first time I've seen a browns player stick up for another brown in I can't even remember how long

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