Client Compliments: Breanne MacDonald | Quicken Loans®

(bright uptempo music) – Spotlight (laughing) “Breanne is amazing. “She was wonderful and took
care of my situation promptly. “Thank you to her and your
wonderful team members.” It’s an amazing feeling to know that I have such an important
role in people’s lives and with their mortgage
because of how important a home is to everyone. This is where their family is growing up. This is where they spend their every day, so it’s more than just a
number or a loan payment. This is them.

1 thought on “Client Compliments: Breanne MacDonald | Quicken Loans®

  • I would really like to thank everyone at quicken loans who guided me the my loan process but in particular 3 persons: Billy Dakroub Executive Bank Manger who helped me through not only the original process but was there when I needed several other questions answered: Then when a technical issue played games with me and I was unable to enter my account Mr Trevor Fery Client Services stepped in and resolved the many technical issues which caused me a lot of  agrgravation during my initial introduction this turned out to be not a Quicken fault but one contributed by me (Too Long To Explain here) . Then came Hallee Bussell also Client Services. Halee stepped in after I had received a message on my phone from Quicken that the problem had been fixed. As I tried to sign in once again -Failure: I called trying to find out who called. I spoke to Halee who kept me calm while she researched my loan info. She assured me that before I got off the phone I would be able to log into my. And sure enough she kept  to her word. Today everything has been resolved  thanks to Trevor and Halee. I have my sanity back. These person mentioned are truly assests to the Quicken organizations.

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