Clinton leads Trump ahead of Republican convention: Poll

Over in the U.S., Hillary Clinton has a five-point
lead over her rival Donald Trump in a recent poll… heading into the national party conventions.
Park Ji-won updates us on the race for the White House.
Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton has a five-percentage-point lead over her
Republican rival Donald Trump… ahead of the party conventions this week and next…
and despite the controversy over her email server.
According to the latest poll by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News,… the former secretary
of state leads her GOP rival with 46-percent to 41 percent.
The poll was conducted July 9th through 13th with a thousand registered voters. The same poll also showed that only 38 percent
of Republican respondents said they are satisfied with Trump as their GOP nominee,… while
54 percent of Democrats said they’re satisfied with Clinton. Meanwhile, both candidates reacted to Sunday’s
shooting in Baton Rouge that left three police officers dead and three others wounded.
Trump took to Twitter to say in one post that America is “divided and out of control”…
and in another post he demanded law and order. Clinton said in a statement Sunday… that
there is “no justification for violence” and called for unity,… saying Americans must
“stand together to reject violence and strengthen our communities.”
Over in Cleveland, the stage is set for the Republican Party’s national convention and
a security alert is in place to ensure it all goes off safely. “The Republican Party’s four-day national
convention is set to begin Monday afternoon here in Quicken Loans Arena. All eyes are
on how presumptive candidate Donald Trump will be officially nominated as the Republican
presidential candidate. Park Ji-won, Arirang News, Cleveland.”

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