Clone Wars All Count Dooku lightsaber battles

23 thoughts on “Clone Wars All Count Dooku lightsaber battles

  • Having a bit of experience in fencing myself, I cannot help but admire Dooku’s fighting style. Elegance, precision, superiority. What’s also amazing is that Makashi is inherently weak against multiple opponents, and blasters, but Dooku can hold his own masterfully.

  • seeing a jar jar look alike being murdered is well deserved for a like fuck jar jar even as a kid i disliked him Gorege lucus thought jar jar was the key fuck you senile old man

  • God, Dooku is the slipperiest most frustrating villain ive seen in a show in a long time. Im surprised Anakin didn't use the darkside sooner just to shut him up. Its obvious Sidous ordered him to taunt anakin as much as possible to make him more hateful

  • Sorry, but Clone Wars blows anything Disney related out of the water. Even Rogue One for all it's overhyped-ness

  • “You’re no match for me without you monster “

    “That remains to be seen”

    Mf he beat you with his eyes closed

  • I like how Anakin goes from losing to Dooku and he’s slightly out of breath until later in the series he’s straight up loosing to Anakin. And of course we know how that goes.

  • I love Dooku's duelsit fighting style. He rarely ever makes the first move, giving the customary salute and then waiting for his adversary to attack first. Dooku exploits aggressiveness, rarely advancing on his opponent, always retreating, giving himself more space and provoking his adversary to advance on him. This lulls them into a false sense of security and forces them to push aggressively, which Dooku uses against them. If he ever gets overwhlemed by an opponent or opponents, he uses force lightning on them.

  • As great as Christopher Lee was, the animated Dooku is an improvement on the live action one in pretty much every way. His fighting style is just a joy to watch.

  • The fact that Dooku was Lowkey exposing everything is SO funny. Like you think how many times he’s said it to everyone they’d at least have three Jedi look into it. But hey it’s their downfall

  • Say what you want about Anakin, he still held his own against Dooku AND several Magnaguards at the same time, even if temporarily, on more than one occasion..

  • One of the best animated sword fight scene. I dont like count dookus activities and actions but in the end he had right. I believe if qui gon jinn would not die count would be fight for the jedi against palpatine.

  • Truly dooku was one of the best light saber users out there. With an amazing use of the force. And a great fighting style to go with it. Dooku’s true and only weakness was his age.

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