Cloud Strife Warrior Spotlight – Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (DFFAC/DFFNT)

you know I've seen a lot of people complain about the lack of something big this year from Square Enix I mean nollie this is a 30 year anniversary of Final Fantasy is 20 years since 100 five six seven and tactics 15 years in Kingdom Hearts hell even 10 years it's the world ends with you Alric levers I plan to make all this lining up perfectly together but you know what will be the best and it wasn't a gift it dissident NT it released this year it will be a perfect match and if they ask Sola and Neku into the game screw the rules I have a dream nobody can argue with them anymore sadly is next year so 31 and it was away I guess do I even need any introduction hell even someone who haven't heard about final fantasy before will still remember this guy's face a joined by the night and gravity-defying hair the ultimate listen who squareness will never stop with him into the game but the real question is do I like him yes yes I do but it actually because of this video when I first play the game I look at all the hero character issues and when I saw cloud I was like dude this guy's face look pretty and he become my mate ever since and by God do I love every second of it he's a little slow at first but holy crap he brought enemy away faster that they can say Team Rocket no wonder why he's in Super Smash Brothers it's perfect for it a lot of his boob is not too shabby either what in fact is cool sonic way to finishing touch is a great combo attack but nothing nothing can compare to slashing both two on this slash was in 5 let me tell you I spent this move throughout the entirety of confession of the created solely board it's so fresh so powerful and I always use the assistant too early and I still hit him anyway what can I say he's my number one main and I will definitely make him an NT but really still be a lie after 20 years of work in square this game chunk of the Train and let's go from that bunker reactors with me in cloud warriors spotlight pretty similar to Terra most of combo set is still remained from the old game sadly the move that was were in that when children are not in the reboot so no area fan a racing fan and of course on this class was inside it seemed like the focus mostly on the original Final Fantasy seven and one particular book that only a few people will remember it from Final Fantasy Tactics with the school-wide day they recreate each attack pretty faithfully with also pretty good unique mechanics there's actually one word that pretty much describe about 80% of his group says charge off his attack except for two is revolve around charge mechanic not as many attack even his protector can be charged and don't worry he's not like two in one character where attack has whatever fault thank God for me his attack are not much different whether it was charge it or not I always painted a bit by holding an attack button clock and shot and delayed at a town we shouldn't go up from level 1 to level 3 for each level it will increase damage because of course it does a super armor to go through projectile better ways to travel even further and even tracking or homing potential to make it easier to hit how long does it take a shot that's a good freaking question by my incredible calculating skill and by that I mean compare the time between the start of the attack with the flashing light frame and I realized that while the shot from level 2 to lower 3 is pretty constant the time it takes from level 1 to level 2 is pretty rarely from each attack my guess is that some attack has a feel stunning frame that doesn't count as charge you might think that I've been focusing too much on this short time but if you don't like to chime mechanic properly it can make a simple dual into a mind game because you don't know that they don't know that if you will shall attack them or not pretty similar to Kappa why do these two have a similar mechanic that's beyond me now without charge or basically level 1 this attack is a tiny bit weaker than average emphasis on tiny it's not very matter that much to them is still bit lower but that's it you can still play normally without charge and don't suffer much weakness but we charts typically level 3 this attack is true freaking good especially melee attack it'd go really really far just look at it it can go almost through MIDI map circle it's freaking ridiculous for melee attack with this amount of raw power his role in a game can be considered as either a heavy bruiser or juggernaut I would say he's in between warrior of light and garland with a recent past give him some defensive stat he's also has some similarity with sefirot the airport good and rushing the enemy has a ton of super armor and they both have pretty big melee attack hitbox not sure that the similarity is intentional well at least Stephanie is focused more on speed and combo potential while cloud is more on raw power and range is there any weakness for him yeah I would say he's one of the slower heavy type in the game right now and while his combo is really strong he's not really much of a team player he can't keep enemy in place while your teammates will attack them without war watching well he can still do that but most of other many fighter can do it way better now let's move on to bravery attack now because I might make this video longer than Tara one despite being less complex character it's neutral ground is solid break there's no absorb effect like all blue by the way it's a basic ground combo move that you will not be using much it has really great range when it's at the lower three but it will only hit the target on the ground pyramid at counterpart of this attack it's what you will be using a lot more so let's move it on clown forward ground is claimed asset or climb has set or whatever you want to call it well nothing much to say about this that I haven't said about solid break already it's slightly better in my opinion it has a better range overall has a strong super armor that can pierce through every way we attack from speed to shoot type and by dragging enemy upward and strike it down you can follow it up with the area tear easier than sonic break but the damage might fall off of it if you use it from far range and overall is easier to dodge so chooses to move depending on your situation sacrament ground is played be it's kind of brought up close range arrow we attack and the wrong way is podesta at the same time he smashed the ground to create a three shock wave in the contest at level 1 as a pretty pathetic range and I believe me ignore meta collision 2 so it can be used to destroy projectile but at level 3 hardware with the addition of huge shock wave he can choose a giant break beam in the middle the trap time for this move is pretty short too so it can be useful to snipe someone from far range just be where the stage terrain though and the damage is pretty standard compared to other move chocobo health neutral aerial is slashing bow you can only no enemies diagonally downward this time but still that's all he needs here and without ourselves this is still his bread-and-butter move it's no good damage has a pretty big hit boss can knock enemy pretty far it's basically like solid break and don't forget your incredible range at level 3 and with short time it can also be used as a mid race engaged in some cases you can also cancel it after the second hit to keep beating them more but make sure the guy you're breathing doesn't have a faster attack in you so remember that great race only apply to horizontal what the current length is debatable and overall animation can still be pretty long so beware your surrounding when you're using it crown forward Ariel is braver one of the few original dunking attacks and let me tell you this move feel a lot of damage even though it take a lot of height to get more damage from high scaling the base damage from AoE blast shock wave at the end is already enough so when they shot this attack he doesn't get much more damage but the best area become way bigger and level 3 the shock wave radius is about twice as much and lower one aside from using this move as a downward attack or ground AoE you can use as a combo finisher and breaking summon call you can break it with this true hips the downside is attack is it's pretty slow as a start and the driving part of this attack can be pretty hard to hit so expect it to miss sometimes if you don't watch enemies first this bradwood aerial is finishing touch no longer an HP a chain attack not with the projectile like the original game he should have somewhat pretty slow-moving tornado that's holding a little bit Chartier increased damage size rate and calming capability and you need power this attack is that you can go to multiple targets at max not the tornado is pretty damn big and a little side note it will not enemy upwards slightly instead of knocking its back so you can use it as a short crowd control the weakness aside form slow animation and well we to terrain it has a medium projectile priority which means it can be destroyed by order with the same priority or higher slow lastly his data tab is spinning drive well the rule that cannot be charged that also looks pretty underwhelming well it's a utility attack so I'll give it a pass a super armor is the best part of this attack can use it to rush through protects out with high damage secret easily out damage in the duel on the other hand while we can polish a target pretty easily you can test cancel this move fast enough to combo with it I recommend using this as a last option for quick super on my tab all these tool can make him feel like a giant truck and some might think that shutting mechanic will wear him down but here's the little tip you cannot cancel while charting in case the for the attack is opposing you and you can't counter it this little trick and make him surprisingly mobile is shorter than this but still it can be difficult to use level to each other taxes by a huge upgrade but definitely he can break the limitations this esq is Limit Break a simple gets really effective skill that has a minute long cooldown and 20 second duration it greatly reduces our time for well Andrea Taylor can be charged for at least a half of it so what do you less than half a second this makes using level three way easier and recently it will also give him 20% defense Bob not sure why but I get is kind of nice I think an attack Popov is wrong appropriate but I guess that too overdone the reason why I cover esq before his HP attack because some of them actually can be affected by it in studying HP attack is classic cross slash a 3d combo that has pretty much an identical animation to the original I'm going to say disperse so if a cat is freaking awesome it's the classic attack of all his HP attack but it also has a pretty damn good razor all barely moves even the water cool range is pretty good while the second and third slash doesn't make him move but which article mechanic it can go even further and it can even dodge cancel while charting and we can cancel a sphere tax and the damage is great too not the most damaging compared to other one but definitely the most constant this is a go to a spear temple crowd in most situations might be a little risky with a pretty long animation pursuit of great initial and the best cloud XP attack for now his second HP attack is video rain damn even the different character media still haunted me at the same attack obviously but animation definitely recycle thankfully it's a wave attack it might be a little slow but it's through holding a little bit so in sports enemy to toss more a pretty long distance the more you charge the longer it goes range is not as far as I say treating regular video but if you still get multiple target and the waterfall length is pretty high and like cause last you can charge or cancel all of it as well think of it as a slower version of many wave attack we currently have like wow starting way of lambda shockwave Kefka hyperdrive etc once talked about this move though like the original this video the tiny video crowd someone on top of his head at the start can actually do bravery damage where you ever landed probably not but hey the more you know since that HP attack is an ultimate Apple Final Fantasy Tactics surely blossom you know I just call it secular Hana Kiyosaki or whatever but that's a time we I didn't even bother to much research oh shut up okay you know how a lot of games have this one particular character or ability that people really hate well I would say that character would be one but when they come to individual attacks every person is going to become a version of the Cydia infuriating to do it as first but not really overpowered when you know it's weakness by holding a square button cloud will stand still and channeling his magic after about three seconds of charting he will at least romantic attack and the enemy he targeted at the start of the channeling oh there's a target I also mean it's global if you just look at you their cap will be there and murder you the Richter will have a lightning effect won't do where he starts entering but if you are not moving in the next three seconds you better get zapped freeze and explode you will get a super armor eating any animation so you can't even interrupt him after three seconds keep on waiting well as three seconds is not that bad well how about this if he's used little break the child will go down to one second a global SP attack with one second to time that can feel additional damage in a twenty second dream impact time is reduced about war or final death at maximum the only other global HP attack right now is Kane jump three e xq that has one hundred and fifteen second cooldown but here's some many of negative point of this attack he can move whatsoever and while he could have super armor at the end of the attacks he can still take damage and the animation is long as hell anyone can wait a bit and counter him after he's done the best advice I can give you when you fight against early bottom cloud it's happened least one person target him at all time others have one person be a cloud fuel or something if you are speed or shoe type you are the one who had to fight him the last one but definitely not the least little early on this flash I shouldn't say 1/3 Obama / well we didn't get it wasn't five but still got the original so I'm cool with that this one can be charged though so just press the button and he will go in normally this movie is kind of mad it's still some damage but only to have a cross slash range is also shorter even with some super armor in it it's just a decent combo furniture except with the breakage limit in limit graduation the attack is greatly improved the race is even further the studied animation is a bit faster the amount of slash go from five to ten and after letting it he becomes invincible yes invincible nobody can stop him except for last night apparently and damage its skyrocketed with my destroy it is easy 1000 plus damage start if you're the unlucky ones or getting hit by it then put down your controller and go make a sandwich because you can do anything for about eight seconds plus two seconds you are dead – this will compare to cross that is a little bit risky to use because it's a lie a lot on limiter a power spike I still think cross / it's a better choice overall but if you was effectively first and then unleash it when you're using Limit Break then bio me and go with all these lads alrighty then if you want to talk about his popularity duh he's no freaking cloud even if he stuck he's still going to be on the top ten anyway he used to start at fourth place for WoW and then this year he's after the top three and probably stay in the first place for now on all maybe he got a surprise and they're waiting to reclaim his throne his competitive scene is not too bad either a cup of tea museum in this year tournament including the winning team he's pretty constant in terms of ranking and thankfully he doesn't have a lot of change thank God I can make this quick let's go with a big one first it may 11 2016 office attack except for spinning dr Charlie blossoms and omniscience initial Direction have been improved hey I say big not interesting sunny break out a tiny insignificant change and climb hazard and blade beam is still the same Latin grow chain is pretty similar to solid flakes just make it less buggy a little slower play we've got some Bob that make it easier to hit overall a lot of change but not that important when it's in scratch it's now fast as a cancer and it's due to deal way more damage so thank you for loving it putting dr color longer super armor so now it's easier to rush to attack but it's even slower the god cancel so enemy can easily counter-attack cross site is now faster and a longer-range in mid-air probably the reason why I become more popular video rank on a small range increase celebr awesome is Wow they don't even bother to changing it guess they know nobody used it except for law and armies land is now a little faster but the range is shorter no one watching only though usually of a ton of them is way way way what that damn much did I have been wrong about later a deal more damage that army / this whole time I wish a lot of time when thing about that in on a video god damn it well anyway let me break as I mentioned before called a 20% defense above just recently animation can be way faster to cancel and lastly pretty confusing chain that I can confirm myself they say that the chart time of all attack is now the same but it clearly not on the gameplay I saw I really could go translate for this then if you're talking about his field it's nothing spectacular regardless of which HP attack issues my destroy is very overused but it's still a must have a cloud especially if you use hot / or army / stamina brake is good to rock down tuck it as well oh and brake magnets have become really popular lately but it's only complement with his roots s oh yeah it's your choice I guess for clown matchup well I'm still not sure about this but I think it depend on a dueling potential and mobility well he have a lot of super armor to ignore but Excel he still has some speed to catch up with two types it depend on the character at least but when it comes to melee fight someone with a lack of brains and water contact a be disadvantage against him so I would say Garland's and Lanza garland is pretty simple to car but I think pocket I'll raise him in most cases and let you use a chain cast it different highs but it's still pretty easy to dodge if clown player can use charge or cancel to his advantage then I think you can dodge solid attack that's fine lamps are still scary if you have a cell phone which make it more mobile than you but he still lacks and water go attack so we need to fight you on the same level which he can still win at close range but at Midway is still possible to start his chart tab and not to mention solid ice what five seconds so everybody is not in Southport but the people who can stop him is the one who can play passively all wait for attack and counter properly I will go with sisal and pooja this will invoke paladin and Dark Knight can do a lot of thing that claw is weak against he can stone crowd with Dark Knight but Excel and pad inserts right and when cloud is supporting you if you can dust person can console him easily that's playing defensively it's always really good at that kujah has the most constant mobility of all assassin he can send attitude pretty quickly and fight while moving so even if clock and uh screw the attack he will not likely suffer much consequences holy life and holy ray is a perfect attack and I did attend of getting random buff and added mobility of transform can helping to in conclusion cloud is a perfect offensive fighter for newcomer but longtime player can still do something awesome with it display a lot of power he still got some utility and tangible bility so he's not a one-trick pony but still he got a ton of horsepower just beware his lack of speed and he will become an awesome powerhouse for your team well that's over but still feel like I'm missing something here something about his clothes oh that's right where the hell is a cloud cross-dressing costume huh please square makes everyone dream come true you

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